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UNC Transfer Fall 2020

I made this thread because there doesn't seem to be one for this year.
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  • chinamenchinamen 8 replies1 threads New Member
    edited November 2019
    Hey guys, I'm attending an NC community college looking to transfer into Computer Science as a junior for fall 2020. Here are my stats/ECs as of fall 2019 semester:

    White male, middle class family - applying for financial aid
    High school GPA: 3.5 unweighted, no APs
    College GPA: 3.75
    SAT: 1320 (May or may not send, undecided)
    Will transfer in with an Associate in Science degree completed
    Gap year after high school in which I worked full time to save tuition money

    In high school:
    SeaPerch team captain for 2 yrs (underwater robotics competitions)
    CyberPatriot team captain for 3yrs (cybersecurity competitions)
    4 years of NJROTC (tons of community service)

    In college:
    Vice President of Student Government
    Will be employed as a physics tutor for spring 2020 semester
    Lots of volunteer work with local veterans organization
    Started a summer STEM program teaching middle schoolers how to build underwater robots
    Employed over the summer as a student ambassador for my college (helped with admissions, campus tours, that kind of thing)
    Have been running an oldies radio station for the past couple years

    Applying to:
    North Carolina State University (College of Engineering)
    UNC-Chapel Hill
    Northeastern University
    Ohio State University
    College of William and Mary

    Looking forward to being a part of this admissions cycle with you guys, fingers crossed!
    edited November 2019
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  • nontradhopefulnontradhopeful 39 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Job/Work Experience: 20 years Administrative / Payroll, QA etc.,

    GPA: 3.75 overall, 3.62 UC (not sure how UNC calculates)

    AA Degree: Political Science & Psychology

    Volunteer/Community service: meals on wheels, local church, provide food and hygiene kits to homeless, foster fur babies - all inconsistent with working full-time.

    URM, non traditional, first generation

    State: CA

    Applying to what schools? Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, Stanford, UCD (TAG Approved), UCB, UCSC, UCSD, SJSU and SFSU

    Good luck everyone! :)
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  • chinamenchinamen 8 replies1 threads New Member
  • khoinguyen2000khoinguyen2000 6 replies3 threads New Member
    edited December 2019
    I'll put down my stats

    out of state Northern Virginia Asian Guy
    Freshman at Virginia Tech
    College GPA: should be something like a 3.8-4.0
    Taking 15 credits this semester and 16 next semester. Should have ~30 AP Credits.
    High School GPA: ~3.4 unweighted, ~4.0 weighted (worried about this)
    SAT score: 1510

    College ECs
    CS internship
    International Relations Org. (student research club)
    PPE Club
    PPE Book Reading Club
    Econ Club
    Medical Volunteering

    High School ECs
    Medical Volunteering
    Foreign medical volunteering
    CS internship

    I should get some fairly strong recommendation letters from a professor and my internship employer.

    Applying to W&M, UVA, and UNC
    edited December 2019
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  • chinamenchinamen 8 replies1 threads New Member
  • allmightychemistallmightychemist 21 replies0 threads Junior Member
    edited December 2019
    Hey guys!
    This is my third time (and last time) applying...
    My freshman year I was coming as an international / out of state student so my chances were slim as hell... was declined admission
    My sophomore year (last year) I applied and was waitlisted then declined admission because seats filled up...
    This time applying as a junior and in-state student
    I will have 62 credits including the Spring 2020 semester.
    I am happy with my current university but of course would be happier if I get accepted in UNC.
    Current school: UNC Charlotte
    Major: Chemistry with a minor in criminal justice (may change major to biochemistry later on, still looking at my options...)
    Intended future career: Forensic scientist (chemist or toxicologist to be specific)
    College GPAs: 3.769, 3.812, 3.375 (took a heavy load my last semester and couldn't handle it as well as I thought I could have :neutral: )
    Average GPA: 3.652
    High school WGPA: 4.25 UWGPA: 3.96
    ACT / SAT : Does not matter as I am applying as a junior (was reported as a 20 in my past 2 submissions, it is what I believe was the reason I wasn't being able to get in).
    Only child
    Diversity: American of Syrian and Turkish origins. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia with a bunch of diverse people. I am also a Muslim who wears a scarf.
    1) About me being a third culture child and raised with many diverse people and how it impacted my experiences and how I interact with people.
    2)Volunteer group that I made. I am of Syrian origins so every time I go there I made a group which gather and collect clothes for donations during the war. This helped a lot of people and also influenced a friend of mine to create a volunteer group to create food for the ones in need.
    edited December 2019
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  • unchopeful1999unchopeful1999 3 replies0 threads New Member
    This is my third time applying, but I have done a lot to improve my stats over the last year in hopes of getting in.

    In state white male, that has attended a in state community college, as well as UNC Charlotte.

    College GPA: 3.8 at UNCC and 4.0 at community college

    Should have about 60 credits transferring

    High School GPA: ~3.85 unweighted, ~4.5 weighted

    Act score- 28( had applied the last two times with a 25 so this is a big jump)

    I have a lot of EC’s(just like everybody else), essays should be really good as I am making sure to have numerous successful English majors read over them. Recommendations should also be strong point.

    Good luck everyone, I know how much getting into UNC means. Hurry up April.
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  • chinamenchinamen 8 replies1 threads New Member
    Update to my stats: Finished last semester with a 3.93 GPA, bringing my cumulative to a 3.81 at the time of application.
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  • Confused2023Confused2023 5 replies1 threads New Member
    Male, In-state
    ACT: 35
    Bio SAT: 800
    World History SAT: 800
    Chem SAT: 770
    HS: unweighted GPA +/- 3.25, weighted? 3.9?
    Two APs (school doesn't offer than many)
    Very, very competitive OOS HS
    21 credits since HS graduation, 4 from UNC summer school and 17 at community college with 3.9 GPA (one A- in a 1.0 credit lab, everything else A)

    2 varsity sports, boy scouts (life scout, not eagle), drama club (roles in two plays). No significant activities since HS graduation, but it's only been six months. Currently working a p/t job.

    Took the World History SAT test on a whim just to get another high score, but grades were probably the issue first time around. Can't do anything about the grades except continue to get A's.

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