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UNC Class of 2023 EA Discussion Thread


Replies to: UNC Class of 2023 EA Discussion Thread

  • ChicagoSportsFnChicagoSportsFn 496 replies0 threads Member

    DD declined her acceptance to UNC and will be going to West Point.
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  • blazinamazin2023blazinamazin2023 119 replies14 threads Junior Member
    @Woljoe What is the program that you are recommending to ask directly about?
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  • transferluktransferluk 40 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Wow that’s amazing! Good luck to her @ChicagoSportsFn
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  • akacollege23akacollege23 52 replies0 threads Junior Member
    i wish i could afford unc (oos)... but will most likely attend uva! ugh i wish finance didn't play such a huge role in me choosing which college to attend, since I would probably attend unc for its research opportunities to help for my medical aspirations.
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  • NChovermomNChovermom 25 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Granville is popular mostly with students interested in Frats/Sororities because of its proximity to those houses/parties. It is also a shorter walk to class. It's a nice, private dorm with good food! My son did not stay there, because he was not as interested in Frats, but enjoyed eating with friends there when he was invited.
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  • transferluktransferluk 40 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @akacollege23 UVA is an amazing school as well! Otherwise you could always start out at your community college and then come in as a transfer student, that’s what I’m doing and it’s saved me a ton of money!
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  • abch2023abch2023 20 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @tkdqueen035 Congrats on your choice! Sounds like great experience! Do you mind sharing your stats? My S applied RD so he wont hear anything until end of March probably, OOS as well. Thank you!
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  • tkdqueen035tkdqueen035 50 replies2 threads Junior Member
    edited February 2019
    Thank you!

    GPA: W - 4.5 UW - 3.9
    ACT: 32 (35 E, 32 M, 30 R, 31 S)
    9 AP classes/11 Honors classes

    2015 JDRF Children’s Congress Delegate – Type 1 Diabetes advocacy; spoke with senators/congressmen
    2008-2018 Gold Presidential Community Service Award
    3rd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo
    Attended FBLA Nationals (12)
    National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society & Math National Honor Society
    AP Scholar

    Taekwondo Instructor
    CFO of School Store
    Just Like You Films - Diabetes Documentary Actor
    Treasurer of FBLA (FBLA all 4 years)
    Spanish Club
    Key Club
    Business/Marketing Summer Internship
    Chairwoman of the board of the SevenDays organization
    lots of volunteer work
    started my own organization bringing the benefits of taekwondo to inner-city kids in need

    Let me know anything else you want to know! Good Luck!
    My stats aren't very high but when I asked about my application to colleges I had been accepted to and/or given me scholarships for they specifically noted my specified extra-curricular activities and my essays! Hope this helps!
    edited February 2019
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  • akacollege23akacollege23 52 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @transferluk thanks!! i'm more than happy to attend uva!! just wondering though, could you tell me how the experience was as a transfer student? I've never considered/knew that was an option.
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  • transferluktransferluk 40 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @akacollege23 I’ve just applied to transfer in the fall so I won’t know until then, but it seems to me that transfer students fit in well and are an important part of the community there!
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  • wmonroe19wmonroe19 22 replies0 threads Junior Member
    If you are an out of state legacy, could you please share your stats and if you got in?
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  • VA-->NCVA-->NC 64 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @akacollege23 You will do well at UVA ;) Many of my friends went there undergrad and went to awesome med schools. Several friends still are in C'ville after their residencies and live and practice there. Your opportunities are awesome, be proud.
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  • akacollege23akacollege23 52 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @VA-->NC thank you so much:) your post actually made me feel a lot better since I've been struggling btwn choosing uva and unc, and I definitely feel like uva is an amazing school for what I want to do in the future. :)
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  • CaviteeCavitee 162 replies12 threads Junior Member
    @akacollege23 As someone who attended both UVA (undergrad) and UNC (dental school), they are both really great schools. My daughter opted for UVa this year over UNC because we live in Chapel Hill and the mystique for her lies in Charlottesville.
    I don’t think you could go wrong either way...
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  • akacollege23akacollege23 52 replies0 threads Junior Member
    edited March 2019
    thanks so much for the feedback!! @Cavitee
    edited March 2019
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  • WoljoeWoljoe 5 replies0 threads New Member
    Sorry for the late reply - it was for the Carolina Honors program.
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  • turby92turby92 4 replies1 threads New Member
    If this has been your “dream school,” I’m so sorry. Nothing can compare you for the actual Hell you are about to endure there, but as someone who’s been there… I’m going to try to fill you in as best as I can. They need to tell you how your mental health is going to change, maybe at the little orientation you’ll have to attend, but sadly they won’t mention it. I'm leaving after two semesters here I came in last fall as a transfer student -junior year. Maybe if you're not in a science major, you won’t have it as bad. But majors such as: biology (myself), chemistry, even psychology, you will be made miserable. The professors only care about their research or projects the university hires them for. They won’t give a damn if you're struggling and need help. Good luck if you go and take Dr. Moy for Chem 101. She's so bad that even Carolina has put her on probation, yet they still allow her to teach but just moved her from Organic Chem to basic chem. All chemistry and bio teachers are really horrible though. If you take Steinwand for BIO 202, prepare for her to give you tests as if you're already at a PhD, like she is. OH and she plus her 15 teacher's assistants seem to mess up on grading quite often, they'll give you a great grade on an exam and then go "oops we messed up so we're going to be professional and correct all of the grades" then they'll go back and take 10, 20+ pts off your grade. Steinwand will do whatever, including lying to save herself from looking "bad," so beware there. Oh, and if you take electives, like history classes or anthropology classes, expect them only have 2-4 grades in their class and be prepared to write papers A LOT. but not ordinary papers, the ones you've written all up until now won't be nearly as good here. They'll tell you that you can't write and have horrible grammar and don't know how to write (even though you've always written well before). The history teachers (most with PhD's as well) expect you to be able to write papers as well as a highly educated historian would. Be ready to take medication for anxiety, depression, ADD, if you don't already. If you already do, plan to increase your doses by a lot to survive. It really doesn't matter what course you take here; the professors will mentally tear you down and destroy any sense of self-confidence you had. They will tell you how stupid you are, but not using those exact terms of course, wouldn’t want to blatantly ruin their reputation, right? It doesn't just end with the professors, you will be lucky if you can find one person in ANY department (financial aid, covenant office, registrars, undergrad advising, etc.) that will be competent in their job and be of any actual help to you. They'll recommend classes to take, like Calculus with Derivatives and you'll end up with a teacher who literally can't even do math himself, messes up over and over, doesn't speak good English, then has you completely confused about a subject you had an A+ in, in high school or other colleges. (I'm talking about Christopher Jones BTW, don't take him) so you'll end up failing at a subject that you always really loved before but hate after UNC experience... oh then, you'll find out you didn't even need to take it. THANKS ADVISORS! :)
    Prepare to have your world turned upside down, unless you're a literal genius (or you're very rich and your parents pay for your success), you're going to be miserable here.
    I was on these forums last year when I got admitted and I was SO excited for UNC!! The iconic, and awesome UNC! I quickly realized what a mistake I had made in my life by choosing this "great, prestigious school," as you will soon realize too. I have not met one fellow student in my 8 months here who hasn't felt the same way I do about UNC. They lie on websites, they're a billion-dollar school so they pay these popular sites to write BS stories promoting them. Yet, they're a billion-dollar school that are too cheap to pay for air conditioning in their 100-year-old buildings. Lord help you if you have a chem lab, especially during hot months, you'll be in a vent-less basement lab with NO air conditioning in full lab coats, gloves and eye wear.

    Let’s not even get started on how they treat students with physical handicaps. Good luck getting them to give any types of accommodations if you have a physical disability, including parking spots. They have their *fabulous* P2P system... just go ahead and look into that if you're disabled and will need it. So you can learn to plan accordingly to get to school 30 mins early everyday so that you can park in your "assigned UNC handicap spot" that is MILES away from your classes (accommodating, huh?) and walk however far to the P2P bus stop BUT don't forget to call the P2P EVERYDAY BEFORE AND AFTER EVERY SINGLE CLASS, if you want them to come pick you up and get you "as close to your class as possible." If you have a walking limitation, good luck getting close enough with p2p to be able to walk comfortably to your class.... and have fun walking up all the stairs to get into the buildings; or the stairs to get to your classes once in the building because hey, 100-year-old buildings with original elevators... not too trustworthy.
    I hope you all can enjoy SOMETHING about UNC, otherwise you'll probably have to resort to drugs or alcohol to make things more bearable. Hopefully you'll be a lucky 1% out of 99% that will find at least one resourceful staff member to help you with everything. I didn't live on campus, thank God, but I've heard living in those 100-year-old buildings are a dandy too. The window A/C units are pretty much original and blowing out dust, asbestos and God only knows what else... that's if you get lucky and have a room with working A/C.
    Fun fact: My father went to UNC 40-some years ago, and for the record, he’s an extremely intelligent and successful man; but the mental damage he endured at UNC is real. He used to *joke* that he thought he was smart until he went to UNC, and they told him otherwise. I would laugh and call him ridiculous, but I had to find that out for myself. He wasn’t kidding. He is 60 years old now and still to this day he wholeheartedly believes that he’s “stupid” because of how this school treated him and made him feel. His dream of being a doctor was smashed, instead of uplifted and he ended up never pursuing that dream. I also came to UNC with the hopes of going on to Medical School or to a Physician’s Assistant program; but for the two semesters I’ve been here, I’ve been so miserable that I hadn’t even been thinking about my future anymore, I’ve literally just been trying to survive *now* and it’s not worth it. I refuse to be 60, like my father, and thinking that I am stupid because of a school. Don’t let yourself end up that way either! If you are miserable here, then don’t feel like you’re giving up if you leave. I have battled myself for two semesters, because I’m not a quitter, but nothing is worth losing yourself worth over.
    Don’t. Do. It.
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  • Mcunn226Mcunn226 253 replies9 threads Junior Member
    My unofficial advisor has been great so far, and it's pretty obvious what classes you need to take for most majors. That sorta sounds like it's on you. I also work with two UNC alums who love it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    There are also plenty of resources about profs so you can avoid ones who don't mesh well with what you have planned - unless they reach the only course, and then that's life. Sometimes its hard.

    Best of luck at your next school.
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