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Chance me for admission & scholarships!!

eddyeddy 71 replies17 threads Junior Member
edited January 2009 in University of Colorado
these are my stats:
male, ecuadorian, OUT OF STATE (Florida)
act: 30

unweighed: 3.66 weighed: 6.62 (because of all the ap's and college courses), Valedictorian

(my excuse for having such a low gpa is going to a really hard school during my sophomore year, (like the nerdiest kids had 3.5-3.7 gpas),

have taken the most rigorous courses in the high schools i have attended (either all honors ,ap's, or dual enrollment)

ap world= B

ap chem= A

cal1 (at Florida international University)=B
latin american history (at Florida international University)=A

italian 1 ( at miami dade college)=A
italian 2 (at mdc)=A
italian 3 (at mdc) =A
fitness & wellness (at mdc)= A
human sexuality (at mdc)=A
college algebra (at mdc)=A
trigonometry (at mdc)=A
cal 2 (at mdc)=A
cal 3 (at mdc)=A
psychology (at mdc) =A
Ap Lit=B
AP cal BC= A

differential equations (at mdc) =A
statistics (at mdc) = A
astronomy (at mdc) = A

Senior: (planning to take...) ---- both fall/spring semesters
ap language
ap us history
principles of biology (at mdc)
geology (at mdc)
basic physics (at mdc)
discrete mathematics (at mdc)

Humanities (at mdc)
Linear Algebra (at mdc)
History of the holocaust (at mdc)
Philosophy (at mdc)
social environment (at mdc)

... (i only listed the most notable courses i have taken) the courses i took during my freshman years were either pre-ib, pre-aice, or honors and were accordingly weighed...

swimming team
track & field team
soccer club (junior, and next year)
I skateboard , I wakeboard, and play tennis (don’t play for my school cause it does not offer it)

Helped in an animal shelter, 300 hours

I have lots of work experience in this aircraft company for which I have been working for quite a while

edited January 2009
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Replies to: Chance me for admission & scholarships!!

  • drbdrb 1326 replies57 threads Senior Member
    You are likely to be admitted with merit aid, which goes to top 25% of OOS admits - $5K for the first 2 years, $2.5K for the next 2. Not alot but CU would be a superb place for your major - 20+ astronauts are CU grads. Bring your longboard, my D uses one to get across campus. And a 3.66 UW is not "low".
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  • ColoradoMomof2ColoradoMomof2 603 replies12 threads Member
    drb is, as usual, spot on with his advice. You have a great chance of being admitted. Congratulations on your excellent academic record. And, he's also right about bringing your longboard. My freshman son uses his to go all over campus and beyond. :) Good luck!!
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  • eddyeddy 71 replies17 threads Junior Member
    thanks for the replies...

    but is there any other scholarships available for OOS?
    because i was hoping i could a generous amount of money to help me pay for tuition...
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  • drbdrb 1326 replies57 threads Senior Member
    There is a Presidential scholarship, much more generous, given to very few students. Bottom line - you should have this discussion with the admissions office. As I noted on another thread, the counselors have regional assignments and are very invested in having the best students attend CU. Don't be shy, find out the Florida rep, contact them - they are there to help you.
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  • BG123456BG123456 197 replies11 threads Junior Member
    The top CU scholarship awarded to out of state students - the Presidential - goes to the top 3% of admitted out of state incoming freshmen. That's about 80 to 90 students. Last spring we were told that those students have near perfect scores, grades, and class rank. Those are the only metrics they look at in awarding the Presidential. They have enough history on this scholarship that they should be able to tell you if you have a shot at it. We knew, after asking, that our daughter would probably not be offered the presidential. That having been said, she was offered a fair number of other CU scholarships that helped - not as much as the Presidential would have though. The Engineering Dept is pretty generous so check with them also.
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  • eddyeddy 71 replies17 threads Junior Member
    thank you BG
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  • BG123456BG123456 197 replies11 threads Junior Member
    eddy - be sure to check out the Engineering Honors program and apply. You can find it here Main Page - Engineering Honors
    There aren't any scholarship $'s but the program is great. My D is part of it a a freshman this year and loves it.
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  • rodneyrodney 9267 replies139 threads Senior Member
    FYI, there was some thread yesterday which had a link to an article about UColorado that OOS applications were down significantly....may help your case btw....
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  • BG123456BG123456 197 replies11 threads Junior Member
    It wouldn't surprise me if OOS apps are down. UC Boulder has to be one of the most expenive school for out of state students. Their current cost estimate for OOS is over $40,000 per year.
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  • eddyeddy 71 replies17 threads Junior Member
    thank you...

    im also going to look into the honors program
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  • kicksailingkicksailing 2 replies0 threads New Member
    hey how hard is it to get in here?
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  • norcal1991norcal1991 18 replies6 threads New Member
    approx. when will admitted students hear about merit scholarships? i'm oos and a bit of help would be quite a relief!
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