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Ronald A. Hammond Scholarship 2016

collegecurious12collegecurious12 18 replies4 threads New Member
Please post if you hear any notifications about interviews or if you got the scholarship. Looking for information on when this all will be sent out as well!
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Replies to: Ronald A. Hammond Scholarship 2016

  • partyof5partyof5 2560 replies125 threads Senior Member
    I called admissions and was told that e information would go out in April, which doesn't seem right, because that is very late. She said call back this afternoon and the person who knows more would be in.
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  • charmomdercharmomder 1 replies0 threads New Member
    I called just now and the lady just said they'll email and let you know
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  • PassionForUMiamiPassionForUMiami 131 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Hello. I am a 2015 recipient of the Hammond Scholarship and now on the committee for Harambee Weekend, a weekend from April 11-12 where prospective students visit UM for two days and have a great time. Last year, interviews were connected to the weekend, but this time they are being separated so that students can have time to find out if they got the scholarship or not and then decide to come to the weekend. Interviews should be late march and prospective students should find out if they get the scholarship early April. I hope this was helpful. Anymore questions, you all can DM me.
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  • collegecurious12collegecurious12 18 replies4 threads New Member
    @partyof5 @charmomder @PassionForUMiami
    Today I received the email inviting me to the Hammond Scholarship weekend! It is March 18th-19th and they said they will announce winners approximately 10 days afterwards. Thanks for the help!
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  • partyof5partyof5 2560 replies125 threads Senior Member
    What stats do you need to get an invite?
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  • collegecurious12collegecurious12 18 replies4 threads New Member
    I just received an email inviting me to the Stamps/Singer scholarship weekend. About a month ago I was also invited to interview for Hammond Scholarship. This is the first I am hearing about the Stamps/Singer through email. I'm glad they are all on the same weekend! Has anyone else been nominated for both?
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  • acceptm3acceptm3 10 replies0 threads New Member
    edited February 2016
    I was invited today to attend Hammond weekend!
    edited February 2016
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  • umiamicaneumiamicane 2 replies0 threads New Member
    @acceptm3 @collegecurious12 Hello!! Congrats to both of you for being invited to the scholarship weekends! Would you guys mind posting your stats? I'm hoping to get an email about the Hammond scholarship but I would like to see the stats of students who were already notified to get an idea of what the criteria is!
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  • jjloehrjjloehr 53 replies7 threads Junior Member
    The invite with some clarifying detail.

    It is still unclear to me whether or not Stamps winners have already been notified from the Feb 19-20 meeting. Anyone?

    Dear (fantastic prospect),
    I am happy to inform you that, on the basis of your record of achievement both inside and outside the classroom, the Office of Undergraduate Admission has nominated you for the University of Miami’s most prestigious merit scholarships: the Stamps Leadership Scholarship, the Isaac Bashevis Singer Scholarship, and the Marta S. and L. Austin Weeks Endowed Scholarship. Congratulations!

    We hope you will accept this invitation to join the other finalists for a special UM campus scholarship event on one of two weekends: February 19-20, 2016 or March 18-19, 2016.

    The Stamps Leadership Scholarship covers the cost of attendance for four years of undergraduate study. It includes tuition, fees, room and board, books, and a stipend of $12,000 for research and study abroad opportunities over four years of study. The Singer Scholarship and Weeks Scholarship cover the cost of four years’ full tuition.

    During the weekend, you will have the chance to learn about UM’s distinctive range of educational opportunities, meet with faculty, spend time with current students, and have a personal conversation with a faculty-student team in your area(s) of interest. A university committee will select the scholarship recipients after each scholarship weekend.

    To help us get to know you better, we ask participants in the scholarship weekends to write a short essay: Your education is your own. Share two questions you have about the University of Miami, and explain why the questions--and the answers--matter to you.

    To be considered for the Stamps Leadership Scholarship, finalists must attend the February 19-20 event and submit an additional essay: Describe what you regard as the two most essential characteristics of an effective leader.

    Finalists attending the March 18-19 event will be considered only for the Singer and Weeks Scholarships.

    We hope you will accept this nomination and join us on campus in February or March. We look forward to seeing you here.

    To RSVP, visit stampsweekend.miami.edu no later than January 20th, and register using your UM ID: C11973353. Space is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition to your RSVP, you must submit the essay(s) by January 27th. Additional details can be found at stampsweekend.miami.edu.

    Questions regarding the program? Contact Melissa Hechtman at 305-284-3428, [email protected] or Shane Hinton at 305-284-5755, [email protected]

    We look forward to welcoming you to our community and our campus.


    Karen S. Long
    Assistant Vice President of Undergraduate Admission and Marketing

    University of Miami - Coral Gables, Florida 33146
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  • acceptm3acceptm3 10 replies0 threads New Member
    edited March 2016
    Honestly, they're not the best, but here you go.

    Applied to which school/college: Arts & Sciences (Biology Pre-Med track)

    SAT I (breakdown):didn't take
    ACT:30 (30 ENG, 28 MATH, 31 READ, 31 CIENCIA)
    SAT II:
    Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0):3.42
    Weighted GPA (out of 4.0):3.63
    Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable):School doesn't rank
    AP (place score in parenthesis):Chemistry(3)<didn't try
    IB (place score in parenthesis):school doesn't offer
    Senior Year Course Load:Environmental Science, Biology, Statistics
    Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.):National Honors Society


    Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis):Varsity Soccer
    Job/Work Experience: Work at a hospital during my summers(verifying insurances)
    Volunteer/Community service:Nothing big, I try to help out when I can
    Summer Activities:sleep
    Essays (rating 1-10, details): 9 interesting story on my shedding my obesity and losing 70lbs
    Recommendations (rating 1-10, details):i don't know can't read them, but I hope my teachers liked me

    Teacher Rec #1:N/A
    Teacher Rec #2:N/A
    Counselor Rec:N/A
    Additional Rec:N/A


    State (if domestic applicant):Georgia
    Country (if international applicant):Merica
    School Type:Private, (very high ranking for academics)
    Income Bracket:
    Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): I'm a black male and my sister also attends the U


    Strengths:courseload, ACT, essay
    Why you think you were accepted: Because I'm awesome
    Where else were you accepted: FSU, Penn State
    Deferred: UGA, UNC (Chapel Hill)
    (Just for reference) I got the canes scholarship of 13k/year.
    edited March 2016
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  • umiamicaneumiamicane 2 replies0 threads New Member
    Does anybody know if all the invites for the Hammond scholarship are out? Judging by @acceptm3 's (very good) stats, I feel as though I would have a very good chance since mine are very comparable to his.
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  • acceptm3acceptm3 10 replies0 threads New Member
    Has anyone who attended the scholarship weekend heard anything back yet?
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  • 101questions101questions 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Nothing here yet
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  • nolagirl55nolagirl55 15 replies21 threads Junior Member
    I just got the email that I've been awarded the Hammond scholarship! So happy
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