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Freshman Orientation

fluppymcfluppymc Registered User Posts: 91 Junior Member
Does anyone know what exactly we do there besides pick our classes and take the math placement exam?
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Replies to: Freshman Orientation

  • EckieEckie Registered User Posts: 1,726 Senior Member
    ice breakers like whoa.
  • CheapseatsCheapseats Registered User Posts: 932 Member
    lol, I don't know. We do get our ID which will be cool. We all also spend $160 in two days.
  • fluppymcfluppymc Registered User Posts: 91 Junior Member
    hah yeah if it's anything like the group tours in the summer/fall I will just die.

    When the guy made everyone stand up and say who they were, where they were from, and what they did on their summer vacation I was like you have got to be kidding me. Everyone before me had gone to like 12 countries and cured cancer. I was in training mode for tennis all summer so they only thing I could say was "um, I played tennis". But I didn't feel too bad because the next 2 kids said soccer and baseball haha.

    Does anyone remember what I'm talking about?
  • BigJBigJ Registered User Posts: 121 Junior Member
    During the day, you break up into the groups based on your majors. You tour various facilities and do a lot of walking. You'll play introduction and ice-breaking games with your groups and get to know each other. You'll get your ID cards and some other misc. goodies. You'll also be able to check out the CRC and go swimming too.

    You'll pretty much have the night free to do whatever you want.

    When I went back in Summer 04, we wound up drinking with the OAs until 4 in the morning.
  • fluppymcfluppymc Registered User Posts: 91 Junior Member
    haha wow sounds like a good time but I have also hated ice-breaking games.

    Do they just throw you all in a dorm at night?
  • CheapseatsCheapseats Registered User Posts: 932 Member
    lol, i went on memorial day and there were no introducing youself nonsense. That is classic with nothing to say. As for icebreaking games at orientation, its not like we are going to remember these people 3 months later, are we? It'll be fun though. How strict is UMD on drinking in general? I mean, what do they do? I have some aid from the state that says they can take away it if I do drugs or drink. Its a $3,000 grant too.
  • fluppymcfluppymc Registered User Posts: 91 Junior Member
    wow that's horrible. I guess you just have to remember not to go stumbling around campus at 3 am screaming "I'M DRUNK!"

    are you going to the orientation thingy? I think there's one in june and one in july
  • CheapseatsCheapseats Registered User Posts: 932 Member
    yeah i am going on June 15-16. That is like a month, wow. I am in college.

    It does suck. I need that 3,000 too. I hear they just give out citations to everyone at UMD, is that true? I have heard people get them who aren't even drinking. I wonder if a citation would make me lose that money. I don't even know what I would say if I lost it, geez that sounds funny I'll be in college but really no matter how old i get I will always fear my mother and her wrath. My parents will pay all that they possibley can for me and will help me even if it means they have to work harder but if I lose a grant on my own they'll will definately make me pay that part off on my own regardless if they have the money or not. I don't think losing this grant is to much of possibility. I didn't really even think about it till now.
  • fluppymcfluppymc Registered User Posts: 91 Junior Member
    hmm I don't know what their policy is on drinking. I guess that would be a good question for a current student *cough*BigJ*cough*

    I'm not sure which day I'm going but I read they divide you by major/program so I'll finally get to meet people in the Market and Society program because I haven't heard anyone talk about that on these boards or anything. Which kind of scares me, either none of them have computers or I am just the only one in it hah
  • CheapseatsCheapseats Registered User Posts: 932 Member
    That is what I was thinking too *cough*.

    As for talk on markeys and society, there was A LOT of it a few weeks ago. I think wiskers knows a lot about it, her friend is doing it.
  • fluppymcfluppymc Registered User Posts: 91 Junior Member
    ohhh okay thanks.

    you know if I get into villanova I'm going to make you do that comparison thing you did for rutgers and umd in the other thread haha
  • CheapseatsCheapseats Registered User Posts: 932 Member
    Sure no problem i will, :D but here are the threads markets and society were talked about in. The last one is from last year and one of them shows my confusion a few weeks ago


  • BigJBigJ Registered User Posts: 121 Junior Member
    UMD is *supposedly* very strict concerning it's scholarships and disciplinary actions.

    My buddy from Freshman year, who was In-State, who got a full ride, said he would lose his scholarship if he was subjected to disciplinary action.

    However, my other buddy, who received disciplinary action for smoking in his dorm room (and I'm not talking about cigarettes), still has his partial scholarship. However, he did wind up getting kicked out of On-Campus housing at the end of his freshman year, had random drug-testing for a year, and was on School Probation as result of it.

    So I'd say it depends on what type of scholarship you have.

    I've never been written up when I was in the dorms, so I don't know.

    That being said, it takes A LOT to get written up if you don't have an open container on you. Countless times, me and my friends have been absolutely wasted in the dorms, creating all sorts of havoc, and have not get written up.

    Generally, you will only get written up if:
    1) Excessive Noise Violations
    2) Open Container is visible
    3) Empty bottles/cans in your room
    4) You do something really stupid, like **** in the stairwell
    5) Smoking in the dorm, both ciggs and other substances

    As far as getting written up even when you're not drinking:
    If anybody in the room is drinking that is not 21 or over, EVERYONE gets written up. Doesn't matter if you're in your bed sleeping, or you just walked into the room.
  • fluppymcfluppymc Registered User Posts: 91 Junior Member
    wow you are all about the information. I think you secretly work for the school.

    I sent my little postcard in today to be in M&S, I didn't know that they only took 150-200 people. But then again that might just be all the people who didn't get into the business school right away, I have no idea what I'm talking about.

    I love how everyone highlights markets in red haha
  • CheapseatsCheapseats Registered User Posts: 932 Member
    i have a good deal of money from UMD and the state of maryland. That 3,000 is from the state, I have another 3,500 in um scholarships and 3,500 in grants. That is 10,000. I don't expect to get into trouble and it does sound like you need to a lot to get a written up. If they give you a citation do you actually get in trouble or is it just a citation saying don't do it again? These guys on collegehumor make it seem like not that big of a deal http://www.collegehumor.com/pictures/82333/. Would a citation MAYBE lead to disciplanary action? Like I said though, I don't think I'll ever really do anything to actually get introuble.
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