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Uf Honors Program

college77college77 75 replies29 threads Junior Member
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Hi, I'm a FL resident so it would certainly be cheaper and more convenient to attend a FL school. UF seems to be my top choice in FL, although the immense size turns me off. I am interested in applying for the honors college, but I have no information on it. I am wondering if someone could let me know what the requirements are to get in, and if it significantly reduces class size?
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  • It'sGr82BeAGatorIt'sGr82BeAGator 474 replies39 threads Member
    University of Florida Honors Program: About Us
    Everything you need to know about the program
    And yes, classes are significantly smaller
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  • skibirdskibird 235 replies44 threads Junior Member
    But something you will not be told until you are trying to register for classes for your first semester at UF is that honors students at UF are only guaranteed "1" honors class per term and will go into a lottery in order to atempt to get an additional honors class.

    This is not the case for all honors programs at the undergrad level. Make sure you find out all the details from current students in the program so that you are not surprised by the specifics that were left out at the Honors recruitment presentation.
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  • UFstudent2UFstudent2 4 replies0 threads New Member
    Um, how the lottery thing works is with the first year of Honors you will rank classes you want, and then you may/may not get them. The point is, is that during drop/add (first week of courses) many (if not all) of the Honors (and other UF) courses will have seats become available. (i took 3 honors first semester so, I know, they do open)

    Second, the way the program is structured, you will register for Honors courses during a twoday period before the normal registration (after your first semester). You will only be able to register for one course per day. There is no lottery system after your first semester.
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  • college77college77 75 replies29 threads Junior Member
    So, if I were to go to UF and be in the honors program, do you think the amount of money I would save would be worth turning down a more "prestigious" school such as Vanderbilt, College of William and Mary, etc.??
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  • UFstudent2UFstudent2 4 replies0 threads New Member
    Well, no one can answer that question except for you, but No the Honors program will not make UF suddenly worth it, if you didn't want to go to UF before.

    The honors program often only has courses that will be useful for your general education requirements (unless you are a chemistry major, as Honors offers a spectacular one semester general chemistry course) with some exceptions.

    I'd say you can be successful wherever you go for undergraduate, it's mostly the level of difficulty of courses you take and what you invest your time in doing.

    I decided to pick UF for the financial reasons, and it has worked out for me so far, so if you want to come to UF, I'd say definitely try and get into the Honors program.
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  • orangenblueorangenblue 71 replies24 threads Junior Member
    I am actually in the UF Honors Program (starting in the fall) and this is what I have found by attending preview...

    The honors program really isnt a big deal at all. The way they made it sound it seemed like it really was a big deal as classes are smaller, and you get to pick classes before everyone else...... BUT once you get there you realize this:

    -You get priority in picking HONORS COURSES ONLY first!!! which means for non- honors classes you dont have any priority.

    -all classes arent smaller, just a few select honors classes (which you get to pick first!). It seems to me like this is a very small advantage so far in picking classes. To get your honors certificate you have to complete 4 honors classes before graduation (not first 2 yrs only as it may seem) and my friend who is now a senior finished this requirement a year ago and still hasn't picked up his certificate... its not that big of a deal. In fact, it seems to me that I won't even worry about trying to get these 4 classes unless its convenient for me... I'm not going to take honors classes specifically to get this done if I don't need to take the classes.

    -the only "benefit" is Hume hall which actually is far away from the other dorms (like Broward) and many classes on the NE part of campus. AND Hume Hall costs alot more than other dorms. it is newer and cleaner but many of the people who have lived in it said it probably wasn't worth it.

    So for all of you High schoolers looking into UF dont worry about getting your SAT score to a 1400 and HAVING to get in. Take it from one honors kid that it really isn't a big deal. I got into Duke and Vandy and turned them down to go to UF not UF Honors. Honors made no difference to me and it shouldn't to anyone else.
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  • TTwhiteTTwhite 684 replies66 threads Member
    thanks for that tidbit on UFHonors orangenblue. that's really dissapointing, as I thought there would be a lot of honors courses, and they would be limited size. really a shame seeing i was thinking of doing that instead of a better school for $ reasons.
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  • toydiamondringtoydiamondring 151 replies14 threads Junior Member
    The classes are limited size... they're capped at 25 students.
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  • UFstudent2UFstudent2 4 replies0 threads New Member
    Um, no that's not entirely true. Many of the honors courses are small, but some are not, it depends. Some have large lecture courses and then small discussion sections.
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  • SSobickSSobick 1923 replies408 threads Senior Member
    Think about the intangibles of attending the Honors Program. More likely to get internships, co-ops, and study abroad opportunities.

    Also employers in the Southeast USA will consider this factor when they offer your starting salary.
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