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18-21 Credit Semester?

Strikeb4ckStrikeb4ck Registered User Posts: 442 Member
edited June 2012 in University of Florida
Anyone have any experiences trying this, especially at UF?

I screwed around too much my first year and finished with a 2.8 which I am disgusted about, just realizing now screwing around with GPA calculators how much I screwed myself over. I'm going to stress that it wasn't me not understanding the work, I had some pretty severe anxiety problems and also as mentioned just didn't focus on school whatsoever as a result.

I need to apply to a couple programs in spring and then at the end of spring, so I'm hoping to take 18-21 credits in fall (I talked to an advisor to explain my situation, they understood). If I can get 4.0 in fall with 21 credits I will have helped my cause tremendously, not only because it raises my overall GPA to almost 3.4, but because I can mention that I've now had a 4.0 with 21 credits while working and doing other things.

Only thing is I have a couple of other commitments. I'd rank em like this...

1. School
2. Work (About 15-30 hrs a week, really varies, some weekends).
3. Social & Extracurricular
4. Research

That will be my life this fall and spring...

I took 15 last semester and though as said I screwed around too much and didn't study like I should have, I did feel like I had a lot of free time and that's with sleeping late...I also didn't have a job, though.

I am 100% focused on school now though, and I know I am more than capable of As in the classes, but I just want to make sure I'm not running into something foolish here.

Any opinions or testimonials?
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Replies to: 18-21 Credit Semester?

  • UFbound01UFbound01 Registered User Posts: 19 New Member
    I may not be the best person to be answering this because I am an incoming freshman, but IMO, 18 credits could be doable, depending on what your major is. If you're doing engineering or a hard science, then it may be too much, and looking for a 4.0 would be unrealistic. However, you seem to have drive, and you seem to understand where your academic priorities should lie. That being said, I would work very hard, and expect to make sacrifices in order to get that GPA up. Choose your classes wisely, so as to not take too many time consuming classes together. It's all about planning, and with that coupled with drive, I'm sure you can succeed.

    Good luck.
  • electricchapelelectricchapel Registered User Posts: 40 Junior Member
    Like the above poster said, it all depends entirely on the classes. I can make a 22 credit schedule that would be easier to achieve a 4.0 with than a particular 12 credit schedule.
    If we assume that you'll actually have to attend your lectures (which is a pretty big assumption, you might be taking easy skippable courses or online classes) then 18 credits is a big time commitment, bigger if you're taking labs. Doable, yes. Enjoyable? Probably not, especially with work and socialization.
  • Strikeb4ckStrikeb4ck Registered User Posts: 442 Member
    Yeah definitely. When I got home after spring semester it just kinda hit me like, what the **** did I just do for the past 8 months. Time off has been good though, I figured out exactly what I want to do and it's just a matter of doing it now. Starts with the GPA.

    For my schedule, here's what I just put together as an idea for now...


    ECO2013 - 4 Cred
    MAC2312 - 4 Cred
    ACG2071 - 3 Cred
    STA2023 - 3 Cred
    ECO3532 - 3 Cred
    RTV3405 - 3 Cred
    SPM2000 - 2 Cred

    That would actually be 22 credits, and it doesn't even look THAT daunting...Plus, I have like 5 hours MWF I could work, and if need be an hour or two in the mornings on TR. Plus weekends. Also gives me time to arrange research, clubs, plus I don't have to wake up really early so I might even be able to do some more social stuff at night.

    I took ECO2013 last semester just didn't do well in it, but I get the concepts very well so having that as an online class shouldn't be too big a worry. Can expect an A there, I think.

    STA2023 is pretty easy from what I've heard, especially in the honors class/section.

    ECO3532 is a fairly easy, major relevant class for me.

    Heard RTV3405 is easy, same with SPM2000.

    So that leaves me with being able to focus really hard on Calc 2 and Managerial Accounting, which should definitely be my two hardest classes. For the other ones it's just a matter of going to class, studying/reviewing a bit nightly, and then acing the tests.

    Any thoughts?
  • glasswrightglasswright Registered User Posts: 169 Junior Member
    I think with that schedule, getting a 4.0 is going to be really hard. Calc 2 and Managerial accounting kick a lot of people's butts when they are only taking 15 credits, let alone 22 and working. Is there any way you can switch those out with some 2000 level classes and just take them later?

    If you're going to be taking STA2023, why are you taking the honors level? I have never heard anyone say that class is easier than the regular section. It also comes with extra classwork and homework. the normal section of sta2023 is so easy, I think I only actually watched like every 3rd lecture.

    Also, not to be mean, but if you're the kind of person who will blow off school for a year like that, you're probably going to have a really hard time coming up with some miraculous increase in productivity in just 1 semester.

    Being completely honest, I think you're probably gonna crash and burn worse than you're first year if you try to stick with that plan. Especially considering the fact that you got that GPA when you weren't working, and now you are. I would recommend just completely cutting out either mac 2312 or acg2071 or both, or maybe the extracurriculars/research. basically, of that list of 4 priorities, I would say just pick 3.
  • SweetheartCrocSweetheartCroc Registered User Posts: 586 Member
    You got a 2.8 last year and now you are going to take Calc2, Statistics, Accounting and four other classes at the same time... AND get a 4.0?

    Sounds like a plan.
  • BlueDiamondBlueDiamond Registered User Posts: 76 Junior Member
    I would strongly suggest you do something to decrease the course load,and Im not saying that because you are a tyro even a seasoned senior would struggle with this schedule.

    Do yourself and your GPA a favor, and drop some courses.
  • Strikeb4ckStrikeb4ck Registered User Posts: 442 Member
    You got a 2.8 last year and now you are going to take Calc2, Statistics, Accounting and four other classes at the same time... AND get a 4.0?

    Sounds like a plan.
    Yeah, I realize that's what it probably sounds like. I want to stress that the grades I got last semester are not at all indicative of my academic capability. I was actually an Ivy applicant, had great grades all through high school. I screwed up freshman year, there's no getting around that. But I want to make it up. I know there's no room for slip ups now and I do good work when I'm really motivated.
    If you're going to be taking STA2023, why are you taking the honors level? I have never heard anyone say that class is easier than the regular section. It also comes with extra classwork and homework. the normal section of sta2023 is so easy, I think I only actually watched like every 3rd lecture.
    Thanks for that, I was misinformed. I'll take an online section.

    What would you all think of this...

    ACG2071 - 3
    MAC2312 - 4
    ECO2013 - 4
    STA2023 - 3
    ECO3532 - 4

    That's 18 credits, with the option for more if I need/want them. With this schedule I can focus the majority of my effort on Calc/ACG. Daily studying and review, all classes, office hours, TZ/SE, etc. I know these are two tougher courses but I'm a econ/math major so I'm gonna have to take them eventually anyways.
    As mentioned before, I'm not worried about Macro, I screwed up one test last semester because I forgot the makeup was cumulative, the material I understood well. Just a matter of keeping up, which I can do.
    ECO3532 is just making sure I go to class and take the notes, then study for exams. It's a class I'm interested in regardless.
    STA2023 is fairly easy from what I've heard. I'm confident in my math skills, if I'm a math double major and can't get an A in stats I need to reevaluate.
    I think I may just use the dashed space to fill in the 1 credit research course. Could anyone tell me a little more on how that works? Are there grades from who you do research with?

    Appreciate all the opinions/insight.
  • desi000desi000 Registered User Posts: 108 Junior Member
    Managerial is 4 credit hours. With TZ/SE, you will be well prepared for ACG, MAC, ECO and STA so its doable.
  • SweetheartCrocSweetheartCroc Registered User Posts: 586 Member
    If you are a math guru, then maybe it's doable. Personally, I would jump out of a window with that schedule.
  • propwashpropwash Registered User Posts: 133 Junior Member
    I'll be blunt. That is not particularly smart.

    21 credits is a massive course load, even if you are really smart and don't have trouble with any of your classes. 4.0 quality work takes time, no matter how smart you are. Toss in a job, research and a social life and you will be in it deep. Something will have to give.
  • gatorchompsgatorchomps Registered User Posts: 41 Junior Member
    Man, don't bite off too much. Taking too much of a course load can result in hurting your grades in all courses
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