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appealing for campus change?

CCaffineCCaffine 10 replies2 threads New Member
I applied to the Hartford Campus as my first choice, thinking that I could finish my full degree at the Hartford campus. It was only when I got my letter I found out that isn't the case. My question is this, I applied in December regular decision, so it has been more than 15 days after I have gotten my decision letter... A lot of days after. I'm committing to this school either way, I was just wondering if I could do all 4 years of my bio degree at Storrs, it seems to make more sense for me and there will be less room for a housing debacle to take place if I do two years commuting, and go to Storrs, and... It just makes more sense. Should I file for an appeal and explain why I waited this long? Should I just do a year at Hartford and appeal for an early transfer? Or just get my 54 credits and transfer as a junior to Storrs? Also, if I do appeal, do I have to send in my transcripts and scores all over again if its just an admitted student who wants to go dorm at storrs?
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  • KoreanPro1011KoreanPro1011 18 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Yes you can appeal, but it may be hard for incoming freshmans. Just explain your reason for the transfer, no need for information why it took you so long to send (unless it's really important and impacted you in some way like family issues, or he environment). Ultimately they may say no, since they need to fill the missing spots, so the waitlist pool will be used to fill it in. It's worth a try. And I don't believe they will need any scores, since they probably have a record of you when you first applied, unless its final transcript. Gl!!!!!
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