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advice for people making "chance me" threads

flutespellflutespell 15 replies8 threads Junior Member
yeah i made chance me threads when i was in high school too and i get that it's nice to flex but admissions officers will know if youre lacking a personality. get off college confidential and get a hobby. crochet is pretty fun. so is painting. it will be ok
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Replies to: advice for people making "chance me" threads

  • saltypretzelsaltypretzel 137 replies8 threads Junior Member
    or you can just let people be...it doesn't affect you and a lot of parents/students like helping each other and telling applicants where they can improve. if u don't like it then don't look at it.
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  • rickle1rickle1 2420 replies21 threads Senior Member
    On a forum like CC, "chance me" threads are inevitable. Easy to ignore if they bother you. However, to the posters of the threads, please understand no one on CC can really "chance you" as we don't know much about you other than grades/ test scores and your list of ECs. College admissions at selective schools are about more than that.

    Having a great application, with well written essays is important. LORs are important.

    And even then, the top schools will decline the vast majority of what appear to be stellar candidates (85%-95%).

    No way for us to know.
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  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 6137 replies26 threads Senior Member
    Even though we are guessing I think it helps the students in applying to the college the correct way. I think there is a better and worse way to apply. So increasing your odds also increases your chances. Many don't know how to craft a proper essay. Talking and giving suggestions can help. Many will leave out significant Ecs because they think what they put down is better and so on. Also many don't have any safeties and match colleges since they think all their applications are safeties when in reality they are all reaches. I see these common mistakes and more on many of these threads.
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