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How worth it is the Michigan Ross Business Minor?

joey3432joey3432 2 replies3 threads New Member
I’m a rising sophomore in the U-M College of Engineering re-evaluating what I want to do with my life. I’ve recently learned about the world of strategic consulting, and it sounds very interesting, but not enough to where I would ditch engineering for a BBA. I’m now wondering how worth it the Ross minor will be to help me get into consulting, if it raises my semester average of credits from around 14-15 to 17. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as our business school likes to be very exclusive so I can’t get any help from them.
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Replies to: How worth it is the Michigan Ross Business Minor?

  • brantlybrantly 4328 replies78 threads Senior Member
    Consulting companies love engineers. You don't need a business degree. Take a couple of Ross courses that interest you. The minor might be helpful, as it signals an interest. But it's definitely not necessary. Try to get a summer internship next summer with a consulting firm. That would be more helpful to a future job offer than a Ross minor.
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  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 7647 replies36 threads Senior Member
    This ^^^. Industrial engineering is like business engineering. The minor is fine if you can get it.

    Look into the Badger Leadership institute on campus. Look into the entrepreneurship minor on campus and Optimize on campus to name a few. Just had a discussion with a neighbor about hiring engineers at big business and they do it all the time. Read somewhere that like half the Ceos on the fortune 500 are engineers or something like that.
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  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 7647 replies36 threads Senior Member
    Also think the consulting fairs are in the fall with engineering being later.
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  • GoBlue81GoBlue81 3912 replies58 threads Senior Member
    You may also look into the Engineering Global Leadership Honors program, a 5-year BSE/MSE in your engineering discipline, with 50:50 courses in Engineering and Ross in your last year --
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