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Freaking out...

fob199fob199 14 replies8 threads New Member

I'm a high school senior and I just applied for the University of Michigan's Early Action. I've done pretty well in school so far and I thought I had a decent chance of being accepted into the LSA but apparently something that I have been completely unaware of is that the University 'requires' at least two years of a foreign language. I'm freaking out! Might I get rejected because I failed to take two years of a foreign language? My counselor hasn't been very helpful and I just want to know what my real chances are.

I haven't taken any foreign languages except a year of Chinese, but I've done a bunch of other stuff:

In top 5% of graduating class
GPA - 4.000
ACT - 34
SAT II Chemistry - 800
SAT II Math Level 2 - 800
AP Chemistry - 5
AP Psychology - 5
AP Statistics - 5
Regional Chemistry Olympiad Runner-Up
Currently Dual Enrolling for Organic Chemistry at a local community college
Currently taking AP Physics, AP English Lit, and AP Biology
200+ Volunteer Hours
Section Leader of the marching band

How significant are these two years of a foreign language anyway?

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Replies to: Freaking out...

  • mk13bballmk13bball 86 replies8 threads Junior Member
    You are a lock if you're in state. Out of state I still give you a 90% chance. Your scores are high enough that they won't really care about the foreign language too much I would think
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  • Swimmer726Swimmer726 642 replies27 threads Member
    most high schools have a foreign language requirement (like 3 years of one language, 2 of 2 languages). How come your high school doesn't have that sort of requirement? College requirements for application are usually in line with high school requirements.
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  • rumandtingrumandting 106 replies26 threads Junior Member
    My kids go to a "top 5% in the nation" high school that sends many kids to UM each year. Two years of foreign language is recommended, but not required, at our school.
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  • aglagesaglages 2559 replies74 threads Senior Member
    fob199 wrote:
    I'm a high school senior and I just applied for the University of Michigan's Early Action.
    How could you have "just applied" for EA when the deadline for EA was Nov 1st?
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  • Wolverine86Wolverine86 2150 replies46 threads Senior Member
    fob199...I'd strongly recommend that you call the admissions office at U of M on Monday and ask them the question directly. Regardless of what high schools might or might not require of their graduates, it does clearly state in more than one place on U of M's website that 2 years of study in the same language is a requirement for admission. In fact, LSA recommends 4 years of foreign language, although they only require 2 years. Since you applied EA, did you receive an e-mail from the Admissions office telling you that you had met all the EA requirements? Not sure that the e-mail specifically pertains to admissions requirements versus application timeline, but in any case calling the Admissions office will be the best way to answer your questions and (hopefully) ease your mind. Good Luck!!
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  • jshainjshain 5795 replies54 threads Senior Member
    ^I would take Wolverine 86's advice on this and call the school also. I would also be very surprised if your GC at school could have overlooked this since many colleges have a foreign language requirement.
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  • MLDWoodyMLDWoody 2085 replies53 threads- Senior Member
    GC's suck, lol. They never know what's going on and can't be trusted. If you are one of the few kids in your school that wants to go to a top University u need to do a lot of the research urself
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  • fob199fob199 14 replies8 threads New Member
    @jshain and MLDWoody

    I had to bring it up to my guidance counselor in the first place after I noticed that I was missing foreign language credits.
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  • fob199fob199 14 replies8 threads New Member
    Update: I was accepted by U of M. Apparently their 'required' language classes aren't absolutely necessary to be accepted.
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  • mikemasmikemas 15 replies0 threads New Member
    just a question? did you apply to lsa or engineering ect.?
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  • fob199fob199 14 replies8 threads New Member
    I applied to the LSA
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  • nikeboy3004nikeboy3004 400 replies46 threads Member
    Yea those requirements are not stringent. I had not completed one of them and it didn't affect me whatsoever
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