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Chance me for CSE!

inglebertinglebert 39 replies26 threads Junior Member
edited August 2015 in University of Minnesota
Hey College Confidential! I'd really appreciate it if you chanced me for UofM's CSE!

Unweighted GPA: 3.60 - I feel like this is too low. Unfortunately our 1st semester ends late January and by that time it would be waaaay too late to send it application. Does the UofM allow you to send in grades after your application and if so, when should i submit mine?
Weighted GPA: 4.1
Rank: I don't know... :(

Schedule for four years (I'd say pretty rigorous) (AP scores in parentheses):
9th - H. Geometry, H. English, H. Biology, French 3, Computer Operations/Health (semester each), Intro, to Engineering, Design
10th - H. Alg 2/Trig, H. English, H. Chem, H. French 4, Computer Science and Engineering, AP Euro (4)
11th - AP Stats (5), H. Precalc, AP Physics 1 (4) , AP Chem (4), AP English Lang (5), US History
12th (confirmed and will be taking) - AP English Lit, AP Comp Sci, AP Bio, AP Gov/AP Econ (semester each), AP Calc AB, Chemistry Technology

SAT Subject Tests - Chem (800), Math II (800), Bio (750)
SAT - single sitting 2130
ACT - single sitting 33 (will retake)
ACT Breakdown (Write/Math/Read/Sci/Essay) - 35, 30, 34, 34, 8

ECs -
1. Founder and President of school's HOSA - Future Health Professionals chapter (2 years) (first year 180 students enrolled)
2. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (2 years)
3. Paid Intern in Neuroscience wing of local hospital (3 months; helped nurses, shadowed surgeons in OR)
4. Secretary of school's Engineering Club (2 years); Fundraising Commissioner (1 year)
5. Founder of school's Pioneers of Engineering team, a robotics program sponsored by UC Berkeley (1 year)
6. US Soccer Certified Referee (100+ games) (4 years)
7. Volunteer class teacher for local elementary school's Math Olympiad Team (3 years; 140+ hours)
8. Self-employed, paid math and science tutor for elementary school kids (2 years; few kids have won math competitions at local levels)
9. JV Volleyball starting setter (1 year)
10. Computer Club Treasurer (1 year)

Majors: 1st choice is chemical engineering and 2nd is biomedical engineering

If it means anything I'm an OOS Indian guy and I will be applying through the Golden Gopher application. Our school is also somewhat competitive with a class size at about 500 kids.
edited August 2015
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Replies to: Chance me for CSE!

  • khidhalakhidhala 313 replies6 threads Member
    You should be a solid match for CSE. Not a lock, but you fit right into the mean student, and would fit in well with your peers. Minnesota looks at both weighted and unweighted, and yes- your UW is a bit low, but the rigor of your curriculum balances that well. Your major selection are two tough programs, and you will have tough competition, but I think you will likely get in.

    Good luck!
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  • CyclonesGradCyclonesGrad 472 replies27 threads Member
    Khidhala is right. Your ACT makes up for your lower unweighted GPA but your class rigor is very good. You should get in. Chem E is very competitive because it is so highly ranked.

    Good Luck!!!
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  • inglebertinglebert 39 replies26 threads Junior Member
    Thanks so much! Fingers crossed that I get accepted. :D
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