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LSA to Ross Transfer

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I had no idea I could apply to both ross and LSA in high school and now am a freshman at LSA.None of the Majors or programs at LSA excite me and my interest lies in business. My dream is to transfer to Ross next year and was wondering what tips anyone had to maximize my chances. Clubs/Activities?
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  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 4218 replies17 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    First off https://michiganross.umich.edu/undergraduate/bba/admissions/transfer-applicants

    Please keep in mind that very few cross campus transfers get accepted. Think like 100....

    Your business life is not over if you don't get into Ross. That is only one avenue into the business world at Michigan.

    Sit down and talk to your LSA advisor first. Then make an appointment with the Ross advisor. From both see how you can go into business without Ross. You might be very surprised.

    There are 1600 clubs/activities at Michigan. I will highlight a few that might son did in engineering
    He is going into business also but not through Ross.

    Since 1600 clubs is not enough he started his own club with a Ross student in Mixed Reality. That led to https://www.optimizemi.org/ and a $5,000 grant. His student organization have weekly meetings as lectures, demos and project based groups. That led to https://lsa.umich.edu/bli and a $10,000 grant.
    This was business based as they learned how to make a business plan with a graduate student one on one that had expertise in startups. They had to do some research which involved contacting professors on campus, companies and students. This was over the summer. Michigan gave them travel expenses to get back to campus and an arbnb for a week. They learned how to do expense reports, quarterly, yearly reports. This one week was like a business intensive.

    This was their freshman year. This led to a first of its kind Midwest conference held at Michigan last year. They contacts all these companies, professors, presenters. This year they are currently taking to the Michigan lawyers about turning this into a 503c non-profit group. All business like activities and only 1 Ross Student. They created their own logo (already changed twice), did their own marketing, social media presence etc. They hired a student marketing group to help with their conference. Their board has 3 men from engineering and the Ross kid and 2 women from engineering. They are currently looking for 3 positions that have the title Director of "x". Their board meets once a week either live or video conference and their organization meetings are weekly.

    They started an intercollegiate group with MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, USC. Two of the Michigan kids are officers of that board.

    If interested pm me and I can get you more information. But if you Google Michigan Start up groups etc you will find a lot going on that you had no clue of.

    Also use your professors. If taking Econ talk to them about professions you can do.

    For Ross they want to see your involved on campus doing stuff. It's hard when your just a first semester freshman.
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