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Bank Suggestion

The MasterThe Master 68 replies18 threads Junior Member
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Alright this question is a little unorthodox but I'll say it anyway. I'm trying to switch bank accounts and was wondering which one to go to. I want to know which bank is right for UF students based on how close it is to the campus and the number of ATMs available. If anyone have any info I would appreciate it.
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Replies to: Bank Suggestion

  • MedwellMedwell 425 replies15 threads Member
    Go for Wachovia. They have a location right on campus as well as several ATMs. Plus, if a current customer refers you ( such as myself? :) ) we both get $25. I can PM you my name if you're interested.
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  • Gatorgirl13Gatorgirl13 7 replies0 threads New Member
    Wachovia is linked with your Gator1 Card, which is really convient. But, I have Bank of America and love it. There is an ATM on campus and I've never had any problems.

    It just comes down to personal preference but to simplify things, Wachovia might be the way to go.
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  • The MasterThe Master 68 replies18 threads Junior Member
    I had bank of America as my original bank but then recently got a letter from them that said they will charge us like $12 if my account doesn't have a certain amount of money in it or if I don't have a direct deposit. So I cancelled the account and thus decided to choose a different bank

    Wachovia seems like a good choice right now. Gatorgirl13 what do you mean that Wachovia is linked with your Gator1 Card? Can we use our Gator1 card as a debit card or something?
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  • illusionsxillusionsx 178 replies18 threads Junior Member
    Wachovia! There's a branch on campus, which makes it super convenient. I've never had any problems with them.

    I would be cautious, however, when it comes to linking the Gator1 with your bank account. It seems that school IDs, which you're constantly pulling out/using/putting away, are much easier to lose than credit cards are.
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  • atticusfinchatticusfinch 34 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Campus-USA, a credit union in Gainesville is the way to go. They allow UF students to open accounts and you can withdraw/deposit funds from other credit unions around the United States as necessary.

    I never understood the utility of linking the Gator1 and Wachovia checking account. You are going to be carrying around you debit card either way, since you won't be able to use your Gator1 at places that only take Visa/MC/AMEX/Discover.
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  • RChris173RChris173 201 replies17 threads Junior Member

    I agree with atticusfinch, go to a credit union. I don't have an account at CampusUSA, but I use their location for accessing my credit union from my hometown. They are part of the CreditUnion network. Check out CUServiceCenter.com for all the locations.

    There are no hidden fees, outsourced customer service agents, and other things that Banks like to pass along to its "customers," whereas at a credit union you're considered a "member." There are four CampusUSA locations around the UF campus, one along 34th on the west side, one just off of 13th st on the east end, one in the basement of the hospital and I think there is another, but can't remember where it is lol.

    "since you won't be able to use your Gator1 at places that only take Visa/MC/AMEX/Discover."

    Actually, the Gator1 can be used for PIN-based (debit) transactions where VISA is accepted.
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  • aforautumnaforautumn 1381 replies0 threads Senior Member
    good to know there are credit union ATMs on campus.
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  • RChris173RChris173 201 replies17 threads Junior Member
    Yeah, there are a bunch in the UF Welcome Center just outside the bookstore...
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