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What are my chances of admission?

SmurphSmurph 1 replies4 threads New Member
I am a sopomore in HS right now and my GPA is 3.77(not sure if it is weighted or not and it might drop a little before junior year), it will go up next year because I will work my a** off, and i am in the top 25% of my class. I have taken all honors academics but two classes(science frosh and spanish sopomore year) and will be taking all honors and 2 AP courses next year ansd as a senior. My PSAT scores were Math-67 Critical Reading-60 and writing-63, total-190(those were out of 80, apporximate SAT scores made by adding zeros) but those will go up as I learn more. I did track freshman year and JV football this past year, I think I will get varsity letters as a junior and senior and I am considering doing track again or baseball in the future. No clubs yet but I am going to join/start some and will do a lot of community service. So, what are my chances of getting in and how can I improve?
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Replies to: What are my chances of admission?

  • RechargeRecharge 548 replies36 threads Member
    Very low (unless you are in-state, then you are a match)
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  • Flipper519Flipper519 799 replies13 threads Member
    You will probably need to improve your SAT scores to 2100+ and be in the top 5% to be considered an OOS match.
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  • SmurphSmurph 1 replies4 threads New Member
    ya my SAT scores will get much better as I take more classes since I took them at the beginning of sophomore year , most of the problems I got wrong on PSAT were things that we had never learned before, my percentiles were pretty good though so hopefully I can get better
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  • futurestudent01futurestudent01 24 replies18 threads Junior Member
    You have a fair chance. Just make sure you volunteer and get a solid SAT score (2000 and above). It really is not that hard to get in, as others on this forum make it seem. My stats were worse than this and I got in. Good luck!
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  • aglagesaglages 2559 replies74 threads Senior Member
    Keep in mind that the in-state student stat bar is set much lower than the OOS bar.
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  • btothegbtotheg 194 replies36 threads Junior Member
    I was accepted to UMich OOS with a 3.85 UW, 3.92 W, 33 ACT, 4-5 Extra Curriculars, 100-125 Hours of Community Service, 2 Internships in High School, Great Essay, and Amazing Recs.

    I would never have gotten in if they calculated my freshman year GPA. Freshman year factored in, I would've had a 3.65, 3.75 GPA, which would definitely have screwed me over.

    Just do well on your ACT/SAT and you'll get in.
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  • QwertyKeyQwertyKey 4548 replies42 threads Senior Member
    The admissions criteria are going to be very different for OOS in the future than they have been in past. If you are OOS, and are a sophomore, there's no valuable chancing or number based advice anyone's going to give you.

    UMich puts good emphasis on GPA and course load and less on test scores, than most schools.
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  • 01234560123456 36 replies1 threads Junior Member
    If you apply in September you have a great chance of getting in. Kids with MUCH lower stats get in as long as they apply early. (OOS too)
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  • JSK100JSK100 15 replies8 threads New Member
    How come they didn't factor in your freshmen year? Does UM not do that? I'm a sophomore right now, and my freshmen year really sucked GPA wise.
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