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A Puritan's chance in Vegas?

j.hacklemanj.hackleman 36 replies34 threads Junior Member
edited August 2008 in University of Florida
Hello all,
I just moved to Florida and am confused about my state residency. If I am a dependent, is my residency automatically the same as my sponsor's? I have not lived here for a year yet, but my sponsor already has a job, has registered to vote, and files taxes as a florida resident. Are there any other requisites I need to meet to become a resident?

Oh, and how are my chances?

GPA: 3.67 UW 4.17 UF weighted

ACT: 33 (first time w/o study, I can get it higher next time I test)

EC's: Texas Academic Decathlon (2 yrs)
National Science Bowl (2 yrs)
Science UIL and Mathematics UIL (1 yr)
Academic Team (2 yrs)
FBLA (3 yrs)

Awards: 1st place cumulative school ranking Academic Decathlon
3rd place regional science award
6th place UIL "science" division, regional competition
semi finalist in National Science Bowl
won judges highest commended honors in both Band and Orchestra competitions - (both ensemble and solo UIL)
other small piano competition awards

Volunteer: about 200 hrs worth, mainly at homeless shelters and the like..

Classes: I should have 12 AP credits by the time I graduate, hopefully with National AP Scholar

So, do I have a decent shot at UF? Could I consider it a safety, or would that judment be too brash?

Thanks for reading.
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Replies to: A Puritan's chance in Vegas?

  • rainydysndmondysrainydysndmondys 155 replies11 threads Junior Member
    I can't help you with residency, but I think you've got pretty good stats. I wouldn't tell ANYONE to consider UF a safety. Between cutting the number of acceptances and their tendency to sometimes reject people who would seem great on paper, you really can't predict it.
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  • j.hacklemanj.hackleman 36 replies34 threads Junior Member
    thanks for the quick reply!

    Yeah.. from seeing the type of people who get rejected I think that considering UF a safety would be a bit brash..
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  • mystifiremystifire 172 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Im very familiar with residency requirements in many states, especially NY, FL, Oregon, and California. Florida has a pretty standard 1 year requirement of residency prior to the first day of class to qualify, and that would have to have been done by your parent or whoever claims you on their tax returns. This year involves establishing a domicile in florida and doing all the things that your mentioned your sponsor does.

    However, the answer to your question is a solid "Yes"; "If I am a dependent, is my residency automatically the same as my sponsor's?". But just because your sponsor moved to florida does not necessarily mean they are a resident.

    It would help MUCH more if you could be more specific about this sponsor person. Is your "sponsor" your parent? Does this sponsor claim you on their tax returns? Establishing residency is not as simple as common sense may make it seem and some people who move to Florida immediately before or during their senior year end up going to university in their previous state or paying OOS tuition in Florida their first year and in state for 3 years thereafter.
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  • j.hacklemanj.hackleman 36 replies34 threads Junior Member
    Yes, my sponsor is my parent who provides my family with 100% of our income. As for tax returns I'm pretty sure that I'm claimed and listed when they are filled. So, if I lived here for one year before the 1st day of class am I a resident? Or is it 1 year before the time of application? Thanks for the response
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  • MedwellMedwell 425 replies15 threads Member
    Hey, I was in a similar situation to you when I was applying to UF.
    What is your current visa status? I'm enrolling at UF this fall. I have an H-4 and am being considered in-state and getting Bright Futures.
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  • mystifiremystifire 172 replies6 threads Junior Member
    It is a year before the first day of class. If everything you said is correct then you shouldn't have problems qualifying for instate residency for tuition purposes. You might be hassled when you initially send in your application though, as in your parents may have to mail in copies of the dated documentation to prove residency.

    Keep in mind, as well, that qualifying for instate tuition is independent of dependency requirements on FAFSA and the Florida Bright Futures requirements.
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  • j.hacklemanj.hackleman 36 replies34 threads Junior Member
    Thanks mystifire. That clears some things up for me.
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