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My chances of admission?

TJTheStudentTJTheStudent 0 replies1 threads New Member
I want to transfer to UF in Spring 2021.
SAT: 1360
GPA: 3.98 (Might get a bit lower since I'm taking more difficult classes though, like Physics and Calc)

Here's the problem, by the time Fall 2021 hits around this year I'll have 46 credits (and by the end of the semester I'll have 63).

Is it possible to transfer like this (the website says it requires 60 credits, but was vague about if it could be achieved that semester), and if so, are my chances of getting into UF good?
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Replies to: My chances of admission?

  • Melissa96Melissa96 517 replies1 threads Member
    You can apply with your courses in progress and if admitted then it would be conditional on the classes being completed. Whether or not you are admitted depends on your major and prerequisites.
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