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Difference between Double Major and Dual Major?

gatornoobgatornoob 2 replies1 threads New Member
edited July 2010 in University of Florida
This may seem like a simple question but please help!
I'm a college noob guys.
edited July 2010
7 replies
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Replies to: Difference between Double Major and Dual Major?

  • ZaerszZaersz 413 replies1 threads Member
    Alright, Dual Major isn't really a defined term at UF, the term is dual degree.

    It's a technical difference. Double major means 2 majors with the same type of degree and within the college. Dual Degree means either the 2 majors have different types of degree, or are from seperate colleges.

    The main difference for the naming is that with a double major, you get one degree whereas with a dual degree you get 2.
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  • CGymrekCGymrek 66 replies19 threads Junior Member
    So is one better than the other?
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  • DracosDracos 90 replies8 threads Junior Member
    ^ That's my same question as well.

    I'd think holding two degrees would look more impressive than one which states two different majors.

    I'm pretty sure in the scheme of things it wouldn't matter, and both would be considered equal. The only reason the Dual Degree gives two diplomas is because the recipient will have "graduated" from two colleges. So, they'd be able to go to two different graduations. Someone who completed a double major however, wouldn't because it's in the same college so they'd announced the two majors and there would only be one graduation.
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  • BeKindRewindBeKindRewind 886 replies29 threads Member
    Same thing really.

    What I've come to understand is that you don't graduate with a "finance degree" or an "accounting degree." You graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in finance, or the same in accounting. So if you were to double major in finance and accounting (hypothetically, cause I'm pretty sure you can't do that) then you graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Administration degree in finance AND accounting. That would be a double major.

    Now a dual degree is called a dual degree because let's say you decide you want to pursue majors in finance and Spanish. For Spanish, your degree would be a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish. Two different degrees.

    Look at where it says degree on this page: Office of the University Registrar

    And look where it says degree on this page:
    Office of the University Registrar

    If you're looking to impress, that would depend more on what your majors are regardless of what schools they come from in my opinion.
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  • ZaerszZaersz 413 replies1 threads Member
    Neither is more impressive in my opinion, they're the same. It's just a technical difference in how your degree(s) is awarded from the university.
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  • gatornoobgatornoob 2 replies1 threads New Member
    yeah it isn't possible to double major in finance in accounting. but I could major-minor correct? (major in finance, minor in accounting) or are there certain guidelines to doing that?

    and thank you for answering my question!
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  • gpowsanggpowsang 666 replies167 threads Member
    IT does not matter, you list all in ur resume anyways :)

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