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Chances CSE and CLA and scholarship potential

CyclonesGradCyclonesGrad Registered User Posts: 499 Member
Could someone give thoughts on chances for my twins a UMN?

ACT 30 (27M, 28Sc, 34 R, 33 E)
4.0UW, 5.4 W
Top 5% of Class (600+ in class)
All Honors Classes Throughout HS
AP Bio, AP Lang (4 AP test)
AP Senior Year - BC Calc, Psychology, Literature
4 years Tennis (2 Varsity)
I year Softball
1 year Basketball
4 years Interact (400 hours Community Service)
Chair for volunteers for Challengers Baseball Fundraiser (Baseball for mentally/physically impaired children)

ACT 32
4.0UW, 5.4W
Top 5% of Class
All Honors Classes through HS
AP Bio, AP Lang (4 AP test)
AP Senior Year - BC Calc, Chemistry, Literature
4 years Wrestling (2 Varsity) - Will be team Captain Senior year
Interact 2 years (159 Hours Community Service)
Sponsorship Chair for Challenger Baseball Fundraiser

Replies to: Chances CSE and CLA and scholarship potential

  • MamelotMamelot Registered User Posts: 2,116 Senior Member
    edited July 2015
    @CyclonesGrad here are the stats by college: http://admissions.tc.umn.edu/academics/profile.html

    Also, here are the stats for CSE and CLA specifically:


    Others can weigh in on whether your daughter's math and science ACT scores are high enough. CSE is the most competitive program and the admission rate is well below the overall 44% average. However, being a female should also help her.

    Your son should have no problem being accepted to CLA based on his stats. Probably honors college as well.
  • CyclonesGradCyclonesGrad Registered User Posts: 499 Member
    Mamelot - Thanks. That is what I thought. She is taking the ACT again in September to try and improve the math and science score. Big issue on first test was that many of the concepts (algebra and geometry) were taken a while back and she did not review it thoroughly.

    I offered my insight on the Science part but she is independent and wants to do it herself. I guess my engineering background doesn't matter much
  • MamelotMamelot Registered User Posts: 2,116 Senior Member
    edited July 2015
    LOL - BTDT. That spirit will serve her well in the future, by the way. She may do much better the second time around especially if she knows where to focus her prep. My D3 took the ACT in April and also scored a 30 with similar subscores to your D. She retook in June and scored a 34. Sometimes it's just a matter of zeroing in on what you know you were missing.
  • CyclonesGradCyclonesGrad Registered User Posts: 499 Member
    I am thinking maybe a 32 on the second round. Then should be a good chance for CSE.

    Son seems reluctant to take it again because he is happy with 32 but considering because he doesn't want sister to have a better score. He knows she will improve the math and science.
  • MomMe32MomMe32 Registered User Posts: 126 Junior Member
    I agree - tell your D to take ACT again and do the real practice tests leading in (one key is getting speed up and quick at pulling out what she needs for the reading science sections). Get that real ACT book w/ the old tests in them.

    I think she will need a higher ACT score to be competitive b/c UMN is so stat-driven for admissions, scholarships and honors admittance. She has the grades for it and I'm sure she has the brains for it. I think most kids can raise their ACT score just practicing a bit. My S has a couple friends who scored similar to your D and practiced and raised their scores to 34s and 35s (they were more in the 28-30 range 1st round). We are local so I know a lot of kids who applied to UMN and it seems like test scores can make a big difference in admittance, honors and scholarships. Based on your twins' course load and grades, I have no doubt they could raise their scores w/ a little practice (though S is good for CLA).

    When my son went to CSE orientation, they joked that the typical CSE honors transcript was A math, A phyiscs, A- English. CSE stats seem to be going up a little every year.

    Also your daughter can put CLA as 2nd choice when she applies since she could take some of the same early classes/gen eds for CSE major at CLA and try to xfer in. I'm not sure what the policy is for engineering majors - if that's what her plan is. Hopefully someone else can speak to that here.
  • CyclonesGradCyclonesGrad Registered User Posts: 499 Member
    We bought the books last November but they went unloved!

    I agree about practice. If only I could get both of them to do it. Daughter took ACT as Soph and get 27. Took as Junior and get 30. No studying either time. Maybe she will crack the book this time!

    Son took the test as Junior for first time and stated it was his practice. Did not study and got 32.

    We told them that since we are paying for the test they need to study this go round. Late July with test in mid-September and still have not studied yet.

    Any sage advice on how to motivate would be greatly appreciated!! :-S
  • MamelotMamelot Registered User Posts: 2,116 Senior Member
    @CyclonesGrad perhaps you could share the facts with your D and then let her decide CSE or CLA. She's in a good place for admission to CLA so she can join her brother there :0 The reality is that the university will place her in the college they think is best for her even if she doesn't specify it as a 2nd choice on the application. And M/S scores south of 30 or 31 will make CSE a "reach" for the majority of applicants.

    Or, if she is willing to experience a bit of "pain" in August and early September, she might be able to get those M/S scores up to a point where, based on the stats, she's a comfortable "Admit" to CSE. With an early application, she might have this college thing wrapped up by November. Not a bad position to be in as a Senior. There is a high option value here: no downside (it's early in the school year so won't compromise her study time much, ESPECIALLY if she gets on the ball now), and plenty of upside.

    Sounds like you are cursed with smart kids LOL. They will land on their feet regardless of whether they figure all this out now or later. Experience can be a good (and hard!) teacher - and sometimes the best teacher. She'll be happier if she takes responsibility for her decisions, regardless of the outcomes.

    One more thing: you can let them know that they will owe you a refund on the books if they are substantially unused (and you are the final arbiter on what "substantial" means). Sometimes money talks the loudest.
  • CyclonesGradCyclonesGrad Registered User Posts: 499 Member
    Good point about the refund. I will take your advice and let them sink or swim on their own. No more prodding from me! Thanks for the advice. ;)
  • CyclonesGradCyclonesGrad Registered User Posts: 499 Member
    @Mamelot - had a discussion with my daughter last night about needing to raise her math and science scores if she want to go into engineering anywhere. She is fully aware and is taking it seriously.

    BTW, I am very impressed with UMN ranking in engineering. Even better than my Alma Mater :(
  • MamelotMamelot Registered User Posts: 2,116 Senior Member
    @CyclonesGrad don't we all want our kids to have better opportunities than we did! I totally agree about UMN - it's one of the top 20 engineering schools in the country (not including the specialty schools like Harvey Mudd or Rose-Hulman) and right outside the top 10 public engineering schools. Very competitive. The better those M/S scores, the better the options and opportunities and the higher the scholarship $$$'s. :)

  • CyclonesGradCyclonesGrad Registered User Posts: 499 Member
    @Mamelot Right on about better opportunities. That is why I am coaching her on applying to Iowa State instead of Iowa for engineering. My wife is more influential than me, i.e. softer touch. Maybe she will make headway.

    I would rank UMN first and then ISU. D also wants to apply to UC - SD (Jacobs School) but will need BIG bucks in merit to go there. Probably will apply to U of Alabama because will get full tuition merit, however I am not so interested because no rep and I think could be difficult to land good position.
  • MamelotMamelot Registered User Posts: 2,116 Senior Member
    There's also Purdue (top 10), Ohio State (ranked near SD, I think) and Mizzou (ranked near Bama) - those three seem to come up a lot. I thought Mizzou was generous with scholarship money but not sure whether that's for engineering. Lots of choices. Good luck to her - I'll bet she'll do great!
  • CyclonesGradCyclonesGrad Registered User Posts: 499 Member
    @Mamelot - No interest in Purdue. Rather UMN over OSU. I agree on lots (too many?) choices. Just happy one of my four children want to go into engineering and will come out with a good career path. Twin brother wants pre-med. Oldest Son - Theatre, Oldest Daughter - Child Psychology (= more school).
  • khidhalakhidhala Registered User Posts: 319 Member
    @CyclonesGrad Alabama offers an addition $2.5K for engineering above tuition (if D gets her ACT up to 32)... but from what I've seen, they don't really have a Biomedical Engineering program. A good choice for mech or chem eng, but I'd question even applying if Biomed Eng is the goal.

    UCSD is an outstanding school for BioMedEng, but California is very parsimonious with merit aid. Their budgets need fullpay OOS and international students. Have you visited campus? My S found their "Six College" concept to be odd and off-putting, but we met plenty of students who loved it there.

    Good luck!
  • CyclonesGradCyclonesGrad Registered User Posts: 499 Member
    @khidhala - Actually at Alabama you get full ride and $2.5K if you are over a 30 ACT. See engineering scholarships. My daughter is considering because she really does not want to graduate with full Stafford loans of about $27K.

    I have told all of my children that we can only afford $15K/year and anything over that is their responsibility.

    My feeling is Alabama is trying to improve their reputation by getting really high level students in. The product a university puts out is a function of the material that you start with. Sounds crass but I believe it is true.

    Yes. She does want to do BioMed. That is why she is visiting UMTC. She will not even consider my Alma Mater at this point even though it would only be $19K/year (Tuition/Fees + Room/Board) with merit and legacy. :(
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