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CHANCE ME: LSA, 2025 EA, Freshman, 3.81UW, 34/1490, In state

ayoung5555ayoung5555 2 replies1 threads New Member
UW GPA: 3.81
SAT: 1490 (only took once)
ACT: 34 (also only took once)
SAT Math: 770
SAT R/W: 720
ACT Math: 32
ACT Reading: 34
ACT Writing (not essay): 35
ACT Science: 36

AP Tests:
Current year test predictions:
AP Computer Science A: 4
AP US Government and Politics: 5

Honors/AP Course enrollement:
Grade 9: Honors English, Honors Geometry
Grade 10: Honors Algebra 2, APUSH
Grade 11: Honors Chemistry, Honors Physics, Honors Precalc, AP Gov, AP CSA
(Planned) Grade 12: AP Lit, AP CSP, AP Calc BC, AP Macroecon, AP Microecon, Potential AP Chem/AP Physics

Region: Top ten public school in-state

Extracurricular Activities:
-DECA State Medalist
-4 Years Varsity Sport (Potential captain senior year)
-NHS Member
-Science NHS Member
-70 and climbing volunteer hours
-Summer Lifeguarding Job

Other Awards/Recognitions:
-Snapchat Official Lens Creator (One of under 150 Augmented Reality Artists/Developers in the world contacted by Snapchat to represent the best of AR. Includes being invited to annual events/conferences at their headquarters in LA, as well as direct lines of communication to employees, I have roughly 300 million views on Snapchat lenses/filters I have created)

College Applying to: LSA

Family Connections:
1 Immediate family member went to Ross for Grad school

Intended Major: Undecided, but potentially CS

Quality of Recommendations: N/A (I am a junior but I'd guess about an 8)

Quality of Essays: N/A (I'm hoping they're 9 quality but I haven't written them yet so...)

Other Notes: The main detriment to my GPA is my honors math courses. 1 semester C, 3 semesters B's (prior to senior year ofc)

Thank you to anyone who replies!! Lmk if you have any questions!
2 replies
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Replies to: CHANCE ME: LSA, 2025 EA, Freshman, 3.81UW, 34/1490, In state

  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 5432 replies24 threads Senior Member
    So it seems you are very aligned with Michigan. I would send in your 34 ACT. Your 1490 while great is on the lower end of the 34's . 1520 is the upper end on the conversion concordance for 34. The LSA avg is 3.9 with 32-35 ACT and engineering is 3.9 with 34 ACT avg so you are squarely there.

    What makes you interesting to me is the AR that you are doing. Did you know about the Michigan Initiative? https://news.umich.edu/u-m-provost-announces-xr-initiative-to-spur-faculty-student-and-industry-collaboration-innovation/

    My son and a friend started the first AR Student group when he was a freshman. He is a junior in Engineering now. It is one of the most active groups at Michigan with weekly meetings and projects. https://www.altrealityinitiative.com/. If you pursue the site you will see the first midwest AR conference he put on last year. This was his vision as a freshman. They are working on this years conference as we speak.

    If you want more information just PM me. They could use someone like you on their board. They also have one of the largest VR/XR/AR labs in the United States.

    But first.....gotta get accepted. You are welcomed to come to the conference also. There will be information on the site I gave you to sign up etc .
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  • ayoung5555ayoung5555 2 replies1 threads New Member
    edited January 19
    Wow! Thank you so much for the info! Awesome to lean about the initiative and congrats to your son, that seems really cool. About to PM you!

    Edit: I don't have enough replies/threads to PM people yet due to this being a fairly new account, but thanks again for telling me about that- I had no clue.
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