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Emailed Admissions

stressiesstressies 12 replies7 threads Junior Member
Hi, I emailed admissions about my grades in physics and AP art and now I'm worried about having my Acceptance Rescinded. Please do not be rude to me about this, I already feel awful enough.

I am a first-gen, low income student and I have a lot of pressure on me to do well in school. I'm happy that I was accepted into the CS program, but my physics grade is a 76 and my art grade is a 85. I made the mistake of emailing admissions and now having drawn attention to my areas of problem, my overall anxiety over the situation as tenfolded.

I understand that I made a mistake. Please tell me how to fix it or the likelihood of being Rescinded. Thank you.
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Replies to: Emailed Admissions

  • tornandfrayedtornandfrayed 13 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Okay...first of all, take a few deep breaths. Your acceptance is not going to be rescinded because of a C and a B. Nor will it be rescinded because you pointed it out to admissions.

    You aren't the only senior whose grades have tanked a bit this year. Actually, I would venture to say that you are in the majority (senioritis is a thing). You would have to majorly screw up in order to have your acceptance rescinded (i.e. get expelled or fail a class required for graduation)...and your situation is no where near that degree.

    If it make you feel any better, I've been making straight 80s all year w/ the exception of one class (96 in AP Language, only bc I like the subject). My school automatically sends a mid-year report to every college, so the admissions people at UMass have probably seen my less-than-stellar grades. I still got in fine, and my acceptance hasn't been rescinded yet, lol.

    Take a few deep breaths and enjoy the rest of your senior year. I'll see you in the fall!
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