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Getting into UF is not that difficult.

MrUmbrellaMrUmbrella Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
edited January 2013 in University of Florida
I just want to be clear, my intention is not to bad-mouth UF at all. I go here and I love it. UF is easily the hardest college to get into in Florida. That being said, your stats don't have to be THAT high to get in. I was accepted with a 1730 SAT, 25 ACT, and 4.0 weighted GPA and I know way too many people who's stats are even lower than mine. Basically, if you're doing SOMETHING right in school and you don't have any bad stats you'll most likely get accepted. I remember last year that I was scared to death about getting accepted here because so many people made it sound difficult and I don't want others to have that same experience. Also, I noticed the first thing people usually comment about is the SAT score. Comments like "Geez kid, your SAT is a 1900. That's below average so it looks a bit unlikely." are ridiculous. Honestly, I don't know how UF comes up with the SAT averages but I guess we have some people here that're really raising that average.

Bottom line: You don't have to have over a 1900 SAT or have some outlandish GPA to get accepted. If you did all right in high school (All right as in A's and B's in the majority of your AP and honors courses and maybe a C somewhere) and have some extracurriculars under your belt, acceptance should be attainable.
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Replies to: Getting into UF is not that difficult.

  • JKidrauhlJKidrauhl Registered User Posts: 212 Junior Member
    ^Preach! I second this!
  • SabertoothSabertooth Registered User Posts: 297 Junior Member
    I wonder how many people will ask "what term did you get into," assuming term selection actually mattered in decision making (it didn't, btw).

    That being said, I won't agree. Look I agree on the part where it is incorrect when people say "Oh you need a 1900 SAT and etc. etc. to get in or you won't have a chance." However I won't agree that it's easy to getting into UF. If I see people get into Miami, Emory, and Boston (even one person who got into Brown), yet they all get rejected to UF after having amazing stats, it goes to show it's not easy to get in.

    Of course, that also means one other thing: ADMISSIONS IS HOLISTIC. Admission officers say this themselves but people for whatever reason choose not to believe them, then opt to speculate (I really don't know why). Your stats aren't everything. You can't say it's absolutely for sure 100% "easy" or "hard" to get into UF, you really just don't know. The general consensus is that its pretty hard, and I'm guessing that's because you just don't know. You have to overall look good as an applicant and it's hard to figure out if you made yourself to look like the applicant admissions wants or not. Even more so is that people who should've and would've been accepted get rejected due to space issues.

    I'd say yeah, UF is really hard to get into; arguably the hardest to get into in the state of Florida (though Miami is quite hard itself, so I don't know if that's more or less difficult to get into; I got into both schools so I'm not too sure). At the same time, it's not as hard as what a number of people make it out to be. Don't get this mistaken though, competition has gotten MUCH MORE FIERCE in the past 10-20 years.
  • BornToBeaGatorBornToBeaGator Registered User Posts: 125 Junior Member
    You got lucky. Straight up. The other kids you're referring to got lucky too.

    I've heard of kids with 1900 SAT not getting in. My brother-3.84 UF GPA and an 1840 SAT didn't get in, so obviously not everyone gets in.

    You're making the UF sound worse than it is. You should write them a letter of thanks that they review things holistically because I assure you, your grades aren't what got you in.
  • ilovethe47ilovethe47 - Posts: 250 Junior Member
    Agree with the above poster, 100%.
    You got very, very lucky as you are not academically representative of
    the rest of the freshman class. Also, I seriously doubt that there are as many less qualified accepted applicants such as yourself at UFL as you indicated. As I have previously stated, “in my opinion”, UFL uses the voodoo holistic approach to acceptance as a “lawful way out” in order to allow admittance to those “minority applicants’ who otherwise would never gain regular entry into UFL based solely on academics. If UFL didn’t use the “holistic approach”, then a majority of UFL freshman class would be filled with white, blue-eyed academically superior students from predominately private parochial schools.
  • yankees3311yankees3311 Registered User Posts: 684 Member
    "white, blue-eyed academically superior students"

    Holy crap was this really posted in 2012....sounds very similar to something from the 1940's
  • ilovethe47ilovethe47 - Posts: 250 Junior Member
    Nope, this is 2012 were one’s opinion should be free from personal attack.
    It’s called free speech!
  • yankees3311yankees3311 Registered User Posts: 684 Member
    Did not attack you. You attacked every single minority in the United States by implying that whites are smarter than other people. If I really wanted to attack you I would have called you a racist. Free speech goes both ways.
  • MrUmbrellaMrUmbrella Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
    I'll admit, I was accepted into the Summer B term when I had chosen the Fall term on the application but from what I've heard, those who were picked for a term other than the one they chose was luck-based.

    Also, the stigma on this forum is different from what other students at UF say. Most others I've talked with tended to agree that it wasn't too difficult to get in. Heck, at one point I was told I probably could've gotten into a better school with my stats. >_> Also, I know someone from my same exact high school who had an SAT in the 1600s and a lower GPA than mine who was accepted as well. I just haven't been exposed to any real life examples of somebody who should've gotten in not making the cut.

    Again, I love UF, it's a great school, and I'm glad to be here. I just think people on this forum are completely overestimating the difficulty to gain admission. The holistic admissions may have very well been the only reason I was accepted but if that's the case then it would be almost as if UF has put everything above GPA and SAT which I seriously doubt is true.
  • gator4evergator4ever Registered User Posts: 553 Member
    OK summerB answers it.

    frist generation
    and you ec's

    Also dont tell the students at FSU/UCF that UF is easy to get into. Think about how many people you know that applied to UF that didnt get in. Then answer this question: where did they go school?

    I would bet they are either at UCF or FSU and not all of them were admitted to UCF but they did get into FSU.

    Not bashing just stating the facts.
  • ilovethe47ilovethe47 - Posts: 250 Junior Member
    Curious who ilovethe47 thinks the "Obama applicants" are. If you are going to be racist at least be upfront about it. Nice way to show your love for UF
  • MrUmbrellaMrUmbrella Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
    @gator4ever: Yeah, I agree completely that telling someone from FSU/UCF/any Florida college that they could've easily made it to UF is unrealistic. I already said UF is the toughest Florida college to get into, it's just I feel like people in this forum are making admissions out to be like an ivy league/Top10 college when the expectations really aren't on that level.

    Honestly, if there's an applicant with a 2000 SAT, a 4.5 Weighted GPA, and amazing stats in general that isn't making it in, there had to be some reason why.
  • ZalithianZalithian Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    As a transfer student into UF, my grades were not very good.

    I got in, but probably because of the major I chose. It has a big impact on whether or not someone gets in.
  • GeFigGatorGeFigGator Registered User Posts: 34 Junior Member
    You are lucky to have been accepted. Yeah, it's not Harvard, but it's foolish to say its easy to get into. I know people with a 2000+ SAT score and 4.0+ GPA that were rejected. It's a holistic admissions process, which you should be happy about, because your grades and test scores are not what got you into UF; that is for certain.
  • BornToBeaGatorBornToBeaGator Registered User Posts: 125 Junior Member
    Gator4ever: "OK summerB answers it. "

    *waits for sabertooth*

    Also: This is the kind of thread that raises suspicion about UF's admission's process. As for ilovethe47, he/she amuses me as a poster but I wouldn't listen to his claim that if lower level students weren't accpeted, the campus would be all white...and the blue eyes? What, exactly, do blue eyes have to do with intelligence?
  • SabertoothSabertooth Registered User Posts: 297 Junior Member
    @BornToBeaGator: LOL as I was coming to this reply box I read your comment "*waits for sabertooth*" haha; I lol'd hah

    @gator4ever: Alright, I've said it like...honestly, I've lost count how many times...Okay, IT. DOES. NOT. MATTER. WHAT. TERM. YOU . PICK. IT. MAKES. NO. IMPACT. ON. ADMISSIONS. DECISION. TO. ADMIT. OR. NOT. TO. ADMIT. And wow, that was really annoying to type with all the periods and caps lock lol...but I'm guessing you got the idea, it doesn't matter what term any applicant picks, it is not easier to get into "insert term" than "insert different term." I'll tell you this, LONG AGO when UF was not that hard to get into...Summer, yes, WAS easier to get into because UF would admit less academically eligible students to Summer. These students would do "intermedial" classes to basically "make themselves eligible" to attend UF. Now...times have changed a lot, competition has gotten HUGE for UF. We don't see all of the students accepted in Summer doing intermedial classes in summer....we see them just "getting a feel" of college and UF before they actually start. That's basically what it is now. Admissions no longer accepts SPECIFICALLY weaker students to Summer to do intermedial classes because they don't need to, everyone they accept nowadays is qualified to attend UF. That's why Summer B is a "choice" now, an "option" to choose. That's why admissions calls it a "myth" that Summer B is easier to get into; because it's not true, it doesn't matter. I'll put it like this: If you're not eligible for one term, you're not eligible for any of them. If you're eligible for one term, you're eligible for them all. I would get into Summer deferment and explaining that but this post getting long, it's late at night, I need to go sleep because I seriously am on CC just procrastinating my "Finals studying" period/sleep so that I can wake up early to study lol.

    EDIT: Did I ilovethe47 really say that? "white blue eye academically superior students"? I'm not saying that doesn't exist, but the usage of it in ilovethe47's comment is a....bit on the thin ice zon
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