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Spanish placement test

gotocollege13gotocollege13 7 replies8 threads New Member
what's the format of the Spanish placement test? is there any way to practice/review? I'm hoping to place out of all requirements
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Replies to: Spanish placement test

  • jen101jen101 103 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I took it last year. It was online before orientation and it was timed. They said that you had no time to go back because of the time limit but I finished with 10+ minutes to spare. It was some listening (a short dialogue at the longest) and some reading. It was all multiple choice. I found it really, really easy and placed out of the requirement with no trouble. (For reference, I took 4 years of Spanish in high school, 1-3 and then I skipped to AP for my senior year.)

    As for reviewing...just listen/read Spanish? That's really all you can do. :-)
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  • res ipsares ipsa 1928 replies15 threads Senior Member
    It seems that people do well on the Spanish placement test and move on to higher levels of Spanish at U-M and lot end up with Spanish minors. I think they give you additional credits if you place out but only if you take more.
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  • KyleTwentyElevenKyleTwentyEleven 530 replies17 threads Member
    ^This is true, giving you 16 credits on top of what you have and making scheduling as a freshman 100 times easier
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  • entenduintransitentenduintransit 567 replies7 threads Member
    Spanish was my worst subject by far in H.S. I didn't take it in my senior year and I didn't study or review for it at all. I tested into the 4th semester. The first two semesters are really for people who have very little or zero experience with the language, if you have any level of competence then you should test at least into the 3rd semester without even trying.

    Placement also depends on how many years you take of it and when the last Spanish class you took was, though these are weighted less than your actual performance on the test, I believe.

    P.S. fun useless fact about me: I'm not even taking Spanish at UMich, I'm starting with semester one of ASL, because it's more interesting and more useful to me. :)
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  • decoy51decoy51 17 replies7 threads New Member
    Is it possible to place out of the spanish requirement without a AP score for it? I took 3 years of Spanish in HS (skipping 1st year), but didn't want to take the AP class.
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  • entenduintransitentenduintransit 567 replies7 threads Member
    Yes. I believe that whether or not you took an AP class has nothing or very little to do with how you place. I have no real information to support that, but it just makes sense. The three factors are test score (most important), how many years of HS-level Spanish you took, and how recently you have taken it. A lot of schools don't offer AP Spanish, so it would be unfair to deny them the opportunity to place out if they perform well enough on the test just because they couldn't take an AP.
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  • Nsf1897Nsf1897 5 replies2 threads New Member
    How many credits does the highest level on the online Spanish placement test award you?
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