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UF - Will I get in????

canes18273628canes18273628 3 replies6 threads New Member
I applied to UF with these stats
SAT- 1370
ACT- 30
GPA (UW) 3.8
Out of State
Intended major is information systems or finance idk yet
in NHS
played varsity soccer for 3 years
was on the basketball team
Played premier soccer year round
secretary of my freshmen class
student gov
Over 200 hours of community service
-Do you think I will get in???
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Replies to: UF - Will I get in????

  • FlaParentFlaParent 112 replies21 threads Junior Member
    Very difficult to say. What is your class rank and which state are you coming from?
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  • ATX2024ATX2024 13 replies0 threads New Member
    We are also interest in my daughter's chances. She's OOS from Texas. Her unweighted gpa is 100, weighted 102, she had a 29 on her ACT, and has lots of leadership extracurriculars and over 100 service hours. She will major in public relations.
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  • canes18273628canes18273628 3 replies6 threads New Member
    from New York. 15 in my class
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  • CCpancakes81CCpancakes81 14 replies1 threads New Member
    To anyone who doesn't have near-perfect scores and stats, UF is a college that is absolutely impossible to predict admissions. It really is a matter of chance, some of my friends have gotten in with a 28 ACT, others rejected with a 32. Especially with such a new high ranking, UF is bound to be a lot more selective this year. Then again, UF has always been fairly random in their admissions process.
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  • jhmoneyjhmoney 252 replies11 threads Junior Member
    @CCpancakes81 I’m going to say the people you know with a 32 DoD not have stellar grades which Uf likes much better than the ACT or SAT. As far as it being random , I don’t think that’s the case. They look at grades rigor and EC’s. Followed by the standardized tests. UF would rather take a kid with great grades rather than a high SAT. And you do not have to be near perfect in SAt and Grades. I would say closer to perfect in grades rather than test scores. Either way 3-4 B’s won’t kill a resume if in AP or AICE
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