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Chance me UMass Amherst EA

senioritislssenioritisls 108 replies1 threads Junior Member
Chance me UMass Amherst EA and Commonwealth Honors College

SAT: 1350 (1360 superscored)

GPA: 4.3 Weighted/School does not calculate unweighted

IB Diploma Candidate
Junior Year: IB French 1, IB Theory of Knowledge, IB English 1, IB Physics 1, Precalc, IB Psych SL (6)
Senior Year: IB French HL 2, IB Theory of Knowledge, IB English HL 2, IB History HL 2, IB Chem SL 2, IB Math Studies

Intended Major: Social Thought and Political Economy

ECs: Student council, National Honor Society, executive mentor
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Replies to: Chance me UMass Amherst EA

  • senioritislssenioritisls 108 replies1 threads Junior Member
  • senioritislssenioritisls 108 replies1 threads Junior Member
  • DadTwoGirlsDadTwoGirls 7029 replies2 threads Senior Member
    In terms of getting into UMass Amherst, the question to me is whether it is a true safety, or somewhere on the border between safety and low match. My biggest problem here is that I don't know how your school calculates GPA. Given this lack of knowledge on my part, my guess (only a guess) is "safety".

    In terms of getting into the honors college, I am a bit less certain but I still think that your chances are very good.

    Are you in-state?

    I toured UMass Amherst twice (once with each daughter) and I quite liked it. I think that you have a very solid chance at a very solid school. Good luck!
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  • senioritislssenioritisls 108 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Thank you! I am out of state, so I guess that also lowers my chances.
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  • lizardlicker20lizardlicker20 1 replies1 threads New Member
    You will definitely get into UMass and get lots of money.
    The honors college is very up in the air. They average SAT for the honors college at that school is a 1380, so you're a barely under. Your placement in the honors college will not come down to your intellect/ course load (which is amazing btw!) but rather your standing in the major you select. UMass likes the Honors College to have representation from all subject areas. Hypothetically, you could be in the top 10% if you apply as a psych major and get in, but if you sign up as a bio major, you might be in the top 20% and you won't get in.
    Based on your course load and your strong GPA you are definitely capable of getting strong grades for your first semester or 2 and applying in your sophomore year!
    Good luck!
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