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barc2k6barc2k6 Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
edited December 2005 in University of Georgia
So with all of those who got accepted having to make a decision on housing relatively soon, I figured i would make a thread about everyone's opinion's on housing at UGA. Anyways.. as of now my top pick is Oglethorpe. I didnt really like Creswell after touring it, but I have not toured Oglethorpe yet. Anyone got some opinions to help guide everyone with their decision.
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Replies to: Housing

  • nokkienynokkieny Registered User Posts: 16 New Member
    I havent visited or anything, but does this mean EA get first choice for housing?
  • paintonmyfacepaintonmyface Registered User Posts: 16 New Member
    I'm going for Russell, even though I'm Honors. I'll probably have to anyway because I'm planning on doing the freshman summer college thing. Even though the rooms aren't that big, it didn't both me all that much. I stayed there one night and just liked it.
  • fromdistantstarfromdistantstar Registered User Posts: 316 Member
    i've never visited

    what's the best dorm, in everyone's opinion?
  • mojomonkeyfacemojomonkeyface Registered User Posts: 40 Junior Member
    I'm currently a freshman at UGA. Here's my opinion on some of the dorms -

    Creswell, Brumby, Russell: I'm staying in Creswell and kind of regret the decision (the only reason I'm living here is because I'm in a learning community). The rooms are extremely tiny so you'll probably have to get a loft if you want to move around at all. I wouldn't recommend these dorms for comfort, but as they are the freshman dorms I would say they are more social. Between the three, my order would be Creswell, Russell, and then Brumby. People who live in Russell and Brumby constantly complain of the hike up the hill to the dorms. One perk to living in Creswell is being only a few steps away from a dining hall. Brumby is all girls, the other two are co-ed by floor.

    The Hill Community (Hill, Church, Mell, Boggs, Lipscomb.): These rooms are bigger than the three freshman dorms. Though some upperclassmen are in these dorms, there's also a large amount of freshmen. I would probably recommend these first to incoming freshman, because they will be easier to get than the nicest dorms but they are much better than the freshman dorms (having a sink in the room is a nice bonus). All of these are co-ed except for Church, which is all girls.

    Myers (the honors dorm): I've only seen one room in Myers and it wasn't much bigger than the freshmen dorms (but you do get the sink in the room). There are several different types of rooms in Myers, though. The lobby is really nice and the quad outside is pretty. It's also close to Snelling, the best dining hall on main campus.

    Morris: I've been to this dorm once, but don't know many people in it. The building is kind of ugly, but I suppose that's not too important. The room I saw was a tiny bit bigger than the ones in the freshman dorms, but not as big as the Hill community. It's located closer to North campus, so it's not too close to any dining halls.

    The *best* dorms (and therefore hardest to get) are probably East Campus Village, Reed, and Soule. For freshmen I would recommend Reed over ECV since ECV is so far away from the main campus. O-House should be nice, too, since you get your own bathroom (I have heard of freshmen living there, so it might not be too hard to get). Soule is all girls.

    I haven't heard too much about Mary Lyndon (the language dorm), Rutherford or Payne.
  • vig180vig180 Registered User Posts: 460 Member
    Alright, here's a second opinion on the housing options:

    Russell, Creswell, and Brumby: I really have no idea what these places are like, having never been in them. However, I have heard they're easily the most social and you can rarely study effectively in your room. Creswell's the closest to the nearest dining hall and there are some tennis courts hidden next to Russell.

    Oglethorpe (or, the more affectionate "O-house") is similar to the above "high-rise" dorms except that it's closer to the main campus and has a dining hall that's open on weekends right next to it.

    The Hill Community: Smaller clusters of dorms that look rather drab on the outside, but have the ever-valuable sink on the inside. Not quite as social, but quieter. Also quite close to the O-house dining hall.

    Reed Community (Reed and Payne): Right next to the football stadium and in the middle of campus, but a bit of a hike to the nearest dining hall. Known for being somewhat quiet and boring since it's far from the other dorms.

    Myers: Well I'm a bit biased, but let me say that if you're in honors and don't live in Myers, you will be missing out. The social life is a nice mix of study-hours quiet and weekend frivolity and the hall was recently renovated so it's very clean and attractive. Tons of fun little study areas abound and there's often programs going on in the main lobby area. Freshmen must make do with community bathrooms, but it's not as bad as you might think and does provide yet another social conduit.

    Rutherford,Mary Lyndon, and Soule: Located next to Myers, Rutherford is home to some kind of freshman college thing and Mary Lyndon has the language communities. Soule is apparently extremely boring though the rooms are supposedly some of the largest they have. All three are located very close to Snelling dining hall, which as mojo said is probably the best one on campus.

    Bottom Line: Myers for honors people, definitely. If you think you'll want to be extremely social, look for one of the high-rises while if you want more quiet time to study try Reed or Payne.
  • paintonmyfacepaintonmyface Registered User Posts: 16 New Member
    see I'm having trouble choosing between Myers and Russell since I will be in honors. I'm going to try to take it easy with classes my freshman year, and being OOS, I want a dorm that is fairly social so I can meet more people. In that case, Russell seems like the best fit. I don't know..
  • mojomonkeyfacemojomonkeyface Registered User Posts: 40 Junior Member
    Like vig180 said, if you live in one of the freshman dorms you can forget about peacefully studying in your dorm room (or developing any regular sleep pattern, for that matter). There are quiet hours, but they are never enforced except for maybe during the first week of classes. I usually have to force myself to go to the library or Starbucks to get some effective studying done. Even the study rooms in Creswell can be too loud for me.

    It all comes down to personal preference. I'm usually not one to go partying downtown and loudly stagger into my room late at night, so Creswell probably isn't the best place for me.

    Personally, I would go for Myers. Everyone I know who lives there seems to love it (and I'm considering living there next year if I can get into the honors program this year as I hope). You'll definitely be able to meet people no matter where you live.
  • ryan2288ryan2288 Registered User Posts: 2,501 Senior Member
    I certainly dont want a freshman high rise. Im wouldnt mind the quiet dorms. Myers would be great but that is pending if i get in honors.
  • mojomonkeyfacemojomonkeyface Registered User Posts: 40 Junior Member
    Another con to the freshmen high rises: fire drills. Last night we had one at midnight. I was in the middle of studying for my eight o'clock final this morning.

    Creswell seems to have the most. We've had at least six or seven so far this semester (one night we had three in a row). The worst one was at about 3:00 AM and we didn't back into our rooms until 5:00 because some dunce thought it would be fun to play with the fire extinguishers.
  • barc2k6barc2k6 Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    Anyone have any opinions or pictures of the dorms in O-house?
  • Sim72Sim72 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    If Myers Hall is not an option, due to not getting into Honors, what would be the next dorm closest to its description: “…a nice mix of study-hours quiet and weekend frivolity”
  • ccmbr002ccmbr002 Registered User Posts: 60 Junior Member
    hey paintonmyface how did u already find out if you got into honors? or are you just assuming you will?
  • Student00Student00 Registered User Posts: 49 Junior Member
    If my friend gets into honors, he says that he will let me room with him at Myers Hall so that's good. If he doesn't, I'll be late on registration and...that'll suck. Hopefully I'll have time to check out the rest of the places so I can make a choice and the spots won't be filled.
  • ryan2288ryan2288 Registered User Posts: 2,501 Senior Member
    do both students have to be in honors to room at myers? Or can only one be honors?
  • Sim72Sim72 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    From UGA’s Housing Policy page -#7: …When two students request each other as roommates and register at separate times, the assignment of the roommate pair will be based upon the LATEST registration date of both students.
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