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Please Chance a Pennsylvanian!

FutureDoctor31FutureDoctor31 Registered User Posts: 663 Member
edited November 2012 in University of Florida
PA Resident
Race: Black
Gender: Male
Possible First Generation student (Mom has an Associate's degree)

GPA: 3.8/4.0 UW

SAT (Ugh): 1430/2400 or 920/1600 (I retook it this month. I'm expecting higher scores)

Class Rank: 180/325
Junior Year class rank: 143/321

HS Type: Well known and academically respected Catholic HS in the Philadelphia area. About a month ago, it was ranked the best private HS in my county!

-Marching band
-Percussion ensemble
-Private drumming lessons
-Wells Fargo College Bound program
-Semi-Pro baseball
-National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine, Summer 2011

Sophomore Year
-Student of the Month award from Phys/Ed teacher

Junior Year
-Student of the Month in Theology 2 times-Junior year
-Theology department award for being tied for highest Theology avg. in Class of 2013
-First Honors (93 avg, No grade below 90)-3rd quarter of Junior Year
-Second Honors (88 avg, No grade below 85)-4th quarter of Junior Year
-2 Student of the Month awards from my Theology teacher

Senior Year
-Homecoming King-Senior Year (Also, I am my school's first black Homecoming King!)
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Replies to: Please Chance a Pennsylvanian!

  • mfhettigmfhettig Registered User Posts: 101 Junior Member
    GPA is good, ECs are good, you seem pretty involved. The only issue, as you are aware, is your SAT score. Work on your SAT score, because those with less that 1600/2400 has a 12% acceptance rate, and they likely had something else that was spectacular.

    Good job on everything else, and let us know how your SATs went!

    Best of luck!
  • Cens10Cens10 Registered User Posts: 732 Member
    Sorry, but I do think UF would be big reach. I've been told several times that UF cares about class rank a lot, so top 10% is what they look for. Also, as mfhettig said, your SAT scores are holding you down. They would want an out of state student with even higher than normal stats because they don't accept many out-of-state applicants; so they'd probably want someone with like a 1250+/1850+. Of course numbers aren't everything, but I think for UF they use them first to weed out applicants. Either way, good luck!
  • BornToBeaGatorBornToBeaGator Registered User Posts: 125 Junior Member
    To clear the stigma for everyone and anyone: OOS students do not, I repeat: DO NOT, have less of an advantage than In State Students. Call UF 10 times and get 10 different admissions officers. 10 different times you will hear them all say "We don't look at residency during the admissions process." They only look at residency for scholarships. With that said, the only reason UF has a (much) higher ISS percentage than OOS is simply because more in state students apply. The acceptance rate for OOS is roughly the same as in-state.

    Specific to TC: I've lurked these boards for a long time, and I have a lot of friends, but never have I ever seen SAT scores that low. I'm seeing UF as, realistically, little to no chance. If you got your SAT's up 500 points, you'd have a great chance. 400 points-ok but not impossible. Anything below an 1800 for you with the rest of your stats though is really pushing it. Realistically. With that said, good luck:)
  • SabertoothSabertooth Registered User Posts: 297 Junior Member
    GPA and extracuricculars look good. Nice hooks with first generation. But yeah, the SAT does need a bit of improving....I mean, I've seen quite a few people get in with a 1500 or 1600 (their ACT would even be like 23 or something) and a 400+ in one of the subsections....however, it's not exactly common. Those students tend to usually have some kind of hooks, an absolutely breathtaking essay, or everything else on lock down (like rank, GPA, etc....). You have a lot locked down except your rank, and that's a huge factor.

    Do take what's on CC lightly however, no one here is an expert. We're all just as ignorant (not being said in a bad way) as the next guy; however my advice....retake the SAT and do the ACT.
  • ilovethe47ilovethe47 - Posts: 250 Junior Member
    In my opinion, your gpa of 3.8 is way below average. Your sat score is terrible, you averaged only 480 on each section, which may not even break the minimums. Also you are out of state. You have a 1% chance. Question to OP
    why did you mention twice that you are black? how does being black qualify one for admission ? SABER
    name one current student attending ufl that was admitted with a sat scorce of 1430.
  • FutureDoctor31FutureDoctor31 Registered User Posts: 663 Member
    @ilovethe47 If you were trying to be funny, you've succeeded. If you're being serious then I don't know what to say. A 3.8/4.0 UW is a TREMENDOUS GPA. I've worked very hard to maintain such a high GPA. I know that my SAT scores are terrible, but consider my past. Since I was a tiny little boy, I was forced to attend both sub par elementary and middle schools. I didn't get a really solid education until I started to attend my Catholic HS. And I don't think being black qualifies or should qualify one for admission more than being white, Asian, Hispanic, or Native American. I think that people of all races should have an equal opportunity for admissions, not the current admissions status quo where they admit some people because of race. Finally, I don't know anyone who attends UF. To be honest, I'm not even applying; it's just been a school that I've been looking at.

    @Everyone Else Thank you for your replies! I have retaken my SAT and am waiting on the scores!
  • ilovethe47ilovethe47 - Posts: 250 Junior Member
    “ A 3.8/4.0 UW is a TREMENDOUS GPA”
    Yes, you are correct, a 3.8/4.0 is a good grade point average, but a 3.8 (weighed) will “PROBABLY” not get one accepted to UFL. Also a SAT score below a certain number, (1430) will also “PROBABLY’ not get one accepted to UFL also. Although you indicated that you are not applying, allow me to explain myself to other UFL hopefuls.
    Most of the applicants that will be offered acceptances to UFL are students that are enrolled in the IB program or enrolled in AP/HONORS courses in high school. These specific classes can increase one’s GPA one full point or ½ a point dependent upon the class. Thus a student taking an AP History class and achieves an “A” will be awarded a 5.0 on a 4.0 scale, thus their overall GPA could possibly be more than a 4.0 on a 4.0 scale. Since it appears that you have not listed any AP/Honors/IB courses, then your weighed/unweighed GPA is a 3.8, which is significantly below the average of those previously selected to attend. Also, if you haven’t applied yet and have already missed the application deadline date, why even start this thread ? One last point, regarding your past, it won’t matter with a 1430 SAT score, retake it and also give the ACT a shot. Good Luck
  • bn12ggbn12gg Registered User Posts: 519 Member
    FutureDoc--- I note that you play "semi pro" baseball. If I were you, I'd contact the baseball coach re preferred walk on status. He can get you in as the University of Florida has no academic standards when it comes to their athletic programs.

  • SabertoothSabertooth Registered User Posts: 297 Junior Member
    @ilovethe47: Do you really think I would name people I know on the internet? No seriously, do you really think I'd have the audacity to do something like that? I'll only say it's someone who's very close to someone else's friend that's very close to me. But I'm not listing names, that's absolutely messed up. I know I wouldn't want my friends and/or family putting up my name for anything without my consent. You might not think it's not a big deal (if you do think it's not), however it's an issue of morality.

    By the way, as I said in another post...you have SO MUCH speculation and so many half truths in your posts. Question: Where did you get "1% chance"? How do you even know what FutureDoc got on his subscores for his SAT when he didn't even list them? And didn't you know race DOES factor (not immensly) into admissions? And a 3.8 UNWEIGHTED (unweighted) GPA is pretty amazing.

    @FutureDoc--If you're interested in UF, go ahead and apply. If you decided not to apply because of what others here on CC told you, then I only have this to say: Don't listen to them. Or us, if somehow I also am the reason. Apply if you are interested, it's an amazing school, and I for one am absolutely loving it right now
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