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Chances for UNC Medicine!!

california_love8california_love8 549 replies548 threads Senior Member
*I am an Asian Indian from one of the best high schools in oregon (won top AP school award this year) and am top 10 in a 500+ class.

*Freshman year:
Lit 9-A, A with honors both sem
Spanish 1-A,A
Social Studies-A,A
Health 1 (req)-A
PE (req)-A
Adv. Algebra 2-A, A
SAT Verbal prep-A
SAT math prep-A
10th Grade Science-A, A with honors both sem

*Sophomore Year (really messed up):
Lit 10-A, A with honors
AP Chem- B, A
Precalc-A, B
Social Studies-B (note: can I explain a grade anywhere because this grade was ridiculous), A
Physics 2-A,A
Spanish 2-A,A
Band-A,A (needed for an EC)
Health 2-A (req)
PE-A (req)

*I'm projecting to finish high school with around a 3.7 or 3.6 UW...maybe even 3.5 worst case senario in IB diploma (aka f-ing hard) classes.

*Varsity tennis 4 years
*Science Team 4 years
*World Quest Trivia 4 years
*Science Club VP
*Math Club VP
*Portland Youth Philharmonic 3 years
*National Youth Leadership Forum in Medicine Nominee
*National Honor Roll
*Mathfest Algebra 2 1st place fresh year
*OIMT Participant Fresh Year
*Mathfest Participant sophomore year
*Oregon Museum of Science and Industry Rising Star Program (will have 150+ hours done)
*Mathcounts Tutor (about 30+ volunteer hours)
*expecting around 2000-2100 on SAT, 29+ on ACT

Do I even have a shot given my poor GPA? And if not this, what about University of Washington or University of Florida?
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Replies to: Chances for UNC Medicine!!

  • TartheheelTartheheel 79 replies7 threads Junior Member
    "Chances for UNC """Medicine"""" !?!?!?!?

    I'll just assume you didn't mean medicine, and just meant UNC...LOL.

    UNC OOS, is extremely competitive.

    You have a stellar Class Rank and awesome ECs. However, you REALLY need to brush up your GPA (and it's ok to have a few Bs in AP and honors classes). A 2000-2100 SAT would fare well for instate but for OOS you need to bring that up too...I don't know anything 'bout U Wash. or U. Flor...

    Good Luck..!
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  • ready2boutofhsready2boutofhs 120 replies46 threads Junior Member
    you're fine for UW..in fact you might be able to apply for their honors program because of your difficult curriculum.
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  • cavalier302cavalier302 4293 replies50 threads Senior Member
    Tartheheel, if his rank places him in the top 10 students in his class, then his GPA is fine. What needs work is his SAT score.
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