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Chance my daughter at UNC Chapel Hill for Class of 2024

sbdad12sbdad12 92 replies10 threads Junior Member
We are from Southern California, daughter is Hispanic.
UW 3.7 or 3.8, Weighted 4.2; wants to be Poli Sci major
Top 10% of 740+ student class
ACT 33 Composite, but trying to superscore
Will have 7 APs (Calc AB, US Gov, Stats, US Hist, Env Science, Euro Hist, and CS Principles) and 2 Dual Enrollment classes.
4 year starter on lacrosse, 2 years Varsity on Championship Team
Likely National Hispanic Recognition Program
Volunteering (State Senator Intern, Political campaign, Special Olympics, Surfrider Club, and more)
Dual citizen (US and Spain), fluent in Spanish
If her essays are good, what are her chances for admission OOS?

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Replies to: Chance my daughter at UNC Chapel Hill for Class of 2024

  • socaldad2002socaldad2002 1866 replies33 threads Senior Member
    UNC Chapel Hills is an extremely difficult admit for OOS applicants. Being a URM may help but her chances are probably 10-15%. As you know, your D would be more competitive at the CA public colleges like UCSB, UC Davis, and UCSD for political science.

    With that said, why not throw an application in at UNC, can’t hurt but on the off chance she gets in, the tuition will be much more than your in-state options.
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  • sbdad12sbdad12 92 replies10 threads Junior Member
    Yeah, Im painfully aware of how difficult UNC is to get in. I got waitlisted myself 35 years ago.

    She will be applying to UCSB and US Davis, but the UCs are such crap shoots, and the URM doesn't help, supposedly. Figured it might help in NC.
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  • KCollegesQAKCollegesQA 3 replies0 threads New Member
    Honestly, as a student that goes to UNC, your daughter sounds a lot like the other students that go to school here. Admissions highly values volunteering/service projects as well as participation in sports, especially if she's looking to become a student-athlete at Chapel Hill.
    However, polisci is a very competitive major here and not being in-state her situation is a bit more difficult. As an in-state, white, female, LGBT applicant I had similar academic stats, participated in volunteering (president of a club) and the arts, worked, and I was waitlisted the first time I applied (I transferred-odds are much better if she ends up going to a UC school and would like to try again), but your daughter sounds like a more competitive applicant. I can't put a number on it, but I would put her at much better odds than 10-15%. What I think will really sell her application is her essay.

    Hope this helped some!
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  • adp106adp106 120 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Junior from UNC (class of 2021) here. I'd say if she were in-state she would be a shoe-in. Being out-of-state, I'd say it's about a 50/50 depending on strength of her essays and letters of recommendation.

    Best of luck!
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  • student0206student0206 24 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Last year I applied as in in-state applicant with really similar stats, besides i hadn't participated in sports! I probably had over 100+ volunteer hours, high SAT & ACT scores and, at that time, about 18 credits between AP scores and dual enrollment. I got waitlisted. So, being an out of state student complicates things A LOT. You would think that being a minority would increase your chances, but I'm black and was still waitlisted. I wouldn't set my heart on Chapel Hill-- there are so many great schools out there!! But it's obvious your daughter worked hard and y'all should be proud, I really hope she gets in!
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