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New 2009 Freshmen Profile


Replies to: New 2009 Freshmen Profile

  • SSobickSSobick 1923 replies408 threads Senior Member
    Good to see UF admissions being proactive. Bottomline we need more out-of-state students.
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  • admitoneadmitone 374 replies3 threads Member
    Someone is drinking some SERIOUS Koolaid if they think UF is even remotely close to Dartmouth's selectivity. Dartmouth is a ridiculously selective school like Brown and Columbia. Florida is a in increasingly selective school like Texas, Wisconsin, or UCSD. Totally different levels, like crazily different levels.

    Dartmouth College class of 2013 class profile
    Acceptance Rate: 12.0%
    Middle 50% of class SAT scores: 2020 – 2330
    Average SAT (M+V): 1457
    Average ACT: 32
    % in top decile 91.2%
    % valedictorians 29.4%
    % salutatorians 10.9%

    University of Florida class of 2013 Class profile
    Acceptance Rate: 39.3%
    Middle 50% of class SAT scores: 1930 - 2060
    Average SAT (M+V): 1260
    Average ACT: 30

    All data from common data set and school websites:
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  • JOKER23JOKER23 521 replies44 threads Member
    thats weird, the average SAT score for math and reading is 1260 but the one for all three sections is way higher.
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  • slipper1234slipper1234 9044 replies40 threads Senior Member
    Probably because one is for the median and the other is a mean. Median scores tend to be 40-50 points higher.
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