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what is ole miss like?

wellwoopdeedoowellwoopdeedoo Registered User Posts: 6 New Member
edited November 2013 in University of Mississippi
I live in PA but im seriously considering going to University of Mississippi (ole miss). can anyone who attends there tell me:

-How is the Theatre program
-how are the English and Political science programs
-is it conservative (It NEEDS to be conservative for me)

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Replies to: what is ole miss like?

  • wmbrown4wmbrown4 Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    I am currently a sophomore at Ole Miss. I love the university and would not go any where else. However I do not think that the school is for everyone. It is EXTREMELY Conservative, but the Theatre Department is not very good at all. I have a friend in theatre and she is transferring to UCLA.
  • bxkxrxxxbxkxrxxx - Posts: 179 Junior Member
    I'm looking for a conservative school that's easy to get into for a friend. Friend has low h.s. gpa. This seems to be one of the few my friend has a good shot at, along with Southern Miss. Can someone compare the 2 schools? Dorm life, student body, etc?
  • sja1202sja1202 Registered User Posts: 149 Junior Member
    tell your friend to GO TO OLE MISS. actually, i'd suggest you really push for Ole Miss. Why would anyone choose Southern Miss over Ole Miss? Ole Miss is beautiful, and although it has a reputation as being a party school with white, rich, stuck-up wasted kids, it's not. Well, it is a party school, but that's just part of Southern culture. We're very social here in the South. And the rich, stuck-up, racist stereotype is just that: a stereotype. Ole Miss is a really great school. It was one of my top 3 choices. I'm going to the University of Florida (I know, Ole Miss and UF hate one another) b/c I'm a FL resident, and it's cheap, but there's a part of me that still really loves Ole Miss. Hopefully, one day when I have children, one of them will go there.
  • lazydoglazydog Registered User Posts: 328 Member
    I would deffinitely choose Southern Miss over Ole Miss. I have immediate family members who went/go to both.

    1. The steriotype of the Ole Miss student body being rich, white, stuck-up brats is mostly true. My sister is a freshman there and I can already see changes in her. Southern seems to be a much more accepting place with a much more laid back feel.

    2. Oxford sucks. It's a nice, quaint little southern town when you visit, but after spending a little time there you realize that it is mostly a front and is a very fake place. There is really nothing to do off-campus. Hattiesburg is a much bigger city and has a vibrant music and arts scene(by Mississippi standards.)

    3. As far as the conservative thing goes, Ole Miss is definitely more conservative. North Mississippi is considerably more conservative than South Mississippi, but both are much more conservative than Pennsylvania.

    4. OP, Southern's theater, and all of it's fine arts programs, are top notch.
  • rebelintexasrebelintexas Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    This is a pathetic post by a MSU bulldog who has nothing better to do than go on a msg board about OLE MISS and trash us. Please ignore MSU fans because they are a bitter, jealous lot.

    Visit OLE MISS and I think you will love it. Most people certainly do. And anybody who hates Oxford definitely has issues because it is a wonderful place. But I also suggest visiting USM and then decide. OLE MISS is not afraid of being compared to the competition.
  • rebelintexasrebelintexas Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    Don't know about the Theatre program, but I believe the English program English Department @ The University of Mississippi is very good and the MFA (Masters of Fine Arts in English is Tier 1) MFA program in English at Ole Miss .

    The Political Science department is also very good. The University of Mississippi Department of Political Science

    Ole Miss is generally very conservative, but there are some liberals. Just visit and explore your areas of interest as well as the campus and this city. It is a safe, welcoming place that most graduates hate to leave.
  • RichVaMomRichVaMom Registered User Posts: 78 Junior Member
    Please someone tell me why I should choose Ole Miss over Univ of SC-Columbia? I want to hear from you!
  • mantori.suzukimantori.suzuki Registered User Posts: 3,347 Senior Member
    My son says the theater productions are not all that good, which perhaps suggests that the theater program is not all that good. Too bad, since the main theater on campus is brand-new and gorgeous.

    Ole Miss is definitely conservative. Not intolerant, just old-school, preppy, and not a place where "artsy types," gays, geeks, etc., will find as many friends and be as comfortable as they would at many other schools. My son falls into one of those categories and says he's often bored. Too bad, since it really is a beautiful place full of tradition.
  • mom2themmom2them Registered User Posts: 347 Member
    My D wants to major in English secondary education and minor in Theatre. We plan to visit Ole Miss during the upcoming Easter break. I will post our experiences after our visit, but in the meantime, I would love to hear from others....
  • kherb43kherb43 Registered User Posts: 36 Junior Member
    I am from Oxford and have 3 college children. My oldest attended Ole Miss her freshman year and absolutely hated it. She is not the sorority girl type, so basically, she did not fit in. Ole Miss is centered around Greek Life. My other two children went to two different top tier schools, and the quality of education they got compared to Ole Miss was so much better than Ole Miss it has become a family joke. They both took summer classes at Ole Miss and they said that they were so easy (like high school classes) compared to their Universities.

    One more thing-- the Ole Miss Theatre department is terrible.

    With all that said-- Oxford is still a wonderful place to live-- I just don't want my kids to go to college here. I want the best for them (like all parents do) and Ole Miss is not it. If the Greek party life is important for you and not serious studies, then Ole Miss is the place.
  • mantori.suzukimantori.suzuki Registered User Posts: 3,347 Senior Member
    Ouch! kherb43's post reflects a lot of people's perceptions of Ole Miss, so I'm not surprised that some people really do have that experience, but I think it must depend partly on one's major, and perhaps the level of courses one takes. My son is a freshman but started in mostly second-year courses due to AP and transfer credit. He reports that his Chinese Flagship classes are very difficult, chemistry and calculus moderately difficult, and psychology easy but interesting. Nothing has been a "joke" to him so far.

    kherb43, did your daughter live on-campus or at home? Did they have the Honors College or Residential College then? I can imagine these things making all the difference.
  • kherb43kherb43 Registered User Posts: 36 Junior Member
    They did not have the residential college when my daughter went, and I agree, it would have made a big difference. She did live on campus in a dorm which contributed to her awful experience.
    The Chinese program is a shining star at Ole Miss--I did try to to talk it up to my other children but they wanted to go away to school at that point.
    Sorry to sound so bitter in my previous post, but Ole Miss Admin. did nothing to help my daughter want to stay there. Non-sorority girls are practically ignored by them. I suppose it is because they get more alum contributions from Greeks.
  • seekingknowledgeseekingknowledge Registered User Posts: 660 Member
    kherb43...I hope your daughter has found a good fit at her new school! In the end, that's what it's really about.

    mantori makes an excellent point...majors and dorms can really make a difference at Ole Miss.

    Just returned from an Ole Miss to visit/celebrate with my ds late last night. I have given much thought to Kherb43's post. Again, firm believer in fit. I can sing the praises of the opportunties that Ole Miss has given to my ds. The Honors College, The Croft Instititue and the Chinese Flagship....but it doesn't end there. Opportuntites within the general campus are too numerous to list.

    I'd really like to open a conversation about (a topic I receive many pms about) Greek Life at Ole Miss. Can't argue with Kherb43....freshman females commonly believe that a successful sorortity recruitment will make or break their time at Ole Miss. And it isn't simply about receiving a bid....it has to be a bid to a certain house. IMHO...the late recruitment (typically October) feeds into this frenzy. And the lack of open and honest information on the recruitment process leads to many tears and abrupt departures from the university. The university needs to address this issue. Transparency and factual informaton would go a long way. The point I would like to make is that the importance of sorority affiliation decreases DRAMATICALLY after the freshman year (for most students anyway). By senior year, it is not uncommon to see 50-80% of sorority member go inactive.

    I know it is tough for these young women. But somehow, the university needs to get this point across. With all of the opportunities available, it breaks my heart to see the greek dominated view of Ole Miss. Not knocking the greek system...just trying to show that there is so much more to Ole Miss than being greek. Just my two cents.
  • lovemykids2lovemykids2 Registered User Posts: 373 Member

    My son is hoping to get accepted to Alabama or Ole Miss next fall and is hoping to pledge his father's fraternity. I understand the drama involved in sorority rush but was wondering what it's like for the boys?

    My son will be from a northern state, is preppy, and conservative. Will he have a difficult time being accepted because he isn't from the South? He is easy to get along with and is looking forward to embracing Southern manners and culture. He certainly won't have the "I'm superior to you because I grew up in a large, northern, metropolitan area" attitude that would turn off those who are from southern states.

    Thank you in advance for your input.
  • cara93cara93 Registered User Posts: 21 New Member
    lovemykids2 - Those are the two schools I am looking at and I am from the North as well!
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