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Florida v Georgia

jhmoneyjhmoney 252 replies11 threads Junior Member
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So I believe Georgia is ranked 50th which is pretty good. So you guys think Georgia is as competitive as UF to get into. I have heard yes it is. The recent Early admission from Georgia that came out yesterday had an average SAT of 1360-1500. Which is crazy. They recalculate gpa slightly different than florida does. Thoughts. @Gator88NE @GatorDad305
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Replies to: Florida v Georgia

  • merc81merc81 10797 replies173 threads Senior Member
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    I think it's best to consider settled figures for attending students when comparing standardized scoring profiles. From this aspect, these schools seem to enroll students with similar levels of academic preparation:

    SAT Middle Ranges

    UF: 1280–1440

    UG: 1240–1410


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  • Gator88NEGator88NE 6489 replies204 threads Senior Member
    Hope and Bright Futures Scholarships have made both schools very competitive when it comes to in-state students. It's also why they don't compete, in most cases (in-state) for the same pool of students, even though they are border states.

    UF is more of a STEM school (31% of degrees award at UF are in STEM, compare to 17% at UGA), so that tends to lead to higher SAT/ACT test scores.

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  • twoinanddonetwoinanddone 23645 replies17 threads Senior Member
    My kids graduated from a high school in north Florida. I don't recall anyone headed to Georgia while there several going to Alabama, Mississippi, Mississippi State and of course all the Florida schools.

    I think there are two factors. One, GA limits the number of OOS students. Two, there isn't a lot of money for OOS students at GA. Florida residents have BF and many local scholarships which can only be used instate.

    As the OP said, UGA and UF are similar in ranking (although not in football for the last few years), so why not go to the cheaper school? Staying instate can mean free tuition or more.
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  • ShrimpBurritoShrimpBurrito 1654 replies26 threads Senior Member
    UGA does not limit the number of OOS students. Posted Friday on UGA’s admissions blog:

    “As a reminder, UGA looks at in-state and out-of-state applicants using the same process. In addition, we do not have any limits on the number of students we can admit based on school, neighborhood, county or state, and we do not use major, gender, race, demonstrated interest or legacy status in our review process.”

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  • socaldad2002socaldad2002 1730 replies33 threads Senior Member
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    never mind
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  • Boomer1964Boomer1964 101 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Interesting to see some familiar names here.... Hello @ShrimpBurrito from the class of 2018 and congrats on your UGA acceptance. Also, many of you are also familiar based on the similar schools we have been posting on or have applied to.... Good luck to all of you.

    We were just accepted to UGA and we feel very fortunate to have that great affordable in-state option at an amazing school The University of Florida compares very favorably to UGA. Both schools are mainly made out of in-state students and the requirements for admissions are extremely competitive (just look at UGA this year) Many highly qualified students are not able to get in which no different than UF. The only other option here is TECH which is even harder to get in and not a destination for anyone no wanting to be a Stem major. The State of Florida has other great options such as FSU, UCF, and USF. As it is, FSU is getting much more competitive to get in as well.

    I think the only way these two schools are options for those accepted should be affordability since they are very similar in many ways. If you live in Florida, I just do not see how UGA at full price can even be a consideration when UF would be almost free. Only when a great scholarship is awarded can these two schools be options. Another consideration would be if a Florida Pre Plan is being used and you live in GA. We used to live South Florida and we are lucky to have done the Florida Pre Plan which now affords us the options to any of the Florida Schools.

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  • GatorDad305GatorDad305 366 replies20 threads Member
    @jhmoney I’m in agreement with the other posters. UGA is also on the rise, and it’s tough to consider sending your Fla kid to Athens at full freight compared to BF in state.

    And I can’t root for them either. Geaux Tigers!
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