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BS vs BA for Compsci?

saadncsaadnc 51 replies6 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
Incoming freshman here - I’ve looked into the requirements for both degrees. Math has definitely been a weak point of mine throughout high school, so it seems a BA wouldn’t be as challenging for me. My goal is to land a good job in the tech industry in 4 years - will getting a BA instead of a BS hurt me there? I’ve heard BS is if you want to go to grad school and BA is for getting a job right after graduation...is this true? Any insight would be appreciated.
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Replies to: BS vs BA for Compsci?

  • HopeSeaker123HopeSeaker123 16 replies6 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    I cam give you some insight. If you take Calc one, discrete math/structure, do internships, get involved with UNC organizations and have a good recommendations from a professor than you should be fine. Many people would said to get a bachelor of science degree simply because most schools only offers a bachelors of science in computer science. From my friends that I know at UNC they said a bachelors of arts in computer science is actually better for you if you cannot do harder math. It is better for you to join organizations, make networking connections and enjoy your undergraduate experiences with a bachelor of arts computer science degree than to struggle with a bachelor of science degree and not having time to make networking opportunities. Most students do not know that it is really important to network in college because it could lead you in future jobs and having great friendships. I am going to apply to UNC next year but I already have friends there and know many professor that got a UNC degree there. If you ever have any questions about UNC or the experiences you can private message me. Also congratulations of getting accepting into UNC. For me I am going to apply for a bachelor of science of information science with a minor in computer science because I love networking. I would double major in bachelor of arts of computer science and bachelor of science of information science but decided I want a Peace, War and Defense major degree as well. Also I recommended to make alot of friends that like coding as well because that can help you with computer science coding classes. My friend that is taking bachelor of arts in computer science told me its more easier to double major than bachelor of science. Anyway good luck. :smile:
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