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UChicago holds third place with Yale in 2018 USNWR ranking


Replies to: UChicago holds third place with Yale in 2018 USNWR ranking

  • ShrmpngrtzShrmpngrtz Registered User Posts: 134 Junior Member
    @uocparent We ate at Nella last weekend. It's located in North at the corner of 55th and University - right next to the boba bar that has not opened yet. The food is not bad - a lot more upscale and expensive than the usual college pizza joint (think burrata, truffle ravioli, prosciutto pizza along with the usual items). We saw quite a few students there - small tables of 2 to 4 and 2 separate groups of 10+ students. It looks like they are planning on having a large outdoor seating area which should be nice.
  • marlowe1marlowe1 Registered User Posts: 236 Junior Member
    Don't forget the bowling alley in the parking structure! Hard for a kid to assume the posture of an ascetic fakir* with a pizza slice in one hand and a bowling ball in the other (though I can just about imagine a maggotty-minded monk* carrying that off).

    *Terms commonly applied to U of C students
  • ChrchillChrchill Registered User Posts: 903 Member
    @marlowe1 please acknowledge your intellectual debt to me with a footnote as you use my expression "ascetic Fakir" ...
    and note : eschew all carbs ....
  • marlowe1marlowe1 Registered User Posts: 236 Junior Member
    "Ascetic fakir" was good, @Chrchill. You should give it to the world. Your old friend @Cue7 hasn't minted anything quite that good.
    Carb abstinence sounds a little effete.
  • HydeSnarkHydeSnark Registered User Posts: 686 Member
    It's in North but it's kinda expensive
  • regina2017regina2017 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    edited September 24
    My D is attending a top-ranked private high school in the U.S. Whether believes or not, Students who consider UChicago are considering Cornell, too. UChicago is the school which the thrid level gpa group students consider. HYPSM, definitely are considered by the first top level gpa students. Counselors don't allow the third gpa group students to apply HYPSM.
    Second gpa group may apply Columbia, UPenn, Brown. etc. Even if the us news ranking of UChicago is the third, the huge gap in between the students who apply HYPSM and UChicago exists. So I can't feel its US news ranking actually.
  • JBStillFlyingJBStillFlying Registered User Posts: 2,669 Senior Member
    edited September 24
    @regina2017 - what's the UChicago placement rate at your school for those third level GPA kids? Do they all get in, are they all deferred/waitlisted or what is the percentage accepted?
  • regina2017regina2017 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    edited September 24
    @JBStillFlying : My D school is one of the feeder school of UChigago. Acceptance rate is higher than 30%. There was No school all are guaranteed to accept. 10+ students are matriculated to UChigago every year. The # of accepted students are higher than #of matriculated students.
  • JBStillFlyingJBStillFlying Registered User Posts: 2,669 Senior Member
    edited September 24
    @regina2017 - I met one or two families whose kids are at feeder schools with several acceptances each year :). While the accept rate for class of 2021 hasn't been released, we heard from the dean of admissions that it's "around 8%" (some are reporting just under). That's a higher rate than HYPS, I think, though not sure about this year specifically. In any case, USNews uses several factors to arrive at the ranking, not just accept rate or matriculation.

    The most accurate ranking system based on the criteria of acceptance and enrollment would be determined by the enrollment choices of the kids accepted to both types of schools. If, for instance, more kids choose UChicago over Yale, then UChicago should be ranked higher. Those I know who are "in the know" claim that HYSP still outranks UChicago using that standard, but that Penn/Columbia/Brown don't necessarily. This might also be outdated information, of course, since it's based on trends at least a few years old by now.
  • CariñoCariño Registered User Posts: 149 Junior Member
    edited September 24
    @regina2017 Getting into HPYSM is not at all about GPA's. My daughter also attended a top private prep school and the kids that are attending Stanford for example, were not even in the top 10 of the class, but were involved in national science competitions and math competitions. They were also presidents of several clubs, but did not have the best grades. Of the students who got accepted into Harvard, only one out of 4 was a top student in the class; the other 3 had legacies, and one of them was not even in the 20% of the class. UChicago kids (4 of them were in the top 10% of the class, and my daughter was top 2%) on the other hand, are all very academic, intelectual, with great personalities, and are very nice kids. My daughter just moved to UChicago last week (she turned down UPenn, Columbia and Cornell and four more top schools). She is not happy, she is extremely happy. She already has lots of friends, the campus could not be prettier, her dorm is amazing, the housing system has no parallel. She has already visited two museums, went to two plays (one in the city and the other in campus), and a jazz concert in campus; they ate in a Vietnamese restaurant, all in 6 days (classes start on Monday, and I guess (and hope) fun (yes, those are the meaning of fun in UChicago) will slow down). She would not survive in a school in the middle of nowhere or in a place with no cultural life. All the fuss with rankings is nonsense. The best university is the one where your kid will be happy, will grow, and will have the best possible life. My son attended a summer program in Princeton. It is a spectacular campus, but you will not find even one decent place to eat around it. Yale and Princeton could be super top universities, but not for everyone. Being 24/7 in campus with no options around is not for everyone.
  • regina2017regina2017 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    edited September 24
    @JBStillFlying : I think discussion about the acceptance rate of UChicago from my D school is meaningless because it depends on schools. However it is the fact. The counselor SHOWED us the acceptance rate 2 weeks ago. Even I have a picture of it :) Well, In my school, No body choose Uchicago over Yale because they know the gap of the applicants. But I may say it depends on students. I don't know students of other schools. you may feel my info be outdated but sorry:) . it is very updated- 2 weeks ago info from the counselor. And if I mention a certain case , you may be shocked :) . The story about a student in the second GPA band who matriculated to Uchicago, You can't believe the behind story of the student.:) It happens because UChicago is the third band school in my D's school :) Who will tell UChicago is the third gpa band school if their DD are attending UChicago ?
    Overall, UChicago is one of the great schools but can't beat HYPSM even its us news rank is 3rd.
    Have a good Sunday!
  • hebegebehebegebe Registered User Posts: 1,866 Senior Member
    @regina2017, you should know that anecdotal information at one high school is rather meaningless.

    For example, in our high school, the kids that got into HYPMS were ranked lower than my D, whose top choice was UChicago. Using your logic, this means that second tier kids apply to HYPMS. Now do you see the fault in your logic?
  • ChrchillChrchill Registered User Posts: 903 Member
    Anecdotally, of the two kids who got into both Yale and chicago in our child's school,in the last two years one went to Yale and the other to chicago. At that level, it is more a matter of fit, personality, environment and subject focus than anything else. I can tell you categorically that chicago trumps columbia and penn and certainly brown, Dartmouth and Cornell at our school in cross admits. Chicago always loses to H, S and P. MIT Is not in the picture at our school.
  • CariñoCariño Registered User Posts: 149 Junior Member
    edited September 24

    "Overall, UChicago is one of the great schools but can't beat HYPSM even its us news rank is 3rd."

    Opinions and perceptions.

    QS Ranking 2018 has UChicago over Princeton and Yale.

    Even though rankings use facts, they rank differently. Imagine personal opinions. There is no absolute truth. Comparing colleges and universities, for example, will always be like comparing apples, oranges, and grapes.
  • JBStillFlyingJBStillFlying Registered User Posts: 2,669 Senior Member
    While we are the subject of anecdotal evidence:

    What's interesting are the kids we know with the perfect 4.0 uwGPA / 36 ACT who DON'T get into Stanford or Harvard simply because they aren't an athletic or other hook. My niece isn't top band GPA at her school but awaiting a LL from an Ivy and has been told by the coach that she's getting in (we'll see about that one . . . ). Her subject tests were solid and her ACT was pretty good but it wasn't quite at the mid 50% range for UChicago's class of 2020 (or that Ivy's either). This wouldn't fly as much at UChicago which is not a D1 school and where you simply have to be able to keep up with the rigors of the curriculum (and GPA, course rigor and test scores tend to be highly correlated with that preparation). What does this all mean? Well, given the heavy recruitment for D1 athletics at some Ivy's or at Stanford, if you are NOT in a sport, you have to have super high test scores and GPA. Perhaps that's what's going on at @Regina2017's school. Of course, if it's Lab she's talking about, a whole bunch of those kids get out of Hyde Park -
    and IL - to begin with.

    Harvard's mid-range ACT is the same as UChicago's for the class of 2020; its SAT's are a tad higher. However, at that range @Carino is correct - they are looking for other stuff than GPA and test scores.

    I think it's great that someone at @Regina2017's school decided to break out of his/her "band" and go with the best fit. Doubt it's all that shocking to most of us with kids in "first band" GPA who are at UChicago this year LOL. Hopefully that 2nd'bander will return to high school as an enthusiastic recruiter for UChicago and encourage some more original thought among the up-and-coming seniors ;)
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