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What do Ross students think of the program?

abric1abric1 97 replies21 threads- Junior Member
My D has been hearing a lot of negative things from students in Ross (directly and indirectly). If there are any Ross students on this board, can you please provide some information about your experience with the program, your fellow students and whatever else you deem important. My D has spent the year convinced she would apply to Ross, but now is wondering about the decision. She knows it has a great reputation and would be significant boost for her in finding post-grad employment. Thanks.
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Replies to: What do Ross students think of the program?

  • AlexandreAlexandre 24277 replies434 threads Senior Member
    I am not sure I understand the source of their misgivings. Maybe it is because the new Ross Building is not yet completed. When it is, Ross is going to ROCK! Ross professors are also known for being tough graders.
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  • jnpnjnpn 776 replies11 threads Member
    I'm a sophomore at Ross and I took a few courses there last year. The most common complaints are heavy workload and tough grading. It isn't impossible to get A's, but you have to work for them. All of the professors are excellent and I've liked every class so far. Ross is great and the only reason she should reconsider is if she isn't sure she wants to study business. If you have some more specific questions, feel free to PM me.
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  • CvjnCvjn 1293 replies62 threads Senior Member
    not a Ross student but got friends who are

    they generally say that the grading's harder than the classes. not that the classes are easy either. they do enjoy it though.
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