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Questions about PHY 2048

It'sGr82BeAGatorIt'sGr82BeAGator Registered User Posts: 513 Member
edited August 2007 in University of Florida
I ‘m going to be a freshman in fall 2007. I’m currently signed up for PHY 2048 and PHY 2048L (Physics with Calc 1, has mostly mechanics), but the thing is, I took both AP Physics C exams late this year, and just signed up for PHY 2048 in case my AP scores didn’t work out. I told my Preview advisor I would consider switching to PHY 2049 if I had the appropriate grade to do so.

I got all my scores back this Monday, and I got 5s on both parts of Physics C, which means I could skip both PHY 2048 and PHY 2049 if I wanted to. I’ve decided not to skip PHY 2049 because I feel that my knowledge on electricity is a bit rusty, and taking those labs would further my understanding of the subject matter.

The question is, what’s the difference between PHY 2048 and AP Physics C: Mechanics? Would it be wise to skip this course and sign up for PHY 2049 considering that for engineering/physics majors it’s a critical tracking course? The thing is, if the material is too easy, I wouldn’t bother taking it because I always take a challenging courseload to push myself to my limits. That and if I take a ridiculously easy class I would get so bored and fall asleep and I don’t want that because I’m at school to learn not doze off. If it helps, I also took AP Physics B this year and got a 5 on that too, so I’m comfortable with stuff like fluid mechanics, optics, sound, and thermodynamics. As for my major, right now it’s probably gonna be math/physics but I might go into engineering as well.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Replies to: Questions about PHY 2048

  • CalculusCalculus Registered User Posts: 590 Member
    I'm in your exact situation, I got a 5 on B, C Mechanics, and C E&M. I'm going to take Honors PHY 2060.

    To be completely honest with you, I'd just take 2048, because the AP Physics C Mechanics exam is a joke. The E&M exam is nothing to sneeze at though. If you go too high, you may find you're not prepared, and your grades will suffer. If you go where you know you'll be comfortable, you'll do just fine. Unless you want to graduate super early, I'd take 2048.
  • It'sGr82BeAGatorIt'sGr82BeAGator Registered User Posts: 513 Member
    Thanks for the input, I just checked this website for old tests in the course
    and it seems that the exam questions are a joke as well. I know some people who went to UF and have taken the course, so I'll ask them about these two courses so I can make my final decision. I'm probably going to end up searching for old PHY 2049 exams as well so I can get an overview on the material on that course to see if I could handle it.
    Calculus, I'm going to be in Honors as well, but I'm taking Honors Calc 3 because I know taking Calc 2 is going to be a waste of my time.
  • GatorEng23GatorEng23 Registered User Posts: 1,571 Senior Member
    Most people don't find PHY2048 too bad, PHY2049 exams are similar in format. I would recommend taking the honors sequence PHY2060/2061 if you want a more challenging course.
  • It'sGr82BeAGatorIt'sGr82BeAGator Registered User Posts: 513 Member
    Perhaps I should consider those honors classes. I didn't know you could take more than two honors courses the moment you started freshman year. Now I'll probably have to end up choosing between PHY 2060 or PHY 2061 instead...
    Right now I'm looking over old Physics exams for the courses to assess whether I know enough to be able to move on.
  • GatorEng23GatorEng23 Registered User Posts: 1,571 Senior Member
    Here are old PHY 2060 exams. http://www.phys.ufl.edu/~kevin/teaching/2060/07spring/exams.shtml

    I don't really recommend you skip PHY2060 if you are a physics major*. People with the same background/scores as you still decide to take PHY2060 and PHY2061.

    *If you are an engineering major other than MAE/civil, go ahead and go into Physics 2 if you want.
  • It'sGr82BeAGatorIt'sGr82BeAGator Registered User Posts: 513 Member
    I already have looked at that website, but thanks though
  • CalculusCalculus Registered User Posts: 590 Member
    I took BC Calculus my junior year and got a 5 on the exam. I can do Calculus 2, but I've forgotten a lot of it. I have no doubt I could probably review and go into Calculus 3, but honestly, from all the counselors and stuff who saw my AP, SAT Math, SAT II Subject test scores said taking honors calculus is kind of a waste.

    My staffer especially, said that they learn the same material just with more homework and somewhat harder problems. It's basically the same credit for more work. At least with physics 2060, I actually learn more.
  • DiGamma23DiGamma23 Registered User Posts: 624 Member
    I am thinking of changing my schedule to have PHY 2053/2053L because right now the only useful class I have is CHM 2045/2045L...do many freshmen take this? Is it more work than 2048? I am pre-health by the way.
  • GatorEng23GatorEng23 Registered User Posts: 1,571 Senior Member
    PHY2053 is easier than PHY2048. As pre-health, you should take PHY2053. Don't worry about the higher number, it doesn't necessarily mean it's harder.
  • It'sGr82BeAGatorIt'sGr82BeAGator Registered User Posts: 513 Member
    I'm a math nerd, so there's no way I'd forget the Calc BC stuff, and I've seen high school seniors take Calc 3 so I have no doubt I could do it.

    DiGamma23: What's your schedule looking like, first of all? You don't want to overload yourself the first year if you're not used to it. Yes, I did see a lot of freshmen signing up for CHM 2045/2045L during Preview, and I haven't been to UF yet but CHM 2045 can be compared to AP Chem while PHY 2054 can be compared to AP Physics B (Same Physics as PHY 2048, but no calculus). From experience AP Chem was a lot more work than AP Physics. Of course it's different depending on class, but my Physics class had about 1/8 the work that AP Chem had. The Physics labs are really easy compared to the Chem labs. Chem might take you a whole period. Physics you'll be done in about 30 minutes.
    Also, if you'd like I can help you with Chem or Physics, I still remember the stuff from AP Chem because my teacher drilled the stuff into our skulls.
  • DiGamma23DiGamma23 Registered User Posts: 624 Member
    I'm planning on having CHM 2045 with lab, PHY 2053 with lab, and ANT 4740 (honors class elective, should be low stress)...I will have to wait until August 1 to see how the schedule will go. and by the way, I meant to ask if many freshman take PHY 2053, but it really won't matter to me since it would still be a required course I would have to take later on. Fortunately, with my incoming credits, I'll be able to take a lighter course load each semester and still be on schedule.
  • CalculusCalculus Registered User Posts: 590 Member
    Gr8, I took Calc BC my junior year, I could have taken Calc 3 at the local community college, but I opted not to do so. It's really not a matter of being a "math nerd," I've competed and won several top 10 and top 5 spots in Calculus competitions through Mu Alpha Theta. I have no doubt I could do it, but it's been 2 years. If you want to take it and think you're ready though, go ahead.

    By the way, having received a 5 on all of the physics exams and the chemistry exam, I think I can say that chemistry involved a lot less though and a lot more memorization than physics did. I didn't have a problem with either of them really, but...I think it depends on the person. AP Chemistry was all memorization.
  • ASMAJASMAJ Registered User Posts: 2,097 Senior Member
    ANT 4740, good class. Are you taking it with Falsetti.
  • ksandersksanders Registered User Posts: 821 Member
    Re: PHY2053

    There are homework assignments, but they're graded based on the premise that you attempted them. That's pretty much all the work involved for PHY2053 (the lecture, not lab, which has a small workload as well).

    I took it during the spring of my freshman year with Buchler and Mitselmakher (who will be teaching PHY2054). From what I observed, it seemed as if the class was mostly composed of freshman, sophomores, and some juniors. It's "easier" than PHY2048 because there's no calculus involved. (I took Calculus 1 with this course concurrently, even though I'm a pseudo-engineering major, in which under normal circumstances would've taken PHY2048.)

    Here's how it was graded (copied from Buchler's website):
    A 80% or better
    B+ 70% - 80%
    B 60% - 70%
    C+ 50% - 60%
    C 35% - 50%
    D 25% - 35%
    E less than 25%

    Note: this grading scale may not be the same for the professors teaching PHY2053 this fall (2007). I figured this may be useful for archival purposes for someone who may be taking it in the Spring (2008).
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