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Are there ways to cut tuition at UMich?

momsearchengmomsearcheng 143 replies15 threads Junior Member
This is question to people who have a lot of experience with UMich. We are full pay OOS family. My DC was accepted for BME program from waitlist with no any merit aid, we are trying to find out are there any ways to reduce OOS tuition. We have no family experience with UMich.
We have a lot of experience with GaTech and there area many ways to cut tuition there:
1. Study abroad programs taught to GaTech teachers that part of your major. Cost the same as in state tuition + airline tickets.
2. Plenty of coop programs. Some coop work can be paid and used for credits too.
3. Some ways through research.
This is for undergraduate program.
Are there ways similar to above at UMich? Any ideas. This is for undergraduate program.
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Replies to: Are there ways to cut tuition at UMich?

  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 7256 replies34 threads Senior Member
    First off many will tell you Michigan is less then sticker price.. First off look at the estimated price. Will you use that much in travel and personal expenses? So that is one area to cut. Books etc can be found in pdf form online and many professors give you links. So don't buy books till you get a book list from the professor. Also buy used. It's amazing the price difference and many places online to get books in great condition. We buy the university insurance since we feel it's cheaper and a better policy then what we can get with a very low deductible. My son used it once.

    Dorms are dorm costs not second year many places to live off campus and pay less especially if he finds people to live with. There is an off campus housing department online to find apartments and also find a roommate. Pro hint... Michigan has the largest co-op living housing in the country. You share a house so depending on which house (there are many), you get a single or share a double. All utilities included and all your dinners are included. You have to help in the chores. Each house has their own personality. The one on North campus is the largest and has a personal chef.

    If you don't qualify for work study you can find your own job on campus. My son found one in 10 minutes of searching. He switched jobs also. The first one paid $10. 40 /hour and his current one pays $16./hour. These are high for campus job's but he found them. Both he worked for University of Michigan.

    Depending on his major there are definitely co-ops but you should reach out to the department. My son's in engineering and told me internships are more common but don't count on this if you really need the funds. Look what happened now. My son had an internship get rescinded. Call /, email engineering to get the answer for his field.

    Not sure I understand the study abroad question but Michigan one of the largest study abroad programs in the country. You can work abroad also like for internships. My son did an internship in Israel at a tech company right after his Study aboard to France for an engineering study abroad program in the summer.This was for credit also.

    Food costs. We made the mistake of getting the largest package for dorm food. I forget if you have a choice freshman year? I have kids at 2 different schools and they never used it all. So once we were able to we reduced that down quickly. Even if their off campus housing and their willing to cook that is a very large savings right there. If not then I would get the cheapest plan and add your own food to supplement. The all you can devour is fun for awhile then that wears off. Also campus blue bucks.. We just found out using a credit card was easier and for my kids once it was their own money they didn't spend as much.. Lol.

    Michigan doesn't give OOS merit. That would be very rare.

    Be prepared since BME kids usually do a 5th year to get a job. So their doing their BS/MS 5th year. Also very competitive to get.

    If he was accepted to Georgia Tech and if that's where you live financially you will be better off.
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  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 7256 replies34 threads Senior Member
    edited April 27
    This was the study abroad international my son did. But there are ones within the United States. You can also do non engineering study abroad also. My son wanted to get some credits out of the way for 1 of his 2 minors and this was a great way to do it. BTW. They had a blast. They were in France. On the weekends they went to Belgium and Amsterdam just a group of students. They toured through France. Some planned activities with dinners and some not. Overall great experience. There are blogs on each trip. Highly recommend!
    edited April 27
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  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 7256 replies34 threads Senior Member
  • momsearchengmomsearcheng 143 replies15 threads Junior Member
    Thanks @Knowsstuff .
    I would explain where I am coming from.
    My child is on waitlist at GaTech and we are not from Georgia now. (But all close and extended family and many friends originally from Georgia with 90% GaTech graduates. That is why we know all ins and outs there. )
    GaTech allows to pay instate tuition for study abroad programs for OOS students. Also some majors have special study abroad with GaTech teachers (All students pay in state GaTech tution+cost of living+tickets). As a result, it is GaTech class but taught abroad (not like you study in school A, pay that school tuition and you need to transfer credits back.) You can do two semesters that way, effectively paying in state tuition.
    I was trying to see is there is something like that at UMichigan.
    Same with research. You can do certain research and get both school credits and money. Furthermore, GaTech even allow to take credits during summer in your home state even at CC and transfer them (I think for first couple years only.)
    By doing all of the above OOS students can save thousands (not hundreds.)
    I understand all about books and dorms. That is pretty much in any school there are ways to cut a bit here and there. But those are not as significant amounts as tuition.
    I am more interested to find ways to cut tuition first to see would be BS from UMich financial feasible for us. Otherwise plan to commit to safety school by May 1st and turn down UMich acceptance.
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  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 7256 replies34 threads Senior Member
    Call /email them to clarify. There are many different types of study abroad. My sons 2 classes in France was like less then $5,000 included in the trip. It was pretty cheap. Yes Michigan allows community College credit. We paid locally like $1,000 for 2 class's over the summer vs the $11,000 with room /board that Michigan would of charged. But I would note, Especially for engineering they are extremely picky on what is being taught to the point of if they don't have the school in their database they want to see the exact curriculum etc. Look up http://apps.engin.umich.edu/equivalencies/

    There is also one for engineering.

    The engineering academic advisors might be better to speak about all the factors your looking for.
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  • bkatguybkatguy 79 replies2 threads Junior Member
    My Aunt lives near Detroit. Right now I am out of state, but I was thinking about moving in with her for the duration of my 4 years at Michigan. Avoid air travel and all. Does anyone know if I could be reconsidered as in state for tuition purposes? Maybe after Freshman year? My parents will remain out of state, which I think kills the possibility. Anyone know for sure?
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  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 7256 replies34 threads Senior Member
    NOPE!! Trust me. If it was that easy everyone would be doing it. BUT talk to Michigan and look up on their website the rules. Also depending on where your Aunt lives being in Detroit is not close to Ann Arbor, depending. Especially with morning traffic. She could be 45 minutes away without traffic and with it could be hours. FYI
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  • bkatguybkatguy 79 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Thanks. I would still live on campus. Just wouldn’t commute home much, so I figured I might be able to establish residency. I’ll speak with Mich when I figure out my plan.
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  • panda2002panda2002 125 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @bkatguy. Maybe this post from UofM has some helpful information for you.
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