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University of Maryland Class of 2025 Official Discussion Thread

persona25persona25 1 replies1 threads New Member
It's August 1, so I thought I'd get the "official discussion" started.
15 replies
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Replies to: University of Maryland Class of 2025 Official Discussion Thread

  • GP2003GP2003 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Does UMD look at subject tests for cs?
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  • SoofDadSoofDad 1265 replies42 threads Senior Member
    @GP2003 - I've seen no indication that UMD uses subject tests for CS or any other major
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  • persona25persona25 1 replies1 threads New Member
    UMD mainly looks at 26 factors https://www.admissions.umd.edu/apply/admission-review-factors-and-process. The way admissions works at UMD is the admissions team admits you to the university without looking at your intended major. Then, if the applicant intends to enter an LEP (Limited Enrollment Program), a separate committee for that LEP is forwarded a list of applicant and the number of applicants they can admit.

    If you have questions about the process for CS, you can contact the coordinator for the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences at [email protected] I also have attended many CS camps and presentations at UMD so I may be able to answer. (I'm a high school senior)
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  • rmsm99rmsm99 13 replies0 threads New Member
    anyone know how they pick the students for the honors college?
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  • SoofDadSoofDad 1265 replies42 threads Senior Member
    @rmsm99 - This may not be what you are looking for, but it is the best answer that I can give.

    There are different Admission committees at UMD, looking for different things in the applications.

    The first one decides if you get a Fall admission, a Spring admission, or a rejection.

    The next two decide who gets Honors and who gets Scholars.

    Honors gets to pick first.

    Both Honors and Scholars admitted students tend to have high STATS. So this is where the rest of your application comes into play.

    Essay, ECs, and LORs.

    I believe that these are factors that make a difference in who gets what.

    STATS alone are NO guarantee that you will get into either program. I don't know how "Test Optional" will impact things this year.

    Getting into either of these is NO guarantee of getting a merit scholarship

    You MUST apply by the Priority Deadline (11/1) to be eligible for these Special Programs, as well as Merit Scholarships.

    Here is a link for the UMD Honors College

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  • rmsm99rmsm99 13 replies0 threads New Member
    @SoofDad thank you so much!! i really want to go to umd, specifically one of its honors programs due to its uniqueness. I was wondering how covid-19 would affect seats! I'm not sure if you would know the answer to this but are there less seats this year at umd like at other colleges due to people from c/o 2020 deferring?
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  • SoofDadSoofDad 1265 replies42 threads Senior Member
    @rmsm99 - UMD has not yet released the Fall 2020 Freshman Profile. so I cannot tell how many students have deferred.

    Hopefully that info will be available sometime next month
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  • burghdadburghdad 964 replies12 threads Member
    @SoofDad so UMDCP as long as you submit the application by 11/1 you will automatically be considered for honors and merit money?
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  • SoofDadSoofDad 1265 replies42 threads Senior Member
    @burghdad - Yes, all applications received by November 1, 2020 will automatically be considered for Special Programs Honors, Scholars. etc) and Merit Scholarships.

    See Note 1 under Fall Enrollment of the following link


    This link provides more info on Merit Scholarships

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  • chachallachachalla 6 replies1 threads New Member
    I'm trying to figure out if UMD still has supplemental essay questions and, if so, if they have changed from last year?

    My S21 needs to coordinate with his guidance counselor for his Common App login, so can't check there yet, but I don't see anything on the UMD admissions page. The ones he had seen previously were five really short questions: "If I could travel anywhere...", "The most interesting fact I ever learned from research was..." etc.

    Thanks for any information folks might have!
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  • SoofDadSoofDad 1265 replies42 threads Senior Member
    @chachalla - The Common App Essay questions for UMD can be found in the following link


    Click on "Freshman Students Applying Via Common App"
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  • chachallachachalla 6 replies1 threads New Member
    edited September 11
    Thank you, @SoofDad - yes, looking there is what made me think the supplemental questions might have gone away. All I'm seeing there is the generic Common App essay options. Not sure if I'm missing something?
    edited September 11
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  • SoofDadSoofDad 1265 replies42 threads Senior Member
    @chachalla - UMD used to have a set of short answer questions, in addition to an essay, when they had their own application. I don't know if that have carried them over to the Common App.

    I guess you'll know when your son starts filling out the App.
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  • burnerphone415burnerphone415 37 replies0 threads Junior Member
    edited September 13
    Hey, how good are my chances with a 3.81 GPA , 4 APs, 4 on AP Calc, and a 1380 SAT? I also have taken primarily honors/ap classes throughout HS. I am also not part of the class of 2021, and am applying as a freshman transfer. I would also have 1 semester of college grades as well. I am trying to apply into Letters and Sciences as I do not have enough credits to get into my intended major, Finance. I am currently at another 4 year university with a highly ranked business program as well. I also read that UMD uses Montgomery county's gpa weighting scale? Is this true? Because my county in HS did not use the same weighting scale, so I was wondering if that could help me more? I also have 4 years of xc/track plus pretty good orchestra ECs as well for all 4 years.

    I am currently at University Of South Carolina Capstone Scholars program - if that would carry any weight.
    edited September 13
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  • flipper15flipper15 3 replies0 threads New Member
    @chachalla There are 5 short answer questions.

    At the University of Maryland, we encourage our students to go beyond the classroom to engage in opportunities that further both their academic and personal growth.

    To tell us more about yourself, please complete the following sentences using only the space provided (160 characters).

    If I could travel anywhere, I would go to...*
    The most interesting fact I ever learned from research was...*
    In addition to my major, my academic interests include...*
    My favorite thing about last Monday was...*
    Something you might not know about me is...*
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