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just failed my first college class

PredatorPredator Registered User Posts: 1,318 Senior Member
Failed organic chemistry (chem210) this first semester. I'm ****ED!!!! How bad does this look on transcript? my other grades were B+, A-, and A.. and my GPA is now a 2.53. Which means I am super ****ing screwed because my huge out-of-state engineering scholarship maintains that I require a 3.0. **** **** ****. I know I can pull it up next semester but I'm thinking of applying to med schools and this just looks BAD.
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Replies to: just failed my first college class

  • PredatorPredator Registered User Posts: 1,318 Senior Member
    My schedule is already full for next semester.. so I cannot retake it right now. I'll either have to do it over the summer or first semester sophmore year. Anyone know how the policy works for retaking failed classes?
  • KastsmKastsm Registered User Posts: 119 Junior Member
    Well, that sucks. I don't think your scholarship will be taken away immediately though - they'll make you meet with them and probably put you on probation or something for next semester. It's not an absolute requirement that you get a 3.0 or lose your scholarship. That said, maintaining a 3.0 is not at all difficult, so you'd only have yourself to blame. It's not like you couldn't see this coming - failing a class is generally pretty hard to do.
  • nocousinnocousin - Posts: 841 Member
    Two problems in one:

    1. The Michigan Scholarship Committee.

    2. Your transcript and Med School.

    The first one you can fix next semester by buckling down, learning to foresee problems ahead of time and if you are certain to risk failure, drop the darned class before you get burned again.

    The second one could in theory be fixed anywhere by taking the class over the summer at another school, even a community college. But of course that might interfere with Michigan's Committee, their school policy about allowing other courses from other institutions to appear on your transcript etc. My suggestion is take it ALONE next summer, or drop a class next semester and retake it then.

    Chemistry in College is notorious as being wicked hard and its a shock even for kids who got A's in Honors Chem or AP Chem in high school. I have heard this over and over and many, many colleges. Don't freak. Just fix it and move on. Stuff happens. You learned a valuable lesson. Good luck.
  • rjkofnovirjkofnovi Registered User Posts: 10,037 Senior Member
    Now c'mon. Organic chemistry is a very tough class for many. That being said, you might not be med school material. Don't worry, most people aren't.
  • gellinogellino Registered User Posts: 3,017 Senior Member
    I would say that ends your chances at med school. The same thing happened to me where I had high grades in my three other classes and a much lower grade in Organic Chemistry. After that, I decided to face the music and ended my science career.
  • josh333josh333 User Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 119 Junior Member
    I hope you aren't advancing to Organic Chem II next semester... you should retake OC I instead if this is the case.
  • liekkioliekkio Registered User Posts: 6 New Member
    Ouch... I am very sorry...

    The original poster's concern is a failed class. The suggestions, if I understand them correctly, are to retake the class either at UM or elsewhere to improve the GPA.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to cancel out a "C" in this class by retaking it with a better grade at UM or elsewhere? A "C" in organic chemistry probably does not look to good on an application to med school even if it is technically not a failed class.
  • PredatorPredator Registered User Posts: 1,318 Senior Member
    Haha wait gellino, are oyu kidding me? You ended your science career off of one class? I know I can bring up my GPA a ton but still. This is just a huge crush.

    By the way, I am in engineering and if I recall, they said if your GPA drops, they give you a semester to bring it up. So yeah next semester's gonna be riding it all lol.
  • hoedownhoedown Registered User Posts: 3,751 Senior Member
    I don't have any advice; I just wanted to say I'm sorry. It's a sucky way to end the semester. I hope you're proud of the other grades you earned, though--you really should be.
  • swimcatsmomswimcatsmom Registered User Posts: 15,651 Senior Member
    Does anyone know if it is possible to cancel out a "C" in this class by retaking it with a better grade at UM or elsewhere? A "C" in organic chemistry probably does not look to good on an application to med school even if it is technically not a failed class.
    You would need to check with your school for their policy. At my daughter's school you can retake a certain number of Ds or or Fs and only the new grade will be computed into the GPA. But the original grade will appear on the transcript with the notation "retaken - not included in GPA". If you retake a C at her school both the C and the new grade are computed into the GPA. Not sure why - to discourage retaking Cs I guess.

    Medical schools (or AMCAS - the organisation you submit med school applications through) will recalculate the GPA and include all the grades acheived in the class whether the undergrad school does or not. So a D or an F will be included in the science GPA that medical schools see.

    Predator - I would suggest taking as easy classes (gen eds requirements for instance) as possible this upcoming semester in order to try and bring your GPA up to save your scholarship. The catch 22 with a lot of merit scholarships is that the GPA requirement is often not met in that freshman year. I have known several very smart kids lose scholarships because the adjustment to college level classes causes less than expected GPA. And being smart kids, who have often sailed through high school classes, they often load up with hard classes first semester. Talk to your adviser and see what he or she recommends. Good luck.
  • PredatorPredator Registered User Posts: 1,318 Senior Member
    Thanks for the advice swimcatsmom. I know some schools like MIT have a policy where if you fail a class first semester, it disappears off your transcript. But Michigan does not seem to have any kind of "academic forgiveness" policy such as that...
  • mambowmemambowme Registered User Posts: 19 New Member
    Predator I feel your pain. My daughter just took Orgo at Michigan and she said that it was a real bear. Granted she studied a great deal, once sending us a text message that she had passed the 12 hour mark in the library. She managed to do okay in the class, but she lived in the library. Her sorority sisters had forgotten what she looked like! One comment about taking summer classes. My DD took Physics last summer at our local state university. She got a great grade, but Michigan did not add it to her overall GPA. They gave her credit for the class and the lab, and later when she applies to med school, she will need to send the transcript from that school with her application and the med schools will see her grade. However, it has no impact on her Michigan GPA. This year she is staying for Spring term at UMich and taking PChem so it will be factored into the GPA. Also, check before you take a class at a community college. My DD had to have her Physics syllabis approved by Michigan before they would give her credit, so they might not give you credit for a CC class. You need to meet with your counselor and discuss all your options.
  • ReveDunSoirReveDunSoir Registered User Posts: 39 Junior Member
    Wow, is this class really as rough as I hear?
    Is it possible to do well in the class if you put enough time and effort into it (even if you are not a science/math genius)?
    As a nursing major, I have to take it too...
  • blackpen2008blackpen2008 Registered User Posts: 1,362 Senior Member
    that's sad to hear predator, but one thing an upperclassmen told me was to never give up on the med. route because of one class. You should ask your adviser about the policy to retake the course at another time. That said, all you need is a 3.5+ next semester to maintain your scholarship which is definitely feasible.
  • CCRunner123CCRunner123 Registered User Posts: 1,280 Senior Member
    Nurses don't take Organic. They do take an abbreviated form of Biochem though.
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