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Deferred - What are the odds I get in?

rijumwrijumw 0 replies1 threads New Member
In October I applied for the University of Minnesota twin Cities with CLA as my first choice and CFANS as my second choice, and I just found out earlier today that I was deferred. What are the odds that I am accepted? When will I find out? My ACT is 27 and GPA is 3.25 with 10+ AP classes and entire senior year PSEO as well as year round extra curriculars
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Replies to: Deferred - What are the odds I get in?

  • xxPREACHERxxxxPREACHERxx 5 replies5 threads New Member
    good chance
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  • ie2020ie2020 47 replies3 threads Junior Member
    @rijumw My son was deferred, too. Wisconsin. ACT 30, uw GPA of 3.86 with many AP classes. Lots of ECs and leadership stuff, etc. Applied to CLA. Keep us posted if/when you hear anything!
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  • PublisherPublisher 10254 replies129 threads Senior Member
    Depends upon UM-Twin Cities' yield of accepted applicants. Past stats may be somewhat unreliable as UM-TC switched away from a rolling admissions system just a couple of years ago.

    In short, it is unpredictable. Best advice = make sure that you have a back-up school.
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  • wadewoodsonwadewoodson 19 replies15 threads Junior Member
    I'm shocked your son got deferred. Those are very high stats for CLA. I just got in today after being deferred with 3.3 gpa and 25 ACT, in state student. I think your son has a great chance of getting in.
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  • ie2020ie2020 47 replies3 threads Junior Member
    My son was deferred on 1/13/20 and received his acceptance letter last night. Good lucky to everyone else still waiting!
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