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U of Michigan Liberal Arts

homerdoghomerdog 8509 replies119 threads Senior Member
Tired of Covid talk. Back to D21's college search. Anyone out there know much about what it's like to be in the College of LSA at Michigan? Are most classes in one particular section of campus and how big is that part of campus? Are LSA freshmen students housed near where most of their classes are? I know the campus is really big but what is on central campus? North campus?

I'm trying to understand the daily life of the LSA student. Can they walk everywhere they need to be or are there buses involved? What about other things like cafeterias and gyms? Can an LSA student get to all of those without treking too far? Are engineering classrooms and undergrad business classrooms on a different part of campus?

On the academic side, can one take any business classes if they are in LSA? Double major in something in the business school like communications and then political science in LSA? Or maybe just dip in for a few business classes if one is in LSA?
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  • bclintonkbclintonk 7729 replies31 threads Senior Member
    All LSA classes are on Central Campus, easily walkable. Buses would be involved only if the student is assigned to a residence hall on North Campus, which a fair number of freshmen are. The bus is only about 10 minutes and once you're on Central Campus there's no particular reason to return to North Campus between classes. Engineering is on North Campus, but the math and science prerequisites for engineering are on Central Campus, so engine students take buses a lot more. Business classes are on Central Campus, but off to one corner.

    Admission to the Business School has become very competitive in recent years---it's among the toughest in the nation to get into. My understanding is that LSA students can take Business classes without being admitted to the Business School, but a double major would require admission to the Business School. Generally students apply after their first year. Admission from LSA is far from automatic but if you've got superior credentials and a strong first-year record in LSA you have a reasonably good chance of being admitted.
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  • sushirittosushiritto 5485 replies21 threads Senior Member
  • brantlybrantly 4328 replies78 threads Senior Member
    Students are not housed based on their school. She can be housed on north campus, in which case she'd take a bus to central campus every day. Or she can be housed on the hill or on central campus, in which case she'd walk to class. Dining halls and gyms have no relationship to what your major is or what school you're in. There are dining halls all over the place.

    To double major in business, she have to apply to LSA and the Ross School of Business. It would be more than a double major -- it would be a double degree. Some business classes are open to non-majors some are not.
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