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Chance Me for Transferring

unknownuserrrunknownuserrr 5 replies4 threads New Member
Hey everyone! I plan on applying for Spring of 2021 and was just wondering if you can chance me.
Out of state / Community college
Hs stats:
Class of 2018
2.7gpa (I know its low but I had a family issues then which I'll cover as part of my essay)
990 SAT

College stats:
3.5 GPA right now but should be 3.55 - 3.63 depending how Fall goes.
Math major
I have 5 Ws from a family member getting sick but I'll be sure to cover that in my essay, I also had really weak grades my first sem which is the reason my GPA isn't super high but over the past 3 semesters I've been killing it in school. Aced all my classes and am finishing up this year with 60 credits and I'll finish my degree.
I've shown so much improvement in my grades and I hope they really consider that.
I'll have a strong essay and recs.
ECs - Math club for 1 sem / 10 months manager retail

I know my high school stats are not the highest but I read on their website they look for improvement which I have quite shown and I'll have a lot of college credit hopefully to compensate.

Going to apply for LSA, thanks for reading!
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Replies to: Chance Me for Transferring

  • unknownuserrrunknownuserrr 5 replies4 threads New Member
    Aced all my classes this year* and plan to continue :)
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  • panda2002panda2002 125 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I believe Michigan's average SAT score is around 1460. So keep that in mind as you are considering your chances.
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  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 7618 replies36 threads Senior Member

    Once you hit something like 54 credits they usually don't take your high school record into play. Almost sure same with tests scores.

    They have transfer Tuesdays
    It should be in the link above. Get your transcripts, classes etc and have a meeting with an LSA counselor. They will tell you which classes actually transfer or not. Look up classes equivalency on the website. Michigan is very tough on science and math classes. Don't be surprised if you have to take some over. They want you taking "their" math. BTW - their math is very tough. Even the easier stuff.....

    Regardless what happens keep in mind Michigan is a long shot for many. Also the costs. But be proud that you made a nice turnaround in your grades. Keep that going.
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  • unknownuserrrunknownuserrr 5 replies4 threads New Member
    Thanks so much for the reply @Knowsstuff ! I checked the transfer portal and almost all my math classes will transfer it says thankfully but I'll make sure to just keep working hard :) I know Michigan will be challenging but Math has become so interesting to me I wouldn't mind the extra rigor even if it means studying 6 hours a day which I'm practically already doing to get ahead lol
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  • coolguy40coolguy40 2947 replies8 threads Senior Member
    You mention being out of state. Do you have a way to pay for the tuition? Also, far more important than school name is your major. What do you plan to major in, and what job skills to you wish to gain in college? A mountain of debt at a brand name college with a liberal arts degree won't get you very far.
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