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What's the deal with UNC: Chapel Hill?


Replies to: What's the deal with UNC: Chapel Hill?

  • Sam LeeSam Lee Registered User Posts: 9,449 Senior Member
    I just saw that its tuition is relatively low even for OOS and it's committed to meet 100% of the demonstrated need--definitely the best value.
  • cloyingcloying Registered User Posts: 884 Member
    No one's making you go here, Black Lantern.

    Reasons why I love UNC:
    1. The size - enough people to have a huge diversity of interests, but not oppressively large
    2. The resources - this is a result of the size, I suppose, but there are so many things to do on campus that it's absolutely mind boggling. I could go rock climbing in one of the gyms, or get a massage from campus wellness, or DJ at WXYC, or make a movie in the library in the MRC, or attend one of the eight billion lectures going on all the time. There's so much to do.
    3. It's public. I like that my classmates actually cared about money when they made the decision to come here - a lot of people come here for financial reasons. At first I thought that was something negative about the school, now I realize it's a reflection of a responsible/self aware student body.
    4. The campus is beautiful
    5. People are smart, but they're not going to tell you they are. Ever.
    6. Roy Williams

    Things I don't like about Carolina
    1. Right now, I'm angriest about housing. Basically, here's the situation: at private schools, they're not as serious about cracking down on drinking in the dorms. Before everyone gets uppity about me talking about drinking, let me just tell you, there is not one prestigious school out there where drinking isn't prevalent. All right, so at Carolina, they're really intense about going around and doing rounds to make sure people aren't drinking, and if they catch you, it can be pretty serious. This sounds reasonable now, but when you're twenty years old and have a few friends over and a few beers, seriously, it's annoying. Especially when public schools are the ones with reputations for being the party schools, but so many of my friends at private schools have ragers in dorms. Not possible here.
    Anyway, so partying basically isn't an option on campus, and also, there aren't many singles at all. So if, for my junior year of college, I want my own space where I can entertain people, I don't really have any options. So many people move off campus for junior and senior year, and the location just isn't as good. I felt like I had to move off campus for next year against my will... It's not that I'm not excited about having a house, but it'd be nice if that didn't feel like my only option.
    2. Pre-major advising is awful. Well, they're good at filling out your worksheet, etc, but if you want spiritual guidance, you're not going to find it from your adviser. You'll find it from professors. Know that going into this.
    3. This was more of a problem last year, now it doesn't matter at all. When honors kids and OOSers first get to campus, they think they're the bees knees and it makes for some annoying conversation. That isn't a problem any more, everyone chills out when sophomore year rolls around.

    My two cents. Back to paper writing.
  • AtlmomAtlmom Registered User Posts: 806 Member
    Housing -- my d has a single apt in Odum on campus apartments.....they have doubles which each has own room......These are FULL apts, used to be for married housing. on the P2P route and all.....so consider that. I feel your pain on the drinking ...my D2 had issues in Hinton James last year.....suite style can get really noisey and she didnt' drink so the others would party all night.....this year she is in a hall style and it is much much better not the issues as the high rise suites......
  • Cuse0507Cuse0507 Registered User Posts: 4,519 Senior Member
    If you are worried about getting in trouble for drinking then check out Granville. Seriously. Specifically, Granville West. Its like a constant party there. The other two towers are more relaxed though.
  • leah377leah377 Registered User Posts: 3,834 Senior Member
    At Duke they have parties outside in the open air on the quads, the frats live in dormitories, and I was once offered free beer in the UNION while I was visiting there--I def refused because I thought it had to be a trap haha!

    But then again, there isn't much to do in Durham & it's not as safe there off-campus so most students party on campus. There's a lot more going on in apartments, on Franklin, and in off-campus frat houses at Carolina.
  • belevittbelevitt Registered User Posts: 2,005 Senior Member
    Is it strange to have beer at the student union? I went to college at the University of Wisconsin where the student union made a bundle off of selling beer. It was really one of the best parts of the university. The union was on the lake and had bands and events on the terrace. I would be sad to find out that Madison is unique in its student union.
  • NataliePJWNataliePJW Registered User Posts: 15 New Member
    to the OP: I am from the SF Bay area (Mill Valley), and we recently moved to Chapel Hill. People say that it is a liberal mecca, and it's true that it's one of NC's more liberal areas. But don't go into it expecting it to be like California--although Chapel Hill is a very nice town, and the surrounding area is okay, that and Asheville are pretty much the only liberal parts of NC. And once Chapel Hill gets boring, there is pretty much no other place to go, unless you want to drive all the way to Asheville (Asheville is AMAZING). It's definitely a cute town, but it's a culture shock for sure coming from the Bay area. And the natural beauty just can't compare, I miss the fog! It reminds me of one of the cute little towns outside of San Francisco, but there's no San Francisco to go to once the town gets boring. Just something to consider...I miss my Bay Area!!!!
  • UNCgalUNCgal Registered User Posts: 72 Junior Member
    Hey, as a new Tar Heel, I'd thought I'd just throw in my experiences.

    I'm from the North, specifically Massachusetts, so I'm used to a liberal atmosphere too. I was the only one of my friends going to school far away. It's about 500 miles (one long car ride, though not as long as the ride from California would be) and everyone kept asking if I was worried that the south would be too different, too 'backward' for me.

    Well, let me tell you, Chapel Hill isn't "the south". To be honest, UNC doesn't feel too different from home (maybe a little warmer). Most people that I've met don't have a heavy southern accent. And people are friendly! - I love that (not everyone of course, but in general).

    The University IS big and at first that was hard. I didn't know anyone and it felt like all the kids from Carolina came to school with ready made friends. That didn't last long though. I guess I would equate it with the 'real world' experience of moving to a new city. You don't know anyone, you don't know there area, but eventually it comes to feel like home.

    I've met incredible people from around the country and world in the few months I've been at Carolina. I didn't think that a small school would be good for me and now I know I was right. There's just so much here, and I've barely taped the surface.

    All I can say is that you should go to the college that feels right (financially, academically and socially).

    And one more thing about I love about Carolina - How many other schools of Carolina's calliber offer as many full ride and partial scholarships as UNC does?
  • Cuse0507Cuse0507 Registered User Posts: 4,519 Senior Member
    And once Chapel Hill gets boring, there is pretty much no other place to go, unless you want to drive all the way to Asheville (Asheville is AMAZING)

    This isn't exactly true. Raleigh is less than a half hour away, with lots to do between the city and NC State. Durham is only 8 miles away (for better or worse), with great shopping/restaurants if you get sick of the ones in Chapel Hill. Also, for warm days its only 2 hours to the beach.

    Also, I know a few people who have made the trip to G-Vegas (Greenville, NC, home of ECU) to see friends there. That place is absolutely crazy. There's always stuff going on at UNC, but if you ever want to get a break then there's plenty of other places to go that are pretty close.
  • jwlstnjwlstn Registered User Posts: 209 Junior Member
    Yeah there is a ton going on between greenville, Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, Wilmington and a ton of other interesting places within a few hours drive. I wouldn't expect those who are not natives of NC to know about them though.

    Whatever, I think it's ridiculous to hear people talk about having nothing to do in the CH area because I grew up in a house where I had to drive 15 minutes to get to a grocery store and more than an hour to get to any real civilization. I can't imagine anyone getting bored here, but I guess if you grew up in NYC or Chicago it's a bit of a slower pace. It's all relative I guess.
  • heathergeeheathergee Registered User Posts: 473 Member
    I've never really been that bored in Chapel Hill. But then again, my town at home has really nothing to do for people my age, soo...
  • joewiijoewii Registered User Posts: 100 Junior Member
    Yea I don't think I could ever get bored there. Is Duke's location a lot sketchier than Chapel Hill?
  • UNCgalUNCgal Registered User Posts: 72 Junior Member
    Well, Duke is more in the woods. At Chapel Hill, the campus is connected to Franklin St. It all kind of blends. Duke is kind of Duke...and then trees, from what I've seen (Admittedly, I've never lived there).

    But buses run from both schools to places of interest. Chapel Hill transit is free, Triangle Transit can cost a couple bucks.
  • eadadeadad Registered User Posts: 2,759 Senior Member
    Downtown Durham and the area that surrounds Duke is definitely far less appealing than Chapel Hill...how's that for being PC?

    Chapel Hill has always been almost idyllic with little to no violent crime. Last year's murder of student body President, Eve Carson, really rocked Chapel Hill and UNC to its core. The two men accused of her murder are both from Durham...need I say more?
  • leah377leah377 Registered User Posts: 3,834 Senior Member
    yes, duke's more sketchy--you probably won't wanna walk around in downtown durham at night.
    i'm from the triangle, but my friend actually moved to seattle and went to a pretty competitive high school where people were interested in private schools like duke, and they'd ask her about durham sometimes..she'd be like.."um, it's not exactly an idyllic paradise.." hahah
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