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University of Michigan Fall 2020 Transfer Thread

I haven’t seen a thread so I thought I would start one. Good luck everyone!
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Replies to: University of Michigan Fall 2020 Transfer Thread

  • nerdalert01nerdalert01 4 replies1 threads New Member
    I thought I should share my stats so here they go

    Current School: Illinois CC
    Major: Philosophy
    Credit Hours: 37
    Will have: 69
    GPA: 4.0

    Vice President of Phi Theta Kappa
    Vice President of Black student union
    Secretary of green club
    Work part time
    Volunteering at humane society
    Deans list 2x
    President’s scholar
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  • InstantRiceInstantRice 1 replies0 threads New Member
    I'm currently a first year at a CC in CA and I really want to transfer! Here are some stats (someone pls chance me)

    Current School: Santa Monica College
    Major: English
    Credits enrolled in: 13 (should have around 32 at the end of spring semester) I also took six APs in high school and got credit for those but idk if that applies
    High School GPA: 3.8 unweighted
    SAT score: 1420

    (High School)
    - NHS
    - JNHS Vice President
    - ASB
    - Varsity Lacrosse
    - over 200 hours of volunteer from hospital and a science summer camp
    - interning for a judge
    - part-time job
    - applied for volunteer position and leadership position at school but haven't heard back yet
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  • collegehelp1337collegehelp1337 19 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Can someone chance me and/or give me advice on how to be a better student?
    > Personal/misc. info:
    Lower middle class
    White female
    First generation college student
    Applying for computer science (CoE)
    Rejected for fall 2019 due to high school stats and less than college junior standing.

    > College
    Transfer from OOS university
    3.65 GPA // Dean's List 2 out of 3 total semesters
    35 total credit hours as of current; will have 59-62 credits after spring & summer terms.
    Involved in a few clubs dealing with animals, computer science, and gardening.
    Little volunteer work around campus.

    > High School
    I’m hoping they won’t take my high school information into much consideration since I’ll be at junior standing at the time of applying, but here:
    ? GPA (can't find transcript, but I want to say around a 2.5)
    ACT 21 / SAT 1010
    Handful of honors classes, no APs (didn’t know what that was)
    Involved in a couple of clubs dealing with the lgbt+ community, volunteering, and photography during freshman year. Some volunteer work.
    Online schooling about two and a half years out of the four.

    My high school stats are horrible because I was going through a rough patch sophomore-junior year due to a family member passing away. I never planned on going to college until the last few months of senior year, hence my poor scores.
    I plan on volunteering more, being more active in clubs, getting more involved on campus, and working on hobbies such as programming/gardening/film
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  • nerdalert01nerdalert01 4 replies1 threads New Member
    A lot of factors are considered so it’s really hard to chance you. I will say your high school stats will have a lot less bearing on whether you get in this time around. You need to make sure you write an amazing essay and hope for the best!
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  • AnonymousUser10AnonymousUser10 2 replies4 threads New Member
    My chances?

    HS: 1380 SAT, 4.0 weighted GPA

    current school: instate community college
    GPA: 3.96
    Applying to: both Ross and Econ at LSA (obv preference being Ross)
    CC Credits: 46, 59 by the end of the semester (planning to take 16 credit hours but one of my ross prereqs doesn't transfer properly so I have to take it at another CC)
    ECs (spanning HS and college): volunteer at a homeless shelter, volunteer at an elementary school, 2 "normal" jobs, started a successful Youtube channel as a third (don't know if that's actually considered by admissions officers lol) 3 years of debate, one year of coaching.
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  • annArborHopefulannArborHopeful 5 replies0 threads New Member
    Hey everyone!

    It's been pretty quiet here, so I thought I'd jump in; can anybody chance me, please? This is my first time posting on CC, so I apologize in advance if I make any mistakes!

    1st year student at a UC (OOS)
    Biracial male (South Asian and White)
    Applying to LSA; hoping to declare CS, data science, or cognitive science (maybe School of Information, if I'm admitted?)
    Submitted app on 12/19/2019

    HS GPA: 4.0 UW / 4.6 W
    SAT: 1540 (800 M, 740 R)
    ACT: 35 (34 M, 35 R, 36 E, 34 S)
    SAT Math II: 800 (my other subject tests aren't worth reporting haha)

    College GPA: 4.0 (all A+ in 5 classes)
    AP Credit: 34 (based on LSA's AP policy)
    By the end of the year, I should have ~40 semester units (60 quarter units) completed, though I'm only expecting about 30 semester units to transfer.

    HS ECs/Honors:
    - 1st and 2nd place team at two different universities' programming contests
    - 3rd place team at my high school's hackathon
    - 2 paid software engineering internships at a tech startup (mostly a lot of frontend development)
    - Lots of school orchestra stuff (principal 2nd violinist, asst. concertmaster, guest conductor, award from orchestra director)
    - Asst. concertmaster of school musical's pit orchestra
    - Performed at my graduating class's commencement
    - Competitive ballroom dancer
    - "Student of the Month" for city's piano teachers association
    - Top 5% of senior class
    - The usual suspects: NHS volunteering, National AP Scholar, National Merit Finalist, 2 gold medals on National Spanish Exam

    College ECs/Honors:
    - Asst. Concertmaster of university's orchestra
    - Music volunteering (I perform in a chamber group at nursing homes, hospice care homes, orphanages, etc)
    - Provost Honors (>3.5 GPA for Fall quarter)
    - Applying all over the place for internships, but not expecting anything :tongue:

    LORs from previous boss from internships and previous violin teacher, who was briefly at Michigan for a PhD. Michigan probably also has my two HS teacher recs from last year on file.

    Essays: my activity essay is probably my favorite college essay I've ever written; my community essay was kinda quirky (hopefully in a good way), and I feel my "Why LSA?" is strong, but my reasons for transferring essay kinda got strangled by the word limit.

    If it helps, my step-brother just applied EA to Michigan LSA as a HS senior and was deferred. If I get in, I'm definitely going, but if he does as well, he'll probably be very inclined to attend with me.

    I applied to Michigan RD during my senior year and was waitlisted. I was heartbroken - the more I think about it, the more I realize how awesome of a fit Michigan is (fantastic classical music scene on campus and in AA, very strong CS and School of Information offerings, much closer to home than Cali, etc). Every day I kick myself for not applying early, but my parents deluded me into applying ED elsewhere lol.

    I'm a bit worried about not having enough college credit, and I've heard Michigan prefers junior transfers to sophomores. Does anyone know if transferable AP credit counts towards the credit evaluation?

    Thanks in advance!
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  • annArborHopefulannArborHopeful 5 replies0 threads New Member

    I don't know much about Ross admissions, but you look like a really strong candidate for LSA! College GPA is compelling. With your HS stats and credit amount, Michigan shouldn't be bothered about junior status. I think they'll see your "normal" jobs as a sign of maturity and work ethic.
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  • ogdae99ogdae99 7 replies0 threads New Member
    Does anyone know when we will hear back. I applied on November 2nd and my application was complete on November 8th, 2019.
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  • annArborHopefulannArborHopeful 5 replies0 threads New Member

    In last year's Fall transfer thread, the earliest reported acceptance was 1/22, I think. I'm pretty sure your acceptance date will depend completely on how quickly your AO works on their applications, though since you applied so early, you may be hearing back pretty soon!

    Also, how did you check when your application was marked as complete? I can see that my application is complete in Enrollment Connect, but it doesn't give me a date...
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  • ogdae99ogdae99 7 replies0 threads New Member
    edited January 17
    @annArborHopeful It doesn’t give you a date that it was completed. I talked to someone on u of m live chat and they told me the last thing that was needed which was my Transcripts was received on the 8th. I assume it was completed around that time however I might be wrong.
    edited January 17
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  • cstransfer123412cstransfer123412 5 replies0 threads New Member
    edited January 18
    Hello everyone!

    I was accepted the other day (1/16) to LSA!

    For reference for everyone, my application was complete (All documents received) on January 2nd.

    Here are some of my stats/information:

    HS GPA: 2.96/4.0
    SAT: Taken once in 2015, 1380/2400
    2 Gap years taken after high school, I worked during this time.

    I am coming from an OOS Community College majoring in Computer Science.
    GPA: 4.0/4.0, 57 credits completed (Calculus 2, Physics, DS&A, English... etc) with 14 in progress for the spring semester (Calculus 3, Physics 2, and some more maths).

    White male, first-generation college student, family income <$45k, EFC around 9000 (Praying for a good fin aid package haha.)

    ECs: Not much, member of PTK, some volunteering, and that's about it.

    At this point, I am waiting for my financial aid award before I get excited about this decision, I know how it can be for out of state students.

    I am surprised at how early the decision came through though!

    If anyone has any questions let me know!

    (@skieurope my post keeps saying it is getting flagged for moderation and won't post, if you can help.)
    edited January 18
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  • nerdalert01nerdalert01 4 replies1 threads New Member
    How long ago did you submit your application and how do you feel you did on the essays
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  • cstransfer123412cstransfer123412 5 replies0 threads New Member
    @nerdalert01 I submitted my application through the common app on 12/16, and all my materials (last being HS transcript) arrived 1/2.

    I spent a lot of time on my essays, I would say they were probably about a 7.5/10. I thought they were pretty good.
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  • ogdae99ogdae99 7 replies0 threads New Member
    @cstransfer123412 who is your counselor. I submitted and completed my application in November.
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  • cstransfer123412cstransfer123412 5 replies0 threads New Member
    @ogdae99 I believe I have Megan Taylor.
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  • annArborHopefulannArborHopeful 5 replies0 threads New Member

    Congrats! I know OOS financial aid can be a real crapshoot with umich, so I hope they come through for you!
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  • cstransfer123412cstransfer123412 5 replies0 threads New Member
    @annArborHopeful Thanks! I'm trying not to get my hopes up because I don't want to be disappointed if I cannot attend due to finances.

    Still waiting on a lot of other decisions as well, most coming in early May I believe, which seems like forever from now.

    Good luck with your decision!
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  • momo03momo03 14 replies2 threads New Member
    Did anyone get their scores?
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  • AsukaLangleyAsukaLangley 4 replies0 threads New Member
    Hi everyone,

    I’m currently an international student at UC Davis.

    Major: Biochemical Engineering
    Credit: 82 quarter credits completed, 30 in progress
    GPA: 4.0/4.0, dean’s list every quarter
    Transfer Prerequisite: fulfilled

    TOEFL: sucks (I only got 97...I will retake the test on Feb 15, but I’m not sure whether they review my application after they receive the updated score)
    SAT: 1440, took in 2017

    Activities: part-time graphic designer/animator on campus
    founder and president of the digital art club
    a lot of other activities that are not very competitive
    Essay: I guess it’s ok

    I have a question about the application. For the question “Did you obtain or are you planning to obtain a degree from this college or university?”, am I supposed to answer “no” since I’m planning to transfer?

    Thank you!
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  • brookeeeeharrisonbrookeeeeharrison 3 replies0 threads New Member
    hi guys,

    i had a question regarding transcripts. how long does u of m accept transcripts pass the feb one deadline? i submitted my transcripts to common app before the deadline but they're still being processed. i talked to an admissions person today and they said i should be okay but it wasn't guaranteed technically they would see my application due to availability. anyone have any knowledge on this? they also told me they keep the window for transfer students open a little longer but does anyone have an approximate timeline?
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