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Please chance me for University of Michigan Early Action (pt 2)

Hey guys I made a thread for this in July, but a few things have changed.....

Out of state, Asian Female, and applying for Ross

GPA(UW): 3.86/4, weighted is 4.71/5
Rank: 48/500
SAT: my final score was a 1560
SAT II: 780(Math 2), 750(Bio M)
AP Scores: US Gov(3), Comp Sci Principles(4), Biology(4), English Lang(4), Calc AB(5)

I have 9
the first 6 are most important to me
I have my own nonprofit campaign abt an environmental issue
A nonprofit that works to help underprivileged schools
writer for online newspaper
co vice pres for a coding club
position in an honor society
an internship for a business (i started interning this year but it's rly important to me and my first business internship)
the rest are just a sport, honor societies i did do a lot of volunteering in, and a business club

Thanks for your help! I'm super nervous :)

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  • ROSSX2ROSSX2 5 replies0 threads New Member
    You are competitive with typical EC. Focus on leadership. The only dark spot is GPA. What is your Michigan GPA where generally As = 4, Bs = 3 etc....
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