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Honors Humanities vs. University Honors

I was admitted into the Honors College at UMD on Friday, and since then I have been trying to select the right living and learning program for me. I have narrowed it down to two-- Honors Humanities and University Honors.

Could anyone give insight into the differences between the two communities? Are students more social in one than the other?

Additionally, are students in University Honors required to live in Hagerstown Hall and students in Honors Humanities required to live in Anne Arundel Hall? If so, what are your experiences with each of these residence halls? I hear that Anne Arundel is air-conditioned and has nicer living accommodations, but that Hagerstown is in a location with more Freshman on North Campus.

Thanks in advance-- excited about the possibility of becoming a Terp!
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  • maryversitymaryversity 2028 replies72 threads Senior Member
    Both comments on dorms are accurate. My only comment that I can offer would be to sign up for Honors Humanities (HoHum for short, but NOT a reflection of the program, haha) because that is a specific program, so you can try it, and if you don't like it, always switch out to University Honors. It is a one-way switch only - meaning if you select University Honors, you cannot switch into Honors Humanities. So, that's why I personally would select HoHum for now. Go to an admitted students program and you can get more details then.

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