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Student body president faces disciplinary action for abetting protest

NotVerySmartNotVerySmart 1608 replies62 threads Senior Member

A group of students has made various demands, ranging from moderate steps (more public access to university police records) to some that go further ($15/hour wage for university employees, disinvestment from fossil fuels). Kissinger allowed student protesters into the admin building, and now faces disciplinary action.

I would include excerpts, but the formatting doesn't seem to work when copy-pasting from the NY Times.

Kissinger's justification seems to be that an administration should be more open to its students. It's hard to disagree with that contention, and the university seems to have taken a hard line by threatening arrests and expulsion to clear the building. On the other hand, that openness needs to be balanced against the need for administrators to work without student protesters interrupting them on a whim. Expulsion seems unlikely in this case except as a verbal club, used by the administration to intimidate and by students to invoke righteous indignation.

The distinction could hinge on whether the university is punishing Mr. Kissinger for allowing students into the admin building, and not for the views he expressed.
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Replies to: Student body president faces disciplinary action for abetting protest

  • VeryLuckyParentVeryLuckyParent 466 replies38 threads Member
    edited June 2016
    It looks like he lied and used his privileged access to allow folks who were not authorized to enter the building into it. That is not freedom of speech, that is just violation of private property. The University has not really stopped protesters. During a recent budget meeting protesters lined the hall on both sides and chanted loudly against the proposed cuts while the meeting was in progress. Folks attending the meeting had to walk in between these shouting protesters to get to the meeting. The protesters held placards and chanted all kinds of things including "Rober J. Zimmer, Budget trimmer" ( come on they could have been more creative than that!! :-) That almost seems like a banner for somebody who would be running for Congress)

    The University allowed all of that. I thing Mr. Kissinger allowed people to trespass University property, deliberately and with pre-meditated intent. In my opinion it has nothing to do with free speech.
    edited June 2016
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  • ramboacidramboacid 146 replies7 threads Junior Member
    He won't get expelled. This is all pomp and show on the university's part, and it would be a PR nightmare at this point if the school actually followed through on its threat. They probably didn't expect NYT to pick up on this either.
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  • ramboacidramboacid 146 replies7 threads Junior Member
    A very distinguished alumnus just happened to tweet about the controversy:

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  • blue147blue147 451 replies51 threads Member
    @ ram: As if that actually meant anything substantial ...
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