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How bad is Storrs really?

4orce4orce Registered User Posts: 127 Junior Member
edited April 2008 in University of Connecticut
It looks like UConn is in the middle of nowhere. Anyone want to elaborate on the surrounding area?
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Replies to: How bad is Storrs really?

  • Omniscient1Omniscient1 - Posts: 483 Member
    It has some civilization around it....but not much. Too bad the town they are building won't be ready for about 5 years. Manchester is a nice area, but it is a good 30 minutes away. I just graduated, and had a blast. Despite its location, it is a great place to go to college.
  • dank08dank08 Registered User Posts: 1,768 Senior Member
    Storrs to me seems like there is nothing to do. The campus itself looks like a mini city/town.
  • Omniscient1Omniscient1 - Posts: 483 Member
    It may seem that way to outsiders, but there is plenty to do.
  • DebrunsDebruns Registered User Posts: 2,794 Senior Member
    You said in a past post you went to UConn as a junior if I remember correctly. My son might transfer as a junior from a small LAC. I couldn't PM you, but can you elaborate a bit or PM me on any helpful hints, etc. for entering a new college at that point? (friends, acclimating,dorms,etc)
  • Omniscient1Omniscient1 - Posts: 483 Member
    Why isn't your son asking this question?
  • momfrommemomfromme Registered User Posts: 2,669 Senior Member
    Parents often ask questions on CC and there is nothing out of the ordinary or inappropriate about them doing so.
  • Omniscient1Omniscient1 - Posts: 483 Member
    Yes, there is..... Your child should be responsible enough at 18+ to find out information on their own. YOU should have done a better job in raising them....
  • DebrunsDebruns Registered User Posts: 2,794 Senior Member
    My son doesn't like forums, he asked aquaintances he knew that went there, but got some negative comments....just thought I'd ask the same way I would about helping a friend find a good doctor, lawyer, etc. by asking someone elses opinion. You can't talk to everyone.
    Didn't think it was odd...sorry you thought so. I think he's very responsible, he didn't ask me too, but I"m not going to debate that...it was just another opinion, wouldn't make or break a decision, but parents/students do share a lot on this board, which is nice.
  • GoldShadowGoldShadow Registered User Posts: 6,160 Senior Member
    You're being very presumptuous omniscient.
  • gbesqgbesq Registered User Posts: 1,779 Senior Member
    ^Agreed . . . but then Omniscient1's screen name would seem to say it all. And by the way, although UConn is a fine school, there is no denying that the main campus is in the middle of nowhere.
  • Omniscient1Omniscient1 - Posts: 483 Member
    Nah, I'm being reasonable. I'm almost 23.... when you get my age, your perspective changes towards this kinda stuff. To me its kind of embarrassing for an 18+ year old kid to have their mommy and/or daddy do their research for them..... and please, do not you they excuse that your kid does not like forums...... that is such a cop out.
  • DebrunsDebruns Registered User Posts: 2,794 Senior Member
    OMniscient1, you're entitled to your opinion, I don't think it's embarassing unless you don't do anything yourself or you asked the person to do it, he really doesn't go on forums, my space, etc. not that type of kid, never was. And he would never ask me to ask something, I was curious and that's not a crime. At 23, you really don't have a great perspective yet, but you'll see that more as you get older. I hope you aren't an unhappy person and I wish you well. Again, it was no big deal.
    I'm grateful that this site did exist, without the many parents and students sharing advice, experiences, etc. on everything from college, sickness, moving, moods, many people would feel lost and you do learn a lot if you keep it in perspective.
  • sanguine99sanguine99 Registered User Posts: 472 Member
    I'll just try to stay clear of this conflict and give my view of Storrs:

    I think Uconn is as good or as bad as you want it to be. Personally, I had a great time freshman year. I was pleased with my dorm, the people, the classes, and the social scene. Yet, I know some people who regret going to a college in what is essentially a cow town. Everyone always gripes that the only thing to do on campus is get drunk and party. Although the party scene is pretty big here (just go to X-lot on spring weekend :) ), you don't have to party to fit in. Lots of people go to the gym, watch movies at the U, ice skate, go to the sporting events (the football team sucks but the games are still fun), and join other clubs.

    I do admit Husky Howl is pretty much a joke, but every once in a while they will have a good event. And besides, if you get really bored on campus, hartford is not too far away (30 minutes).

    I'd say the most important question to ask before coming here is "Do I need immediate access to a city to get what I want out of school?" I answered no because I didn't think the need for proximity to a city outweighed the potential for crime, high living costs, and a small campus style that come with a traditional city-based campus. If being within walking distance of a city is high on your priority list, I would not recommend Uconn.
  • 4orce4orce Registered User Posts: 127 Junior Member
    Thanks for the replies, anyone else?
  • GregoryMitchellGregoryMitchell Registered User Posts: 80 Junior Member
    It is an incredibly isolated place filled with idiots and drunkards. The smart people are usually foreign or freaks. Not a warm atmosphere at all. The surrounding towns are lower-middle class and their inhabitants come from a markedly different background than most of the students who generally hail from Fairfield County. The nearest city is Hartford, which is horribly poor and dangerous. No one in their right mind would go there unless they had to. You really could not pick a worse place to be. I urge you to reconsider if you are in anyway contemplating attending this University. Going here is the biggest regret of my life. I did it to save my parents money, but I now realize I gave up what could have been a meaningful valuable experience to grow as a human being. This isnt a college education. This is prison. I would never drop out though because I have good grades and i hope maybe one day I can attend a Graduate school far far away from here. I cant transfer because I would feel guilty asking my parents to spend more money on a worthless little piece of dirt like myself. If I can save another person from this misery though it will be some consolation. Please please I beg of you do not attend this horrible school. You will not enjoy it. The dorms are awful, the food is awful, the academics are terrible (classes always full and impossible to get into), everything is very scattered and it takes fifteen minutes of walking to get from anyone place to another (and in rain or snow this can keep even the most diligent student from attending class). People here generally divide into groups. Jocks, Preps, Indians, Gays, Blacks, Nerds. It’s like a continuation of high school. I am a Junior now and still have not made a single friend despite putting forth an extraodinary amount of effort. This school is filled with pricks. I have been harrassed on numerous occasions by stupid drunks. My floor was so awful my freshman year (I was assigned to North aka The Jungle) that on Thursday - Sunday nights I would literally hold it in for as long as I comfortably just to avoid the inevitable insults and slights I knew would come my way as I stepped outside my door. On two occasions I actually took manners into my own hands and asked the scum if they wanted to fight, but both times they backed down for some reason (im not real big and if they had actually decided to fight I would have probably been in deep trouble. Only two times I can remember being lucky.)
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