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What are my chances of admission to UNC Chapel Hill

I’m an OOS student from NY (Class of 2020)
White Male

ACT: 35
Class Rank: not reported at my school
UW GPA: ~3.91 (Not final)
W GPA: ~4.38 (Not final)
Solid ECs
Lots of Service/Volunteering/Leadership within one field (special needs community)

Taking Math 2 and US history SAT2s and shooting for 750+
Can hopefully write some pretty solid essays
Gonna use the summer to bolster my ECs/non-academic resume

I know how selective UNC is out of state so I want to know a solid prediction of what my chances of admission are. Thanks!

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Replies to: What are my chances of admission to UNC Chapel Hill

  • chb088chb088 1090 replies32 threads Senior Member
    There is no solid prediction for OOS applying to UNC. Chances of getting in are slim even for someone with great stats like you. Good luck!
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  • AJCur4AJCur4 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Thanks! It’s crazy how hard it is to get in OOS I see people getting denied with like 1600s and 4.0 gpas and great ECs i just don’t understand what else they’re looking for lol
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  • Mcunn226Mcunn226 267 replies9 threads Junior Member
    UNC out of state admissions is as selective as HYPSM - so you could be perfect on paper and do everything you need to do but still not get in. In other words, it's not a safety or march for any OOS student.

    Admissions at Chapel Hillis holistic, so they really look at the entire package - not only you did amazing in school but also how outstanding you are out of school.
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  • Mwfan1921Mwfan1921 5337 replies89 threads Senior Member
    UNC Chapel Hill OOS acceptance rate is so low because NC state law says 82% of incoming freshman must be from NC.....so there are only 18% of the spots for OOS students. Here is the class of 2022 info, showing a 13% OOS acceptance rate. https://admissions.unc.edu/apply/class-profile-2/

    You have great stats, but UNC Chapel Hill is a reach for you, as it is for all OOS'ers. Make sure that you balance your college list with match and safety schools.
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  • anon145anon145 612 replies7 threads Member
    edited April 2019
    I think your chances are good . Since UNC is a public EA school it is not much of a problem to go ahead and apply anyway. (it's basically a free early application in terms of "strategy"). I'm not sure (don't think) UNC balances gender but UNC is one of the most female rich schools. 60/40 so that can't hurt a male. (I wonder if since it's a public school, they can't/don't favor either gender?) . MIT definitely balances gender, for example. 35ACT and top 5% of the class typically does get in OOS. It is very common for OOS UNC accepted to also get into T30 schools. OOS kids tend to disproportionately get honors offers since they are the 75%tile kids almost always. The most common reason for high test/high GPA kids not to get in (both In state or OOS) is if they are NOT top 10% of the class. On Naviance for IN STATE the acceptance with >500 data points is highly predictable by GPA/ACT/SAT

    In agreement with what @Mwfan1921 I've known kids who interviewed for but did NOT get UNC scholarships who got into Stanford and Harvard. And yes count it as a "reach" but use the EA free chance.
    edited April 2019
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