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How Come We Don't Hear More About Denver?

SimpleLifeSimpleLife Registered User Posts: 2,370 Senior Member
edited October 2010 in University of Denver
The title says it all ... why is the DU forum not more active?

I've heard good things about this school. It's got engineering, liberal arts, and a good music school, right? That's a pretty nice selection.

So why doesn't it seem to be on anybody's radar here on CC?

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Replies to: How Come We Don't Hear More About Denver?

  • equinevet2beequinevet2be Registered User Posts: 24 New Member
    It's on my radar! :)
  • SimpleLifeSimpleLife Registered User Posts: 2,370 Senior Member
    That's nice. So there are two of you who are interested ... my son, and you! :rolleyes:
  • seremarcusseremarcus Registered User Posts: 49 Junior Member
    My daugther is now a sophomore at DU. She stumbled upon it when researching business programs.
  • SimpleLifeSimpleLife Registered User Posts: 2,370 Senior Member
    ^And does she love it? What DOESN'T she like about it?
  • seremarcusseremarcus Registered User Posts: 49 Junior Member
    The food is the biggest complaint. I've had it too, and it is bad. Majority of kids are locals, so campus does empty out on weekends. Lots of busy work for the academics. She is in the leadership program, minoring in it, likes that program. Likes the business program. Classes aren't all based on test grades, variety of different things for the grades in many classes, likes this. Light rail on campus so free transportation to downtown Denver.
  • JEO04JEO04 Registered User Posts: 6 New Member
    My son is a sophomore and he loves it. We live far away and many of his friends do as well so while the school may feel less full on weekends I think it's because many are taking advantage of the great location for concerts, skiing, hiking etc. He has gotton to know many of his professors and likes them very much. He is in the minority and not studying business. Most of his classes have had 25 or fewer students. Campus is beautiful--food does need work!
  • SimpleLifeSimpleLife Registered User Posts: 2,370 Senior Member
    ^JE004, when you say "he is in the minority," do you mean to say that the majority of the kids DON'T like their professors very much? Or do you simply mean to say that the majority of the kids are studying business? Or something else?

    ^seremarcus, nearly everything you mentioned would be a concern for the son who's considering DU. Bad food? Pretty much a no-go, when there are so many schools that he likes that also have GOOD food.

    Lots of locals? He's looking for a little more diversity than that -- though he definitely has other schools on his list that likewise have a lot of locals. So that's not a huge deal.

    Busy work for academics?! Oh no. That would definitely be a problem! None of my kids like busy work. It's a huge pet peeve for them. And they would especially not appreciate it in COLLEGE! They're great students who LIKE to get as much as they can from their classes, plus they like to be immersed in their outside activities (a lot of music) as well. So the thought of "busy work" in college? Wow. They would HATE that. And I would understand. Hhmmmm.

    Like your D, my son would probably like the idea of a variety of ways to determine his grades.

    And the light rail on campus is a huge bonus.

    Thanks for sharing! Info directly from parents and students is so much more revealing than any campus visit. (We are, btw, visting DU very soon.)
  • JEO04JEO04 Registered User Posts: 6 New Member
    I meant in the minority that he is not studying business--most of his friends are business majors. He has not found a lot of busy work--and he and all of his friends love the school.
  • SimpleLifeSimpleLife Registered User Posts: 2,370 Senior Member
    What's bad about the food, btw? Lack of variety? Junk food?

    One of my kids goes to a private school with what we think is EXCELLENT food. We marvel at its deliciousness and variety. It's incredible. Pizza, burgers, and the usual. A salad bar with tons of options. A home-cooking section with amazing choices. A vegetarian section. A sandwich bar. A pasta section. And new this year, a Mediterranean section with all kinds of yummy, good things like hummus and falafel, and the like. And I'm sure I'm leaving sections out. My kid LOVES it.

    And yet, we hear all the time from kids who hate the food. When I see their parents at events, they tell me that's the one bad thing about the school ... the food. Huh? We just can't understand it. Unless it's because the food is too adventuresome, maybe?

    So what's the chief complaint about DU's food?
  • seremarcusseremarcus Registered User Posts: 49 Junior Member
    They offer a much smaller selection of food, and the QUALITY of food is poor.

    SimpleLife - what college does your kid go to with such good food?

    As for the busywork: DU was my daughter's 'safety' school. She was accepted to Univ. of Michigan also. DU offered a much better financial package. She also thought this would give her more free time for extracurricular activities/clubs/involvement etc. that being said, she wishes she were at a more challenging school for her. The busywork is in the required classes, stuff she had learned in HS. She feels she has 'grown horizontally in knowledge, not in depth of knowledge'.

    The class sizes are perfect, and the professors are easy to meet with outside of class and all respond immediately to email.
  • LMduranduranLMduranduran Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    Has anyone had the Ammi Hyde interview? What kind of questions did they ask? Did the interview seem more formal or informal?
  • noimaginationnoimagination Registered User Posts: 7,054 Senior Member
    DU has excellent business, but I've never heard much about its engineering programs. Coloradoans have CU, Mines, and CSU for that.
  • SimpleLifeSimpleLife Registered User Posts: 2,370 Senior Member
    ^seremarcus, the son I referred to is at SMU. My whole family thinks the food is really good there. Tons of variety, tons of healthy options, and well-prepared. And we know food in our family! :) But as I said, we often hear from other students or parents that the food is bad. We don't get it. It does get bad, or not as good, on weekends, when they rely more on leftovers and such, in order to be less wasteful. And it gets much worse as each term comes to a close, since they're relying on more convenient, less-wasteful stuff that won't leave a lot of leftovers prior to each break. But in general, my son, who insists on eating a good variety and mostly very healthy foods, loves his cafeteria!
  • SimpleLifeSimpleLife Registered User Posts: 2,370 Senior Member
    ^noimagination, we've definitely found the same thing -- can't hear much about the engineering programs at DU no matter how hard we try! They put out publications touting that they HAVE an engineering program, and that it can hold its own. And we've "met" other people on CC over the years whose schools send more kids to DU than our region does, and THOSE people do think of engineering when they think of DU. So, we're a little mystified.

    While on a campus visit fairly recently, we decided to check out the engineering building for ourselves. (The silly admissions staff didn't include any engineering material in son's visit-packet, even though he specified his intended major on the visit request. They were NOT, as a rule, helpful or pleasant, btw. Much worse than any college visit we've ever made.) We knew the general area of the engineering building, because the music people happened to mention that it was near their building. So, as we got closer, we asked about 10 different students along the way if they knew where the engineering building was -- not a single student had even a clue about where it was located! And it's not a very big campus! Even as we got very, very close to what ultimately turned out to be the engineering building, nobody knew where it was.

    Well, we finally found a science professor in the gorgeous natural sciences building who pointed us in the right direction. He pointed out that the maps we got from admissions were all old and hadn't been updated. That's why the engineering building wasn't on them -- well, the BUIDLING was, but it wasn't identified as the engineering building.

    We walked through the building. It appeared to be one of the oldest and saddest buildings on campus. It was hot and muggy inside. We passed three hot classrooms, with their doors open, and they were filled with sleepy, bored-looking students. In all three classrooms, the teachers were talking in broken English with a very dry monotone. The classes all looked cramped. And hot. It was sadly very unimpressive. Same with the rest of the building. Our research had turned up some positive notes about DU engineering -- and I'm sure there are some positive things about it. But from what we DID see, my son was quite turned off.

    I will definitely acknowledge that a person can’t tell a whole lot about the quality of an engineering education by standing outside three classrooms for a handful of minutes and merely browsing, unguided, through a building. There could be fantastic things that go on in that school! But that’s the nature of the college visit – things that perhaps should not matter, like the personality of the student tour guide, or the friendliness of the admissions staff, or the even the general look of the buildings DO make an impression, one way or another. That’s why people visit, right?

    It's really too bad, because the music school seems amazing! We loved it! And this son is looking for engineering AND music. And much of the rest of the campus really appealed to him (us).

    We actually liked the food the day we were there. I had the salad bar and soup – and both were very good and fresh. My son had pizza, yogurt with fruit, and soup and liked them all. Most of the items offered were not exactly healthy – burgers, a tasty-looking hot dog bar with all sorts of fixin’s, pizza, etc. But, besides the really fresh salad bar, with tons of variety, plus fresh fruit, there was a stir-fry bar (problem was – the “meat” was tofu only that day, and we’re not fans), a pasta bar with a few healthy ingredients you could add, and roasted chicken with veggies on the side. I can see why kids who want to eat healthy might get tired of the same old thing there, but we really liked what we had that day.

    Anyway, LMduranduran, Colorado School of Mines is out because they don’t have a music program, and my son wants both. That’s what got us looking at DU in the first place. (We did visit Mines while in Colorado, though, and it seems like a really great engineering school that my son would otherwise love!)
  • cgpm59cgpm59 Registered User Posts: 580 Member
    Anyone familiar with the men's soccer team at DU? It's on DS's fantasy list of "If I was going to move to some other state that's completely different from where I've lived my whole life in order to play D-1 soccer while I'm in college". :)
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